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Walking vacations are an idea that just may be what you are looking for. Sometimes a vacation can be a lot like surfing the internet. You run from place to place trying to do and see everything.

But there's never enough time. It leaves you frazzled. Do you want spend your vacation inactive, lying around by the pool?

Do you want to stand waiting for hours in endless long lines? Do you want to end your vacation feeling more stressed than before you left?

Of course not. That’s why you are planning a walking vacation. Whether you are joining an organized walking tour….OR you prefer to strike out on your own….I can help make your walking vacation a success.

The whole idea is to ….Slow Down…. and soak in the beauty of this world that God gave us…. while stretching our legs….expanding our lungs….AND cleansing our minds of Stress and Negativity. There is absolutely no better vacation idea to rejuvenate your body and mind.

Need some ideas for where to go for your walking vacation? Our National Parks system is a tremendous resource for a vacation that focus on walking and hiking. There are numerous parks all across the country with miles and miles of trails to walk or hike.

From mountains to meadows and deserts to glaciers there is a National Park that will fit you. A National Park will easily provide enough walking to fill your week and more.

For shorter holidays of a day or two look for your state and local parks. They will almost always have trails marked for walking.

Another great vacation idea for walking is our national battlefields. In particular the Civil War battlefields on the east coast.

Tip: Don't just throw on any old pair of sneakers or shoes. Make sure you have a good pair of walking shoes that are right for your feet. It will make a world of difference.

Tip: Taking regular breaks is a good idea. On a long walk waste products will build up in your legs. This can tire you out and make you uncomfortable. Stop and take a 5 minute break at least once every hour or more often.

Sit down and find a way to prop your legs up. This will allow the waste products to drain naturally out of your legs. You will feel more refreshed and have more energy as a result. The time lost will be more than made up for in comfort.

Tip: It is very important that you eat and drink plenty of water. You won't feel thirsty until after your body has started to dehydrate. Drink water before you get thirsty.

The same thing for eating. Your body needs the nourishment before you actually feel hungry. Eat and drink before, during and after your walks.

If you are walking or hiking longer than 30 minutes you should pay special attention to the fact that you lose salt and electrolytes from sweating. Eat salty snacks and drink sports drinks along with the water.

Tip: When planning your long walks you should allow extra time for the return trip. When going uphill allow twice as long to ascend as you do to descend.

An excellent spot for a walking vacation is the Cornwall Coastal Footpath in England. This is a 258 mile long public walking path that runs along the beautiful Cornish coast of England's West Country. The Cornwall coastline is one of the most beautiful in Britain. The path runs from Poole Harbour and Dorset to Somerset and the Bristol Channel. The numerous towns along the way make it easy to pick out a section that fits your walking desires. This is a great way to really explore the incredible Cornwall countryside.

The oldest and one of the most popular walking trails in the U.S, is The Appalachian Trail. It runs down the east coast for over 2,000 miles through the Appalachian Maountains, the Great Smoky Mountains and the Presidential Range. If you traveled the Appalachian Trail from end to end it would talk about five months. Fortunately it's like an interstate highway in that there are loads of on and off ramps. Along the way there are hundreds of access points that make this the perfect trail to tailor for your own walking vacation desires. Just pick out a section that appeals to you and start walking.

The Centennial Trail is another great place for a walking vacation. This 111 mile long trail is located in the beautiful Black Hills of South Dakota. It passes through Bear Butte State Park, Black Elk Wilderness Area, Black Hills National Forest, Custer State Park and Fort Meade Recreation Area. There are at least 24 access points to use when planning your trip. Along the way you will pass through a variety of landscapes from prairie grassland to flowering meadows to deep forests. The trail head is in Bear Butte and ends at Wind Cave National Park near Hot Springs.

Fraser Island, in Australia is the world’s largest sand island. The Fraser Island Great Walk is 55 miles and takes 6-8 days to complete. It's a great walking adventure. But you don't have to take on the whole length. There are about 15 sections that easily break up the distance into walks from 1 to 10 hours or so. Whatever distance or time fits your style, Fraser Island offers a wonderful place to walk among 600 foot sand dunes and 130-foot tall satiny rain forest trees.

Wherever you go on your walking vacation, walk with confidence and joy. The world awaits you.

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