Vacation Ideas in Ontario Canada

Vacation Ideas in Ontario Canada #1: Algonquin Provincial Park in Whitney is a great vacation spot with several attractions to keep you both busy and relaxed at the same time. Starting at the park’s Visitors Center you’ll find a concise history of the park and a summary of present day activities. A short video show adds to your summary, followed by a panoramic view of the Park’s scenery.

The Logging Museum has some great exhibits to help the visitor understand the industries of the area. Part of the museum is a reconstructed logger’s camp complete with logging machinery and artifacts.

The Art Center has both an indoor and an outdoor gallery. Indoors are the excellent paintings of local artists whereas outdoors you’ll find stone carvings.

With over 1,000 miles of canoe routes and over 50 miles of hiking trails, the favorite park activities are fishing, bird watching and canoeing.

Vacation Getaways in Ontario Canada #2: If someone suggests that you join them to vacation in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada, be prepared some great outdoor activities.

Thunder Bay is nestled along the northern shore of Lake Superior, one of the five great lakes. There are several natural wonders to be seen in and around Thunder Bay. These include the Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, Kakabeka Falls and Eagle Canyon.

The area is chock full of adventurous activities such as skiing kayaking, snowmobiling, canoeing, wind surfing and sailing. This is the land of clean air, thousands of lakes and thousands of trails so bring all of your ambitions and your energy.

Also, there are several indoor activities such as bowling, visiting art galleries, visiting the Chippewa Park & Wildlife Exhibit and some first class theater performances

Vacation Ideas in Ontario Canada #3: This summer, I visited Cochrane, Ontario, Canada. Cochrane is home to the Polar Bear Habitat, where polar bears who have been harmed or can't live in the wild go to live out their years.

After an 11-hour drive from the United States, we checked into the Best Western Hotel - Swan Castle Inn - and enjoyed a restful night. The next morning, we wandered around town. Cochrane is small, but they have lots of good places to eat, including carryout pizza from Weigh 2 Save, which is an excellent bulk foods store near the railroad, and The Station Inn, which is a local restaurant.

We walked over to the habitat and wandered around until it was feeding time. The keepers threw in watermelon, carrots and lettuce for the polar bear to eat, which it did within inches of the thick glass separating visitors from the bear.

We ended up going in the little swimming pool for a couple dollars extra, so we got even closer to the bear. After our time at the habitat, we took pictures with Cochrane's giant polar bear statute, Chimo, and then headed home. – Tasha from Virginia

Getaways in Ontario Canada #4: This idea for Ontario vacation contributed by Daria, Buffalo New York - Every year during my childhood, my family and I took houseboating vacations on the Canadian Rideau Lakes.

We drove north from Buffalo, New York, over the Canadian border, and traveled further into eastern Ontario to reach the Rideau region. We rented a houseboat for ten days each year, almost always from Rideau Lakes Houseboats.

No prior boating experience was required; the staff train clients on houseboat operation, and within a few hours even novice boaters are ready to venture out into the lakes. Perhaps the best aspect of a houseboat is its width, which creates a stable surface on the water and makes the boat less prone to violent rocking on the water.

The houseboats always seemed huge and luxurious to me; there was a spacious living room and kitchen area, and a master bedroom and bathroom on the first floor of the boat. I slept comfortably in a second-story loft accessible by a ladder on the interior of the boat.

The cockpit was located in the front interior of the bottom floor; there was a second, external cockpit that was accessible by climbing an exterior ladder up to the top deck. This top deck was also where we'd climb up to use the attached waterslide, which was easily my favorite part of each vacation!

These steep, plastic slides were lubricated with a bucket of water before each person went down; they were installed at an extremely steep angle and easily shot both children and adults about 20 feet away from the boat! It was such fantastic fun. During each houseboating trip, we spent many enjoyable hours plotting our course and soaking up the beautiful scenery as we traveled around the lake system.

We fished frequently off of the side of the boat, but always released what we caught; we also enjoyed getting to know the other houseboating families that were on the water at the same time as we were. There were also many lazy hours simply spent together, chatting or reading and letting the hours pass. I would highly recommend houseboating to everyone with a love of water travel!

Vacation Ideas in Ontario Canada #5: The Royal Ontario Museum & Art Gallery in Toronto is wonderful place to visit. However, it is so rich in artifacts and displays that you will need several days to see it all.

The museum has forty galleries holding more than six million objects. The four major galleries are the World Culture Gallery, the Natural History Gallery, the Hands-on Gallery and the Exhibition Gallery where the temporary exhibits are shown.

Some of the museum’s outstanding collections are in the fields of African and Near Eastern art, European history, dinosaurs, Canadian History and fossils.

This fossil collection is particularly important as it is world class with over 150,000 objects. You might just visit the Royal Ontario Museum & Art Gallery to admire the super modern architecture of several of the most recent buildings.

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