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What Are Some Interesting Places to Visit #1:

By Fran from Alabama - Arguably, the best vacation spot in Mexico is Puerto Vallarta, because of the wonderful mix of events, activities, restaurants, and hotels it offers. Being in close proximity to a major international airport also makes it a very convenient place to visit as well.

Puerto Vallarta is actually quite compact, with a dense agglomeration of hotel resorts packed together along the coast. It offers a very large marketplace, which presents a number of excellent shopping opportunities.

It also boasts a very large number of restaurants and bars, making it especially popular with those who want to add some excitement to their vacation with a fiesta. Perhaps most importantly, Puerto Vallarta boasts a number of public beaches, which are packed with vacationers. For those looking for cultural opportunities, it is in close proximity to some important archaeological sites, such as Ixtapa.

What Are Some Interesting Places to Visit #2:

By Drake from MI - The best vacation is one where you can do outdoor and indoor activities. This is why I love going to the Ozarks of Missouri and Arkansas. One of the nicest aspects of going to the Ozarks is the drive. The roads are curvy and windy and go up and down and around.

It is absolutely so much fun to drive through the trees on these well-paved roads. The rivers in the Ozarks are the most beautiful I've seen anywhere and water activities are popular. You can cross over a stream and stop and park. Next thing you know you'll be jumping off the rarely-traveled bridge into the incredible waters below.

If you have a canoe or small boat, you can take it downstream too. Fishing is a good way to spend an afternoon. Walking around the town is another fun thing to do. Many of the Ozarks towns in Missouri are built on a square, so you can walk around the square and check out the shops or sit and enjoy the sun in the park that is set in the center.

Some towns like Eureka Springs, Arkansas have so many colorful shops and eye-catching architecture that a day of sightseeing is very pleasurable. Shopping will come easy as there are so many different items to buy. Don't forget to eat!

I've had some of the best food ever in the Ozarks and there's always such a wonderful choice of cuisine. Many times, you can sit outdoors on the patio or the raised boardwalk and take in the day and the sights all around. The hotels are elegant or geared towards the outdoorsman, but either way, they always have beautiful dining rooms.

What Are Some Interesting Places to Visit #3:

By Gloria from Kentucky - We love to go to Grayson Lake, Kentucky! They have 71-site campground. They even have places to take showers! Now that's really nice after a long, hot day of exploring. You can even do your laundry and they have other amenities such as a telephone.

My husband likes to play golf, and last year we rented a pontoon boat. Everyone, even the children enjoyed that. We fished off the boat as well long into the evening. We had picnics in one of the 3 large shelters and the kids enjoyed themselves at the playgrounds. There are 3 of those as well.

They have 2 trails to go exploring on. We took the 3 mile trail. The other is 8 miles long. All in all, it was a very relaxing visit, a great time for all, and a much needed vacation.

You get both the beauty of nature, away from the city, along with the conveniences so necessary to everyday life. The children loved it and we connected as a family once again. This was the best of our vacation ideas.

What Are Some Interesting Places to Visit #4:

By Mary Douglas of Virginia Beach, Virginia - History, culture and outdoor activities come alive in the Fredericksburg, Virginia area. Walk in the footsteps of famous Civil War Generals.

Tee off at championship-caliber golf courses. Savor the taste of a crisp and refreshing Chardonnay as you tour a Mediterranean-style winery. Cast a line along the banks of the Rappahannock.

The Fredericksburg area offers a diverse mix of history, local culture, dining, shopping and outdoor activities. Comprised of Spotsylvania and Stafford Counties, and the City of Fredericksburg, the area showcases its Colonial and Civil War era history while offering the excitement of modern day sophistication.

The City of Fredericksburg boasts a historic downtown area, featuring unique chef-owned restaurants and a local artist community. Spotsylvania and Stafford Counties are home to the Civil War battlefields where Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant met for combat.

What Are Some Interesting Places to Visit #5:

By Dom from Toledo - I think a great vacation spot is Franklin, Tennessee. If you enjoy history, specifically American history, then Franklin is definitely the place for you. When I was there just visiting my Aunt and Uncle, I learned so much about the Civil War. It was a fascinating experience.

Even if you are not a history junkie, the peace and quiet of downtown Franklin will take all of the stress and worry right out of your body. If you are looking for more excitement, Franklin is located just minutes from downtown Nashville where there is more to do than you can imagine.

Franklin is a very good place to go if you are looking for a quiet getaway but can also provide very interesting and fun vacation ideas.

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