Vermont Vacation Ideas: Green Mountain Beauty and Small Town Charm

The Green Mountains of Vermont offer fantastic vacation ideas for outdoor and hiking enthusiasts. A popular hike is The Long Trail, the oldest long-distance hiking trail in the country. Start off in the town of Jay, itself a wonderful destination, and follow the trail as it goes south for some 260 miles. Much of it is pretty remote so you need to judge your hiking skills accordingly. It makes for an excellent day hike, overnight backpacking trip or you could even join the ranks of the 150 or so people each year who complete the whole thing.

The town of Bennington, Vermont is just a short drive from either New York or Massachusetts.

There is a lot to do and see on a vacation here. There are some great historical landmarks to visit like the Old Burying Ground which is the site of Robert Frost's grave, the Old First Church and the Park-MucCullough Historic Estate.

The countryside around Bennington is typical New England and makes a nice place for a drive.

You will encounter many interesting and old covered bridges in the area.

At the Bennington Museum you can see the largest collection of Grandma Moses art and memorabilia anywhere.

Bennington is a very romantic vacation spot and the Vermont bed and breakfast, South Shire Inn, is perfect for a romantic getaway.

You can stay at the South Shire and then head out to the nearby Green Mountain National Forest for some hiking, winter snowmobiling, cross-country skiing or snowshoeing.

Alta Day Spa, housed in a 1800s farmhouse adjacent to The Pitcher Inn in Warren Vermont, provides a relaxing spot for guests to enjoy peace and pampering after a day of adventure in the heart of the Vermont’s Mad River Valley.

After spa treatments guests retreat to the Inn where wood burning fireplaces, steam showers and cozy accommodations in the likes of themed guest rooms called Ski, Trout, Mallard or School, among others, provide a respite for those in need of rest and relaxation.

Dining at the Inn's acclaimed and award-winning restaurant is a highlight, as is sampling items from its extensive wine list which has garnered Wine Spectator's Award of Excellence since 1998 and the Best of Award of Excellence since 2004.

Vermont Fall Colors
My favorite ideas for vacation are all in beautiful Vermont. It's known as the "Green Mountain State" and their state animal happens to be one of my favorite animals—the Morgan Horse! This is a wonderful place full of trees, mountains, and trails.

For the outdoor enthusiast, tree-hugger, mountain climber, trail hiker, mountain biker, or whatever your outside-oriented ideal activity is, Vermont is the place to be.

There are state parks, lakes, and campgrounds nearly everywhere—much unlike the hustle-and-bustle cities so many of us are confined to live in and around, and roads of beautiful landscape that go for hours.

The landscape varies so frequently, but always maintains the same theme of life. You could drive for hours and never see a single town, then take a turn and suddenly find yourself in one of the ‘college towns’ that are dispersed throughout the state.

Personally, Church Street up near Burlington is my favorite. Scattered about with shops opened out to the public, people playing music for the sake of music, and little vendors pushing their carts and (well-priced!) goods, the street is closed off to traffic, and is like a trip back in time to when small-town life was the mainstream of real life. - By Sophia from Connecticut

Farming came to Pittsfield, VT in 1781. Today this scenic Green Mountain valley on Rt. 100 under 10 miles from Killington is a hiking / biking mecca and home to Riverside Farm's 300 gentlemanly acres that support elegant country weddings for up to 175. Nearby eco-friendly Amee Farm emphasizes sustainable living with organic farming while hosting corporate retreats, themed get-aways, and competitive, high-quality sporting events.
Vermont's Green Mountain National Forest has lots of opportunities for outdoor vacation activities. It's quite large, covering some 100 miles up into the state from the Massachusetts border. The forest is full of old Native American trails that make excellent hiking and motor biking.

Cross-country skiing is also popular on the trails. You can spend some time camping in the forest while canoeing and fishing in the many ponds and brooks. In the fall the leaves are turning colors and there is no better place for a scenic drive to watch nature glory in the changing foliage.

If you are looking for romantic getaways in Vermont, I can suggest Stowe - By Lin from Rhode Island. My most favorite romantic vacation I ever took was to Stowe, Vermont. I went there with my fiancé and we stayed at the lovely Stowe Motel, which is actually a large, four bedroom house that is rented out to tourists.

The motel is situated at the edge of a quaint river, the Westbranch River, so when you stand in the backyard, you see nothing but the river and mountains in the distance.

The location is fairly isolated and this was appealing to us as we wanted some seclusion. The motel is within walking distance to a bike rental shop, so one of our most repeated activities was bike riding on the scenic mountain paths near the motel.

We went in the fall, so we could ride through the vibrantly colored trees and over leaf-filled paths. We even rode past a huge cornfield which made me feel even more a part of nature.

The temperature was cool enough that we enjoyed the hot tub on site as well as the heated swimming pool. It was very romantic to relax in a hammock under the trees as they dropped their colorful leaves and take in the great view of Mount Mansfield.

There is a lot to do in the Stowe area so it’s an excellent idea for romantic getaways in Vermont. We spent some time at the Von Trapp Family Lodge property. The lodge itself is open to guests, so you can take a stroll through the library, small dining area, and lounge. The property is set amidst colorful trees and foliage as well. The view from the lodge is breathtaking.

Mountains surround the entire area, and the view is pretty expansive and wide open. Another way we passed the time was driving through Mount Mansfield and other mountainous roads.

We stopped at different scenic areas, Smuggler’s Notch being one of the best. There were jagged rocks, small caves, and mazes throughout the side of the mountain. The beautiful quartz on the mountainside was enough to keep me occupied for hours!

We ate at a few small restaurants in Stowe, but the best experience was at the Commodores Inn. It is a fairly good sized restaurant that serves high quality buffet style food. The food was phenomenal, and there were tons of choices. But the ambiance in the restaurant was the real show stopper.

Since we went in October, it was decorated for Halloween, but they decorate for all the major holidays. It was absolutely the most creatively decorated place I’ve ever seen. There was not an area in the restaurant that did not have some autumn or Halloween themed décor.

It was beautiful and busy and festive and eye-pleasing all at once. If there was ever a reason to go to Stowe, seeing the way the Commodores Inn decorates would be it.

Stowe offers so much in the line of entertainment and beauty. I have been to many tourist-type vacation spots, but Stowe will always be my very favorite. There is just something comforting and homey about vacationing in the middle of a majestic mountain range. Our romantic getaways in Vermont was the perfect vacation idea for us.

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