Vacation Ideas in Switzerland

Switzerland Vacation Ideas #1: Mountain views: Shopping:

I recently traveled to Switzerland and it was probably the best vacation of my life. I went on a private tour of Switzerland and we stayed at a hotel that had an amazing view of the Swiss Alps.

On the first day of our trip, we went to the train station there and we took a train up to a mountain called Junfraujoch. This is the highest point in Europe and is about 11,300 feet high.

The view was amazing and everyone loved it. There were many nice restaurants to eat there as well. Then, the next day, we went shopping.

There are a lot of stores in Switzerland and we got some nice Swiss watches in very great prices! The time flew by while shopping because the stores are so big.

Finally, on the last day, we drove around Switzerland and viewed the Alps and the scenery.

The scenery in Switzerland is amazing as well. Overall, Switzerland is probably one of the best vacation spots ever. - John from PA

Switzerland Vacation Ideas #2: Gimmelwald farm village

Spend some time in a traditional Swiss mountain farm village.

A vacation at Gimmelwald is for those who want to really take it slow because there is not much "excitement" but there is plenty of "atmosphere".

Peaceful is a good way to describe time spent here.

The best activity is to take a walking tour of the town through "Times Square", Main Street, the Water Fountain, the old school house and fire station, and Walter's bar.

A great way to enjoy the beautiful Alpine countryside is a hike from Gimmelwald to the villages of Stechelberg and Murren.

Vacation Holiday in Switzerland #3: Grindelwald World Snow Festival

Every year, Grindelwald hosts World Snow Festival. Artists come from all over the world to turn the town center into a beautiful land of ice sculpture. It's a popular event and the world-class ice carvers turn out some stunning pieces. Mingle with the artists and maybe you will even get a chance to carve your own piece.

Switzerland Vacation Ideas #4: Golf

Crans Montana is the home of the Canon European Masters Golf Tournament. This annual September event makes a great golf holiday amid the splendor of the Alpine peaks of the Rhone Valley. This is Switzerland's biggest golfing event attracting players from around the world making a unique opportunity to watch some of the world's top golf pros.

Vacation In Switzerland #5: Music

The International Festival of Music in Lucerne is a 61-year-old festival tradition that has become one of the leading events of classical music in the world. It is also a sponsor of contemporary music and art events directly connected with music. The biggest names in classical music participate in this world class festival that begins in mid-August and runs for four weeks.

Swiss Vacation Ideas #6: Film

The Locarno Film Festival is considered by some to be one of the world's top film festivals. The Piazza Grande has a giant screen, state of the art technical facilities and seating for 7,000. Audience attendance has grown dramatically as the Locarno Festival remains a place which is open to all film fans everywhere.

Switzerland Vacation Ideas #7: Tennis

For tennis fans the Rado Swiss Open in Gstaad is the place to go. The tournament is held in the beginning of July and is a principal fixture on the international ATP tour drawing the best players in the world. It has twice won the player's vote in the past five years as the best tournament of the World Series.

Vacation Ideas in Switzerland #8: Jazz

- Beautiful Lake Geneva, Switzerland is home to the annual Montreux Jazz Festival. Its 16 day long program includes jazz, blues, rock, world-music, rock and pop. Some 200,000 visitors from all over the world attend the Festival each year so see and hear some of the the greatest musical performers in the world.

Swiss Vacation Spots #9: Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva, on the border of France and Switzerland, is an incredibly beautiful resort area that has been called the "Swiss Riviera". Castles, museums, spas, resort towns, and vineyards all draw in the crowds. The most interesting town is Lauusanne, home of the Museum of Art Brut and Switzerland's most important cathedral.

Swiss Vacation Ideas #10: Alpine Counntryside

- For a great place to walk the countryside try the village of Lenk in the Simmen valley of the Alps. The area is full of easy hiking trails that are well marked and well maintained. There are two major lifts that bring hikers up to the higher level trails. Lenk is well off the beaten path and presents a good slice of Swiss life.

Switzerland Vacation Ideas #11: Family

Adelboden has been awarded the Families Welcome Quality Seal and so is a very popular holiday destination for families. Igloos, a snowman village, a slide, and a carousel lift are some of the attractions at the popular Winter Games Park. Children over three can learn to ski and junior ski lifts are available. Sledding, Skibock and snow-tubing are some of the other activities.

An excellent Switzerland family vacation spot is the Swiss Open-Air Museum in Ballenburg, near Brienz. But this is not a big stuffy building. This museum is a mini-Switzerland spread out over more than 2,000 acres of beautiful Swiss countryside. Walk among the buildings, many hundreds of years old.

The gardens and fields all provide a pleasant cultural and historical experience. Over 250 farm animals live here and many are OK for the kids to touch and pet. Craft demonstrations showcase activities such as bread baking, spinning, weaving, bobbin lace making and wood carving.

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