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Worldwide vacation ideas #1: Brazil - If you do not have a fear of heights, you may enjoy a vacation getaway at the Ariau Amazon Towers Hotel in Brazil. It’s located in the Brazilian jungle and sits 70 feet high in the Amazon forest treetops.

While staying here, you can hand-feed the monkeys and parrots or use the 4 miles of treetop catwalks to explore the mysteries of the rainforest canopy. For a really romantic spot try the honeymoon suite which is located at the top of a 110-foot tall mahogany tree.

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Worldwide Vacation Ideas #2: Penzance, in Cornwall England, is an ancient town famous for pirates. It's a favorite vacation spot for many due to its mild climate, outstanding natural beauty and Celtic culture and history. It also makes a good base spot to explore the sites in the surrounding county.

Across the bay, via a cobbled causeway, is the island of St. Michael's Mount, home to a working community living in a hilltop medieval castle. Also nearby is one of England's most visited natural attractions, Land's End, the most westerly point of the English mainland and a spot that dramatically showcases the natural combination of sea and cliffs.

#3: The Giant's Causeway - Some call it the Eighth Wonder of the World. The Giant's Causeway, Bushnills, Northern Ireland, is a unique naturally formed rock formation in the sea that gives the impression of being huge stone footprints.
Giant's Causeway, Bushnills, Northern Ireland

The Giant's Causeway is actually a honeycomb formation of over 40,000 stone columns. Tourists have been coming here for centuries to see these 60 million year old rock formations that are now a World Heritage Site. There is a cliff-top walkway path that provides a great way to see this ancient marvel. Or you can get a bird's eye view with a helicopter tour from The Helicopter Center.

Worldwide vacation ideas #4: Ketrzyn, Poland is one of the many interesting historical spots in Europe. This is a charming village which is known for its part in World War II because it is the site of Adolf Hitler's wartime military headquarters. This is also where the attempted assassination of Hitler took place.

This historically important site is a major tourist attraction. Within the town of Ketrzyn is the fortified church of St George, a reconstructed 13th century castle, which houses a museum with a large collection of artifacts from the last 500 years. This is also the location of The Great Lasurian Lakes which provide the visitor to Ketrzyn lots of outdoor activities and scenic spots to explore. Here is a good city travel guide for Ketrzyn.

Worldwide Vacation Ideas #5: Cycling in Africa - Take a biking expedition adventure through the exotic landscape of Morocco in Northern Africa. Butterfield & Robinson has many great adventure vacation packages and this is a great one for bicycling enthusiasts. In the desert you will stay on a private tent.

Butterfield & Robinson also has an exclusive mountain retreat in Imlil Valley. Ride a camel to the dunes of M'hamid then dance and feast under the stars in your Berber camp.

While touring the countryside you will bicycle through local villages and meet many of the residents. Some of the places you will visit are Marrakech’s famous Djemma el Fna and Essaouira, home to many artists and musicians.

Cradle Mountain Lodge
Cradle Mountain Lodge Tasmania Australia

#6: Australia's Cradle Mountain is a popular walking and hiking vacation spot. This is rainforest area and there are numerous walking trails winding through the forest and around Lake Dove. The trail difficulties vary to accommodate all experience levels.

The Overland Track is a famous bush trail hike that draws the adventurous from around the world. It runs 50 miles from the mountain down to Lake St Clare, which is the deepest freshwater lake in Australia. This is a challenging hike but one that rewards you with endless stunning scenery.

Cradle Mountain is part of Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clare Park which is in Tasmania's World Heritage Area. For a great place to stay while you explore this beautiful Australian vacation idea try Cradle Mountain Lodge.

Worldwide vacation ideas #7: The Gamirasu Cave Hotel in Yunek Evleri, Turkey gives you a chance to vacation like Fred and Wilma Flintstone. This hotel features rooms that are an actual troglodyte cave house from the 5th or 6th century. The cave rooms have been ungraded a bit since then so the amenities are quite modern.

But this is a chance to have a truly exotic vacation. The Cappadocia Cave Hotel is located in the small village of Ayvali which is in an area of Turkey that features an enchanting rock terrain. So, in keeping with the cave theme, the region has elaborate underground cities and hidden cavernous churches that are ready to be explore.

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