Vacation Spots Vancouver

Vacation Spots Vancouver #1:

A cool family vacation idea in Vancouver is the Museum of Anthropology. This is a fun educational opportunity for teens and the whole family to learn about the Native American people – referred to as the First Nations.

The building is a modern concrete and steel rendering of the traditional post-and-beam buildings made by the First Nations. The Great hall contains a wonderful collection of native totem poles.

Along with the artifacts and displays of the aboriginal culture the Museum of Anthropology also contains the work of contemporary Native artists.

The Visible Storage Gallery is particularly popular with kids as they have great fun pulling out the glass-topped drawers that hold over 15,000 artifacts.

Vancouver Vacation Ideas #2:

Granville Island is a popular vacation spot in Vancouver. Although it is an actual island it is connected to the city by a causeway. This is a top location for visitors seeking outdoor entertainment and a lively nightlife.

This is also a great place to relax and enjoy a splendid array of restaurants, performing arts and art galleries. The Lower Mainland public market is widely known and loved for its tremendous selection of fresh local produce.

Here you can shop and choose from a wide variety of goods from the talented local artists that have setup shop on the island. Among other awards, Vancouver’s Granville Island has been named "Best Neighbourhood in North America" by Project for Public Spaces.

Vacation Spots Vancouver Idea #3:

Along the educational theme, the children will also enjoy the Royal British Columbia Museum. Part of the fun in a visit here is the wonderful 95-minute ferry ride from Vancouver’s Tsawwassen Terminal over to Victoria, on the southern tip of Vancouver Island. You will find exhibits here on natural history and modern history.

For the kids the most popular part will be Thunderbird Park which is just outside the museum. This is one of the more unusual and popular vacation spots Vancouver Island. It contains an impressive display of totem poles and old houses.

Here you can also watch Native artists as they carve new totem poles in a cedar longhouse. At the museum kids can learn how to build a sugar cube house, how to identify 23 species of whales, including dolphins and porpoises, what the pioneer kitchen was like before electricity and other fun educational things.

Vacation Spots Vancouver #4:

If you are planning a Canada vacation with teens, a top Vancouver location to bring the kids is Stanley Park and the Vancouver Aquarium which is located inside the park. The 1,000 acre park is surrounded by fabulous ocean views and is chock full of family things to do. Everything from hiking the trails that wind through the native Columbian rainforest, the water park at Lumbermen's Arch, fun at the beaches, or the Second Beach Pool.

The kids will also love riding The Miniature Train which winds along a mile and a quarter of 20" gauge track. Or The Children's Farmyard with over 200 animals, birds, and reptiles.

The Vancouver Aquarium was designed specifically for children with some of the best hands-on activities around. The most unique and one-of-a-kind feature of the Vancouver Aquarium is the BC Salmon Stream Project.

The idea here is for the salmon to travel thousands of miles out in the open ocean, make their way up a special channel from Coal Harbour to spawn in the aquarium’s display pool. This is one of the best family vacation ideas in Canada.

Vacation Spots Vancouver Idea #5:

The Gastown district of Vancouver, British Columbia was founded in 1867, and today it still has the cobbled streets, antique gaslights, quaint courtyards, and Victorian architecture.

It’s in the northeast corner of the downtown area and the area is full of funky eateries, vintage clothing stores, native arts and craft shops, antique shops, boutiques and art galleries. June through August you can take the popular walking tour of Gastown.

The Lookout is a 33-floor observation deck located at the entrance to Gastown. Here you can get a 360-degree view of the harbor and city. Every fifteen minutes the district resounds with Westminster chimes from the unique Steam Clock, the world’s only team powered clock.

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