We are going to Disney World

by Brandon

My Vacation to Orlando, Florida When I was 11 years old, my parents gave me, my brother, and my sister the most exciting news a child could ever hear. Of course this news was, "We are going to Disney World!"

I was ecstatic. I couldn't wait to have my first trip on a plane and finally see Florida. We embarked during the month of May out of Lehigh Valley Airport and arrived in Orlando, Florida about 3 hours later.

Being used to the weather in Pennsylvania, the initial climate change was a bit of a shock. It was very humid and sunny, very different from the weather in my home town. We obtained a rental car and departed from the airport and shortly thereafter arrived at our hotel.

We got settled in, went out to eat, and then we all went to sleep early to get ready for our first day at Disney World. We all woke up early the next day and had a light breakfast before we went to the park.

We decided to spend the first day at Magic Kingdom. I will never forget the first ride we went on. It was called "Alien Encounter". You are strapped into a seat and watch a company test out a new teleportation device, but something goes horribly wrong and an alien arrives and terrorizes the audience.

Even the little kid’s rides which I thought would be boring were actually very, very fun. At night there was a fireworks show. It was a perfect end to the perfect day.

On day two, we agreed to concentrate on the MGM Studios Park. This is the home of the famous “Tower of Terror” ride. I see now why it is so famous. Another ride that was fairly new at this time was called “Aerosmith’s Rockin’ Roller Coaster”. This coaster takes off from zero to 60 in under three seconds and blasts classic Aerosmith songs for the entire ride.

We stayed until closing and then headed back to our hotel. The next day was devoted to Epcot Center. The main attraction here was the ability to visit many different cultures of the world in a very short amount of time.

My favorite was Germany because of all the hand-blown glass and handmade cuckoo clocks. One ride to be remembered was called “Test Track” where you ride in a new car which is being tested against elements such as heat, rough terrain, and my favorite, speed.

My family and I also visited Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. Universal Studios had rides based on popular movies like “Jaws” and “Twister” which proved to be very entertaining.

Islands of Adventure was more geared towards exciting rides like “The Hulk” roller coaster which can even be seen from outside the park. The highlight of this vacation was obviously Disney World but Universal Studios didn’t trail too far behind.

Every day was loads of fun. There's nothing like Disney vacation trips to look forward to. In fact, we all had so much fun that we repeated this vacation about 4 years later. We were lucky and had beautiful weather for our entire stay. It is not an understatement when people call this “The most magical place on earth”.

By Val from Boston - My favorite vacation idea is definitely a trip to Orlando, Florida. In a word I can describe the visit to be truly indeed Magical. We arrived three days before Christmas at Orlando International Airport. In our shuttle we went to stay at a local Howard Johnson.

The hotel itself was a very nice place to stay with a pool, cable, and a continental breakfast every morning. Making it even better, Howard Johnson had a regular shuttle going to Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios, and Sea World, so there was no need to spend money on a rental car.
Magic Kingdom was a truly entertaining and fun place for adults and children! My kids enjoyed seeing Mickey and all of his friends walking around the park.

There was quite a lot of rides there too, from roller coasters to small merry go rounds. They all could be catered to many people with different tastes for rides.

Overall my favorite ride there was It’s a Small World, it was a brilliant experience sitting on a boat and “going” through the different parts of the world. Our visit to Disney World was topped perfectly in the evening by a fireworks display! I recommend this vacation idea to everyone young and old.

Even though I personally did not have time to go to Universal Studios, and Sea World; Disney was amazing! Our Disney vacation trips in the Florida sun are always better than the harsh winter up north.

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