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World Vacation Ideas #1: A beautiful and intriguing vacation spot I would like to recommend is Northern Moldavia (Romania, Europe).

The most attractive spots there are the Eastern Orthodox monasteries of the area, Putna, Sucevita, Moldovita. Putna is especially beautiful and was built by one of the most revered Moldavian lords of old, Stephen the Great. These places are surrounded by cool, refreshing woods and are deeply permeated by history and art. - G.D. from Arizona

The awe inspiring murals, both interior and exterior, have outlived the elements for hundreds of years. There you will be greeted by the monks and priests and will find perfectly peaceful surroundings.

The monasteries are locating within a short driving distance from the county capital, Suceava, where you can find friendly hotels to spend the night. However, if you want to immerse yourself in the experience, the monasteries offer rooms and full amenities on site.

World Trip Ideas #2: My wife and I took a trip to Riviera Maya, Mexico. We stayed in a luxurious hotel, Secrets Silversands, with many amenities and great food. Some of the unique things we did at the hotel were eating outside near the beach, drinking cocktails in the pool and watching shows in an open air theatre.

We loved the hotel, but the best part of the vacation was an excursion we took. We decided to book a trip to the Mayan ruins that included swimming in an underground cave and zip lining and rappelling. The ruins were not the famous Chichen Itza, but instead a lesser known one called Coba.

I believe Coba was well worth it. Unlike Chichen Itza you can actually climb to the top of a pyramid that was built thousands of years ago. It was like stepping back in time. The other fantastic part of this trip was going to the Mayan jungle with a guide and rappelling down a natural cliff and then zip lining across the jungle.

We also swam in an underground cave called a cenote. This was the experience of a lifetime and we have talked about going back with friends because it was such an exciting time. I highly recommend going to Rivera Maya or the Playa del Carmen area of Mexico. - Kyle from Cleveland

World Vacation Ideas #3: One of my favorite vacations was a trip I took to Nicaragua. Everyone likes to visit Costa Rico but I decided to go next door and experience Nicaragua.

I spent my time in the communities of Managua and Leon. Besides relaxation, one of my reasons for the trip was to study micro-credit and the influence small loans had on the well-being of entrepreneurs. Because of this I really got to meet and know the people. They were all just so friendly and made the trip so much more fun.

I also saw a really large volcano (Mombacho Volcano), went shopping at the market, and saw a huge Sandinista statue. I would recommend this trip to anyone. Taboo is also a great bar to visit in Managua. I even got to visit a beach off of the coast. It was all very interesting. Although Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the Northern Hemisphere, it is truly touching to meet the citizens. I had quite a nice vacation there. - Alba from Chicago

World Getaway Trips #4: One of the best places to go to while on vacation is Turkey. I went there with my husband last summer, and it was fabulous! We stayed at the hotel in Fethiye, on the Mediterranean coast. We chose it because of abundant trees, flowers, plants. It’s so beautiful that you may think you’re in heaven!

The sea was a couple minutes away from the hotel, and we enjoyed our daily walks through the tree alley to get to the shore. We also went on several tours – the most exciting one was to the Rainbow Trout farm.

At this farm, there are restaurant tables built over the water, so you can see and feed trout while waiting for your food. Also, for the fishing fans, this farm allows to catch their own food! We were traveling with a group, so our food was pre-ordered, unfortunately.

Another attraction that we visited is Nemrut Mountain. The view from the mountain was simply breathtaking – as if you’re standing on the top of the world! Plus, they serve the tastiest ice-cream up there. So, if you’re looking for new vacation ideas – choose Turkey, you won’t regret it! - Ally from Missouri

World Vacation Ideas #5: Recently I took my family to the Resta Grand Resort in Marsa Alam (Egypt, at the Red Sea). We have had a terrific holiday, the service was good and the weather is terrific if you are looking for a superb sun tan! The huge swimming pool offers some cooling down and is a lot of fun for the kids!

When the temperature is too high you can always get back into your room and watch a movie on the big flat screen TV, or visit one of the many restaurants for some delicious food.

For the kids there are entertainment programs and a kid’s pool, in this resort they will never get bored, and there are special rooms with place for four persons. So if you have small toddlers you can let them sleep on your own room. The rooms are very tidy, spacious and have their own balcony and flat screen TV.

The accommodations on the beach are perfect as well, overall this resort delivers a lot of quality for the price you pay for it. There also is a very easy shuttle service to and from the airport; off course the shuttle has air conditioning and plenty of room for all your luggage. - Bob from Netherlands

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