Vacation Spots in Canada

Vacation Spots in Canada Idea #1:

Canada’s first national park is Banff National Park located in the scenic Rocky Mountains. If you are looking for a Canada vacation idea with gorgeous mountain landscapes and lots of native plants and animals then head to Banff National Park.

The park is open all year round but the peak season is the short cool summer during July and August. Banff is most famous for its wildlife. Some of the animals that can be found here are moose, elk, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, deer, cougars and bears as well as the endangered woodland caribou.

The turquoise waters of Moraine Lake provide one of the best places around for your Canada fishing vacation. The meadows and mountains are top spots for hiking, bird watching and wildlife viewing.

Vacation Spots in Canada Idea #2:

A popular Canada spot vacation is the historic district of Quebec. Historic Quebec was the first significant settlement in Canada and today it is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Established by the French, the French culture and language are still in dominance here today. There are two sections, the original colony Basse-Ville and the walled European style Haute-Ville.

Here you can wander gas-lit lanes; visit an ancient convent and museum; explore the largest group of fortified buildings in North America, The Citadelle; take in the splendor of the romantic Chateau Frontenac; or marvel at the majestic view of the St. Lawrence River.

During the summer the beautiful 270 acre park, Parc des Champs-de-Bataille, holds free concerts. This is also where you can find the wonderful art museum Musee du Quebec.

Vacation Spots in Canada Idea #3:

Another top Canada vacation spot is Quebec’s largest city, Montreal. Here the history and culture of both the French and the English mix to form an exciting cosmopolitan city. The city is very tourist friendly with something for everyone from jazz festivals and fashionable shops to fantastic museums and outdoor cafes.

The Casino de Montreal offers gambling action. The historic Old Montreal is great for exploring on foot and makes a fun walking vacation idea. Downtown is the wonderful Museum of Fine Arts, the grande dame of the Canadian museum world. An exotic and unique section of Montreal is The Underground City. Here you will find almost all the buildings below ground including over 1,600 shops, banks, restaurants and cinemas.

Vacation Spots in Canada Idea #4:

Quebec City Antique Shop
Photo Credit:
By James from NYC - Quebec may not strike you as an exciting vacation destination. However, if given the opportunity to revisit any place I have vacationed, it would be this fascinating Canadian province. Though I was there for only a brief four days, the locals not only accepted me, but were eager to show me their culture!

I stayed in Quebec City at the incredibly cozy Auberge Aux Deux Lions Hotel, where the staff was happy to oblige my eager but confused tourist questions. Do not let the title of "city" fool you, Quebec City is a cozy, comfortable, almost provincial little place (or at least it seemed little to this native New Yorker!).

There are party boats that float along the nearby river at night. There are restaurants that serve dishes that are delicious as they are unpronounceable (if you don't speak French, of course!). There are carriages pulled by shaggy Clydesdale-like horses along the cobblestone backstreets. Even everyday places like the grocery stores are strange and exotic!

There are even nearby Native American reserves where you may get the chance to sit in on your very own pow-wow, or participate in a peace-pipe smoking ceremony! Quebec City is a place that is untouched by the formalities of the modern-day first world. There is only one thing to be wary of: you may never want to leave!

Vacation Spots in Canada Idea #5:

One of the best wintertime Canada vacation ideas is the Quebec City Winter Carnival. The whole city hits the cold icy streets to celebrate winter. It’s the 3rd largest carnival in the world, after Rio de Janeiro and Mardi Gras New Orleans. The carnival traces its history back 1894 where ir grew out of the French celebration of Lent.

The opening and closing of the carnival are both celebrated by a fireworks display. Bonhomme is a talking, dancing snowman who symbolizes the carnival and joins the celebrants merrymaking in the streets.

The freezing, ice laden St. Lawrence River is the scene of the International Canoe Race where the participants battle nature in a dangerous race to get their canoes from Quebec City to Lewis. There are many other fun activities and things to see at the Quebec City Winter Carnival. It’s a cool way to brighten up the long dark winter.

Vacation Spots in Canada Idea #6:

God’s Pocket Marine Park is considered by many to be one of the best dive spots in the world. It is located about 12 miles north-west of Port Hardy on Northern Vancouver Island. The park is made up of several small islands and is best known for being one of the top scuba divers vacation spots.

What makes the diving so unique here is the combination of clean, clear water and the abundance of marine life. Here it is possible to get a look at octopus, orcas, dolphins, harbor seals, Stellar sea lions and humpback and grey whales.

Accommodations and arrangements for your diving vacation can be found on Hurst Island. If you want to camp you can do it out in the wild of the islands but there are no designated camping areas. Besides the diving, God’s Pocket Marine Park has several archaeological sites and a seabird breeding colony.

At Canada's Hornby Island you can vacation with the sea-lions and eagles rather than the normal crowds of vacationers. This small island is remote enough that it requires three different ferry rides to get there. But it is so worth it.

Located off the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada, Hornby Island is a beautiful forested landscape where you can hike, mountain bike, stretch out on a quiet beach or go sea kayaking and diving. Summers are great but spending a winter vacation here with only nature and the 900 or so permanent residents can be a serene experience.

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