Winter Vacation Ideas

Winter Vacation Ideas #1: For a great winter vacation spot, come to New Hampshire in February! Here is a winter wonderland at its picturesque best! Flights are readily available into Manchester, or come ahead by car. The White Mountains, particularly the Presidential Range, are absolutely beautiful and skiing from novice to black diamond is available in many locations. (New Hampshire is the home of Olympic skier Bode Miller.)

Cross country trails, snow shoeing, and ski-mobiling are also widely available. Numerous Bread and Breakfast Inns as well as hotels are scattered throughout the state.

Shopping is a favorite for many visitors as there is no sales tax at both unique stores and outlets for many major manufacturers. Local events include the Ice Fishing Derby on Lake Winnipesaukee. Hardy souls may also enjoy New Hampshire’s ocean beachfront for a winter stroll, though many of the shops and restaurants there will be closed.

#2: Winter Vacation Ideas #2: Montreal and its metropolitan vicinity are perfect for a winter getaway. About 6 to 8 hours drive away from Toronto and only about 2 hour drive away from Canada’s capital Ottawa, Montreal is a perfect get away for those who are longing for a different scene of downtown areas and urban living.

The downtown core of Montreal looks similar to downtown Toronto, but differs in some parts: smaller streets are composed of cobble stone walk ways which is quintessentially European and gives and “old-town” feel. Important buildings and structures are all around the downtown core, usually with copper plated roofs that are tinted green due to oxidization.

I feel that this mix of the old and the new within blocks away from each other gives Montreal its uniqueness. Boarding and accommodation is quite easy to get along the downtown core since most well-known hotels are lined up along the busy streets.

If one is looking for savings, a chapel a little bit out of the metropolitan Montreal can be found. Notre-Dame-de-Bon Secours chapel caters for travelers less that $100 per night which includes breakfast.

This is also where St. Marguerite Bourgouis is currently buried. Mont Royal offers a scenic view of the city and its vicinity, and binoculars are provided as one ascends along the mountain side.

Winter festivals are popular during the months of February, which is family friendly. Snow structures, slides are statues are built for the whole family. Montreal is rich with cultural roots and history which differs completely from English-influenced cities in Canada. - By E. Rillo from Toronto

Winter Vacation in Montreal

Winter Vacation Ideas #3: I recently went on a winter vacation to the Berkshires in Western Massachusetts. Thanks to timeshare ownership, I stayed at the Vacation Village Resort in the Hancock, MA (non-timeshare owners can stay there on a nightly basis) which is located just across the street from the Jiminy Peak ski area.

Vacation Village Resort
Vacation Village Resort

The resort was beautiful. Every room at Vacation Village is a suite and offers access to a heated indoor pool, a hot tub, and a fitness facility as well as offering free movie rentals each night. The highlight of the trip though was the skiing. Before this trip I had only been skiing once, so this was a terrific place to go.

Jiminy Peak is big enough that it provides both challenging runs for experts and also allows for slow gradual trails that help beginners get acclimated to bigger mountain skiing. At the end of two days I was already skiing black diamond trails (I was still falling occasionally) but the location, the amenities and the price were all very conducive to a great vacation.

The area does have its fair share of dining and shopping options though you might need to expect to do a little driving. A couple of dining highlights include an Irish pub in Pittsfield, and a pizza place on the border of New York and Massachusetts (I forget the name of both though…). - By TJ from Massachusetts

Winter Vacation Ideas #4: My last vacation my wife and I drove out west to visit my son in Arizona. As we always did in the winter time we found a ski hill to spend a couple days at.

We headed out from our home in Minneapolis and headed straight for Durango, CO where we had reservations to stay on the hill known as Purgatory. The slopeside hill was wonderful and allowed us to ski down to the chairlifts. The hill was meticulously groomed and the chair lifts were unbelievable fast compared to ours in the Midwest.

There were a couple of small terrain parks which I enjoyed but not my wife. My only complaint was we only got 2" of fresh snow the entire time. We left Purgatory after our three day stay and headed to Arizona to visit my son. - By Mike from Minneapolis

Durango Colorado Skiing

While in Arizona I constantly watched the weather and found a blizzard moving in on the opposite side of the mountain we were had just stayed on. About a week later we headed out and I talked my wife into going to Wolf Creek.

We drove up to Wolf Creek at night in the middle of the blizzard and camped in our car under an avalanche shelter. When we awoke the next morning there was 37" of fresh snow on the ground. We immediately headed for the hill. I spent the entire day riding while my wife could only last for a couple hours. It was the best skiing vacation spot ever.

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Winter Vacation Ideas #5: For a vacation that takes me away from the cold, I look for somewhere fun and warm. Las Vegas is by far my favorite place to winter vacation. This city simply has something for everyone, no matter what kind of experience you're looking for. If you want to be pampered, there are spas everywhere, offering all kinds of unique and relaxing treatments.

If you're a nature buff or simply want to see one of the world's greatest wonders, helicopter rides to the Grand Canyon are cheap and plentiful. The are many shows, like Penn & Teller and Cirque du Solei, are some of the most astounding entertainment to be seen anywhere.

If you want vacation ideas to escape the cold of winter, Vegas is hot year round and you can hang out in the pools and have a great time. Don't think Vegas is just a place to gamble and drink and get into seedy adventures. It's a place that has whatever you want to do, and it's a lot cheaper than leaving the continent. - By Chris from Vancouver

Holiday Travel Tips Don't let the soaring summer temperatures fool you. Whether it's because kids are out of school, the weather is taking its toll or the smaller crowds in popular places, adventure travelers love to take vacations during from November through January. We'd like to extend some helpful advice as you plan for your holiday vacation ideas:

  • Book early! Remember, airlines have cut the number of flights offered both domestically and internationally over the recent years. This means travelers should book early to guarantee more manageable flight connections and cheaper prices.
  • Travel light. This is sound advice for anytime you travel but during the holiday season it's even more important. Many friends and family hope for gifts when you come back home, or if you are visiting family, they might be giving you plan to pack light and save room!
  • Don't wrap gifts. Seems like an odd piece of advice but you could be the one picked for an airport security check and guess what?'ll be asked to unwrap your boxes.
  • Be Creative. Traveling during the holiday season often means traveling with children. Make sure to bring an entertainment bag to keep the young ones busy but remember not to use the "go-to" toys too early! Be creative with barf bag puppets, in-flight magazine stories and the trusty seat belt.
  • Dead weeks. These are the first couple of weeks in December and the first couple weeks of January. Many companies, like Trusted Adventure, offer tours during this time of year and it's the most affordable time to find flights and hotels.

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