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Vacation Ideas Texas #1: One of my favorite Texas vacation ideas is Austin. The best time of year to visit is the early spring or late fall, when you can best avoid the 100 degree temperatures. The downtown area is unique, showcasing old and new architecture, music, murals, theater, museums, and a diverse selection of restaurants and cafes. If bar hopping is your scene, 6th Street will have you covered.

Friday and Saturday nights they block off the streets (no matter what time of year), so that people can party and socialize safely.

If you walk down any street in downtown, every 10 feet you will hear different live music coming from different venues. Austin is, after all, the Live Music Capital of the World.

If you don’t like the bar scene, you can walk easily to the South Congress Street Bridge. Every dusk, thousands of bats awaken and fly in tight swarms over Lady Bird Lake, trying to get their insect dinner. It’s a truly beautiful sight and is one of the natural occurrences that Austin is famous for.

Straying away from Downtown, you can travel to Lake Travis. Here you can boat, float, and catch some sun.

Zilker Park is also the largest park in Austin, situated right next to Downtown, even though it doesn’t feel like you are in the middle of a big city.

Austin City Limits, a large 3 day music festival, is held at Zilker Park at the end of every summer, which brings big band names.

Austin is full of murals, social events, unique film showings, and music that will satisfy any palate so consider it if you’re looking for a unique holiday. - By Amanda from Texas

#2: My favorite place to vacation is the area around San Antonio. My family has been going to the same small hotel for many years. From there, we go rock-climbing at Enchanted Rock, or shopping in Fredericksburg.

The Museum of the Pacific War (the Nimitz Museum) in Fredericksburg is a favorite with the more mature folks who remember WWII, as well as with the teens who think the weapons are "cool". Some years, we go as far south as San Antonio for great Mexican food, a visit to the Alamo and the other missions. The little kids like the zoo. Of course, San Antonio has the big amusement parks, Fiesta Texas and Sea World that also appeal to the kids.

Some years, we go tubing in the Comal or to Schlitterbahn. There are so many things to do within about a 90 mile radius. We stay in one hotel, then make day-trips all over the area. It's great for the whole family and we never run out of things to do. - By Owl from Texas

Vacation Ideas Texas #3: One of my favorite vacation spots is the Hill Country of Central Texas. Just west of a little town named Burnet is Inks Lake State Park. Inks Lake is the smallest and loveliest of the chain of Hill Country reservoirs. The campground has modern amenities and there are canoe and paddle boat rentals. Be sure to check out Longhorn Cavern while you’re close to Inks Lake. It’s spectacular!

Not far from Inks Lake is Canyon of the Eagles. This is a small resort that also has tent camping. The resort has a round swimming pool with a unique hot tub. There are nature hikes and other organized activities, but the real treat is the observatory. Star parties are held on a regular basis and astronomers are on hand to answer questions and assist people in looking through the on-site telescopes. I am convinced this is the best place in Texas to view a meteor shower. - By Jennifer from Texas

#4: One of my favorite places to vacation is located right here in the Lone Star State. San Antonio is a wonderful place that my family and I love to visit. We especially like to visit during Fiesta week. During this week, parades, outdoor concerts and festivities are all something a person visiting will enjoy.

There are street vendors who sell everything from different kinds of foods to toys for kids. There is a day time and a night time parade set on different days. I personally enjoy the night time parade because many of the floats are lit up with lights. If you are lucky and have a hotel room facing the parade route, the view from above is spectacular.

One of my favorite places to eat while in San Antonio is a little Mexican restaurant called Mi Tierra. Inside this establishment they have a bar, a small bakery area, and a seated restaurant area. The pan dulce (“sweet bread”) is the best. Before we leave, we make sure to stop by and take some with us to enjoy. Be warned, if you plan on visiting San Antonio during Fiesta week, plan at least a year in advance. This planning should include booking a room and purchasing parade tickets. - By Jessica from Texas

Vacation Ideas Texas #5: San Antonio, TX is one of my favorite places to vacation. It’s so foreign compared to Ohio; like stepping into another country. I remember going there when I was in high school with my family and the space needle, Tower of the Americas, was amazing! There was even a restaurant at the top where you could eat and see all of San Antonio!

All around the Tower of the Americas was waterfalls that were beautiful. You can even go outside at the top of the needle. Just don’t fly away! The River Center mall was especially amazing with it being right on the water! Oh did I mention the river walk? Take a romantic stroll down it day or night or hire a gondola! And of course, don’t forget the Alamo!

If you really love history, the Alamo is lots of fun though you can’t take pictures inside. There are a number of Spanish style missions in the area too and museums. There is wonderful authentic Mexican dining everywhere in San Antonio that comes in Texas-sized portions! You will never be able to eat at a chain taco joint the same again! - By Santana from Athens

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