Where to go on Vacation

Where to go on Vacation #1:

By Crystal from Maryland - I had such a great time in California. We stayed at "Hotel Roosevelt" on Hollywood Boulevard. I actually got to witness a real movie being shot right outside of my hotel window.

I drove about a half hour away to Laguna Beach in Laguna Beach, California. The water and scenery there was gorgeous! I saw a Sea Lion come out of the water and perch itself on the rocks, now how cool is that!?

From there, we enjoyed a nice extravagant meal at "Mr. Chow" in Beverly Hills, CA. It's a bit expensive, but so worth it. You just may even get your picture snapped by paparazzi, I did!

The next day, we visited the Warner Brothers Studios where we got a tour of the set of "Friends", "Chuck", and a few other television shows. We even got to ride by the set of Ellen DeGeneres' Show.

Where to go on Vacation #2:

By Mike from Oregon - The best vacation I ever took was to Barcelona, Spain. There is no place in the world where you’ll get the beautiful mix of relaxation and culture that you’d get in Barcelona. The city is a modern city with a great night life—you can find everything from fancy, bumping clubs to low-key alleyway bars that seem to be washed with the sea.

I could sit for hours on the beaches, where everyone is wearing next to nothing and the Mediterranean Sea looks so beautiful and blue in the hot sun.

The city has much of the refinement of other major European cities, but with an air of decadence. To me it brings to mind Picasso paintings, who lived there and sometimes would regard it as his true home.

The culture of Barcelona is Spanish, yes, but more specifically it is Catalonian, and the food customs of this culture are to die for. I could die just thinking about Barcelona.

Where to go on Vacation #3:

By Rachel from New Jersey - The best vacation I ever took was to go to the Dominican Republic. My family took a vacation there about three years ago. We stayed at an all-inclusive resort in Punta Cana, so there was the luxury of getting snacks all day on the resort without worrying about cost.

The hotel we stayed at also had room service, at no charge, which we took advantage of as well. The resort had activities during the day, including dance lessons, shows ans performances and games.

One night there was bingo and prizes were given out. There was a beautiful pool and the ocean to take advantage of. In addition, the resort offered "excursions" at additional cost. We went on an excursion, which included riding dune buggies, horses, stopping at a beach off the resort and we had an opportunity to swim in a cave. The weather was beautiful the entire time we were there.

Where to go on Vacation #4:

By Clarke, Utah - My fun vacation idea was about three years ago when my family and I went to Wisconsin. My father is from there and we went back to visit all of his family and relatives and spend some time just seeing where he grew up. Since we are living in Utah, we decided to drive all the way out there without stopping for a break since everyone in my family could drive.

We got out there and spent all of our time just hanging out with family and doing random things. We went to neighbor days, which is Eau Claires’ City Fair, and had a fun time with all of the cousins. We ate funnel cakes, played bingo and rode a Ferris wheel.

The best part of the whole trip was when all of the cousins were able to get together and we got a picture of us. That is the first time that we have ever done that, and it will be the best memory that I have to this point in my life.

Where to go on Vacation #5:

By Tom from Georgia - The one trip that everyone must take at some point is Las Vegas! My trip consisted of a long weekend along the famous Las Vegas strip. We stayed in the Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino which offers a feel of the French culture.

The whole weekend we made our way up and down the Vegas strip stopping at different hotels and casinos where we could get drinks, gamble, and participate in fun activities.

Some of the hotels we visited were Planet Hollywood, New York New York, Caesar’s Palace, MGM Grand, Venetian, Flamingo, and the Mirage. All of these are within walking distance of each other and offer their own unique atmosphere. This is one of those trips that is a different experience for everyone because anything can happen!

During one of our walks down the strip we stopped in at the New York New York Hotel to visit the Coyote Ugly saloon and while we were there, we were offered a free limo ride to the nightclub Pure at the MGM Grand. That was by far one of the greatest nights and vacations I have ever been on. I would highly recommend this vacation to anyone and everyone!

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