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Vacation Ideas in Texas #1: White Rock Lake Park makes a great stopping place on your next vacation trip to Texas. The Park is over a thousand acres and centrally located in Dallas. Activities around the lake include hiking, and biking with over nine miles of trails. There are fishing piers where you can catch bass, sunfish and catfish and the Audubon Society has selected the lake as a bird watching location. Yes, there are several species of birds to spy on.

There is a bath house and a small cultural center with paintings and sculptures. It is quite interesting that the lake area is managed by a volunteer group of local citizens.

#2: Galveston, Texas - Our family recently went on a vacation to Galveston, Texas where we spent four very relaxing days. We didn't actually stay in Galveston, although that was our Texas vacation destination.

We stayed at a wonderful resort called the South Shore Harbor Resort, in League City, for the first two nights and then went on to Galveston to finish the vacation part of our trip.

The South Shore Harbor Resort is in League City which is only about 20 minutes from Galveston. It was a fantastic place to stay.

It is located right on a harbor, so when you look out of the windows you see the marina with all of the sailboats docked.

The outside of the facility is landscaped to perfection, with beautiful palms, banana trees and huge asparagus ferns everywhere you look.

The outdoor pool is huge and has a swim-up bar, with plenty of deck chairs and umbrellas positioned around the pool. While we were there, every day, a duck and a duckling came over to the pool from the marina across the parking lot and swam in the pool for a few hours.

The amenities at the resort are what you would expect – gym, high-speed wireless internet access, very nice restaurants. I’d highly recommend it as a place to stay.

League City itself is a really great place, too. It has very clean and well laid out streets with tons of shops and top notch restaurants in the area.

Other small cities, like Kemah and San Leon, are within 10 or 15 minutes’ drive on the un-crowded streets. Kemah is well known for its shopping boardwalk and the Topwater Grill is located in San Leon.

At the Topwater Grill, I had a chili-ed redfish that was out of this world. While we waited for dinner to come to the table, we looked out the large windows onto the harbor and watched lines of pelicans diving into the ocean. There was also a man cleaning fish, swarmed by seagulls every time he threw some fish pieces into the water.

As we left the restaurant, I noticed that there was a large ice chest in the front, from which that same man was removing large redfish and taking them outside to clean – so I may very well have watched the man clean the fish that I ate shortly afterwards.

On the final day of our trip we went to Galveston and did some obligatory shopping downtown. It is a beautiful place, full of historical buildings.

Most of the large oak trees in the downtown area were killed by the influx of salt water during Hurricane Ike in 2008, so the City is now in the process of planting large palms along the streets. We went to the ocean for a dip, and then went over to Moody Gardens to spend a day.

Moody Gardens is a great place to take your family. They have a huge waterpark that your kids will love, and several large displays inside huge glass pyramids. One is a tropical rainforest setting, and the plants and birds inside will simply amaze you. They are exceptionally beautiful and colorful.

Another pyramid holds their huge aquarium, which is another must-see attraction. And on top of that, they also feature an IMAX and something they call “4-D,” which is a 3-D movie that has moving, vibrating chairs, puffs of air and spritzes of water which go along with the movie you are watching. It’s all very cool, and kids love it. - By David from Arkansas

Vacation Ideas in Texas #3:The USS Lexington Museum in Corpus Christi, Texas would make an excellent tour for your Texas vacation. The Lexington is an aircraft carrier which served with distinction in WWII in the Pacific Theater of Operations starting in 1943. With the end of WWII she and many other war ships were decommissioned.

In the early 1950’s she was commissioned again and served her country well as both an anti-submarine carrier and a training ship in the Atlantic and also in the Mediterranean waters. It is interesting to note that here was another US aircraft carrier with the same name which was lost in the Battle of Coral Sea in 1942.

Vacation Ideas in Texas #4: The Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas is located in the Dallas County Administration Building. The museum centers on the life of President John F. Kennedy and is located right where Lee Harvey Oswald shot Pres. Kennedy.

The building was formerly known at the Texas School Book Depository. A permanent exhibit, called “John F. Kennedy and the Memory of a Nation” covers his life, his death and his legacy as the 35th president of the USA. This exhibit includes hundreds of photographs and artifacts as well as important documentary movie film. This film includes his 1960 presidential campaign.

Vacation Ideas in Texas #5: An excellent vacation activity in Dallas is the Mesquite Championship Rodeo. It's held in the Dallas suburb of Mesquite which is only about 15 minutes east of the downtown area.

The Mesquite Championship Rodeo is a world-class rodeo with top performers in the sport competing against each other. This is a fun event for the whole family with all the traditional exciting rodeo events like bull riding, bareback riding, saddle bronc riding, cowgirl barrel racing and chuckwagon races.

They also have kid’s events like the Mutton Bustin' where kids can enter a drawing to be one of eight contestants who will see how long they can ride an actual sheep. Kids can also participate in the Calf Scramble where several calves are set loose in the arena and the kids all scramble around trying to catch them. Sounds like a lot of fun.

Vacation Ideas in Texas #6: Corpus Christi is probably the most popular beach destination in Texas. With over 113 miles of beach it’s no wonder.

It has a wonderful location on the Gulf of Mexico near the world renowned San Padre National Seashore where you will find another 70 miles of beautiful beaches.

Malaquite Beach is one of the best and it is not as crowded as other Corpus Christi beaches.

Padre Island has a great beach and is also excellent for camping. The vast opportunities for fun in the sun and outdoor play make Corpus Christi one of the best family vacation ideas for Texas all year round.

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