New York holds loads of vacation ideas from New York City to North Towanda

My favorite vacation idea would be a whirlwind trip we took to New York City. My children and I flew into New York City. We weren't sure exactly where we wanted to go, so we had made no reservations. Our first night in the Big Apple, we went to Jersey looking for a hotel as all the hotels in the city were full. Imagine our surprise when we went to one hotel and the man said that we could have the room after 6:00 p.m.

I was a little uneasy so I asked to see a room. I noticed a line of men outside one door which was strange. Then I saw the room with the mirrors on the ceiling and I know what the line was for! I thanked the man and moved on. New York City is so fun.

It was awesome to stand on Ellis Island and ponder which of your ancestors may have been processed through there. It was thrilling to see the "Lady" that represents our freedom. NYC has an energy all its own.

By Gregory from Ontario - My visit to Niagara Falls in New York was fascinating. I have heard a lot about the Niagara Falls which falls from great heights located between Canada and New York.

The falls that forms after the glaciers melt recede and newly formed lake water I visited the falls with my brother's family and his six month old boy.

That was the first visit we went in America after my brother's wife delivered the baby. An unforgettable visit which filled everyone one's heart with fear looking from at a falls flowing from such great heights but amazingly beautiful and chill breeze with the droplets of spraying water was mind blowing experience.

The Niagara Falls is known for beauty and its powerful source of hydroelectricity. Niagara Falls attracts many visitors by its beauty and its amazing height it flows from.

An exemplary testimonial to God miraculous creations on earth which makes human astonish believes yes there is a supreme power above us. - By Sue from Kansas

A few years ago I traveled to New York City for a brief vacation to visit with friends who reside in the New York area. I flew from my hometown of Denver to New York's La Guardia airport and took a taxi directly to my hotel.I had booked 3 nights at the Millennium Hilton in New York City. The Millenium Hilton is a fantastic hotel, listed as a 4 diamond accommodation on its website.

New York City at Night

The hotel is situated directly across from the World Trade Center's remains. While some people might find this a somber setting for a vacation, I did not. I marveled in the grand stature of the hotel, juxtaposed to the sadness of the soon-to-be memorial WTC location. A good friend of mine met me outside of the hotel later that evening. We had a fantastic dinner at a Chinese restaurant located in the famed Chinatown district of New York.

After dinner we did some sightseeing, shopping, and grabbed a cup of coffee to take with us on our stroll home. The next morning I awoke to a wonderful pot of fresh coffee that I had requested from room service the evening before. Then it was on to some shopping in the heart of New York City. I spent the day strolling the ritzy high-priced boutiques such as Gucci and Chanel, then made a few small purchases at one of my favorite New York City stores, Henri Bendel. Henri Bendel carries an outstanding line of candles and personal fragrances that I love to bring home to Denver.

I met up with a girlfriend and took the subway to her home in Brooklyn for dinner. Later that evening I arrived back at the Millennium Hilton for one last stay in the fabulous hotel. I awoke to the same fresh coffee. I had again ordered the previous evening and took a taxi back to La Guardia to catch my return flight home to Denver. I love New York City and can't wait to go back! - By Stacy from Vermont

In one December I went to New York city. Not only do they have the Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center where I ice skated, but Central Park too. I would say New York City is also a great place to shop. Though it is an expensive city it was also a fun city. In the spring, you can have a picnic in Central Park and go to see the Statue of Liberty. Did I mention that it has great Broadway shows all year round. So I would really recommend going to New York City. - By Kelly from Massapequa, NY
A few years ago, my husband got the idea for us to vacation in New York City. We stayed at a hotel overlooking Central Park West. Before you think it, yes, we did spend a lot of money! But you know what? The view was worth it. We would sit in our room for hours just looking at the park and the sunset. When we weren't sitting in our room, we also went to Chinatown and shopped till we dropped.

And of course, we had to get some New York pretzels along the way to the subway. We had an awesome time! My only regret was that I didn't wear really comfortable shoes, so when we got back to the hotel, my feet were killing me.

Since it was June, the weather was beautiful. We even ventured out to South Street Seaport and went to the museum and some shops there. Yeah it was crowded, as New York always is, but as the saying goes, "I Love NY." I can't wait to go back. - By Rose from Florida

The annual Canal Fest is held by the twin cities of North Tonawanda and Tonawanda. This huge eight-day long festival commemorates the historical Erie Canal with live music, parades, boat races, and beauty pageants. Take open-house tours of the historic homes. Ride a canal boat. Other entertainment includes mime shows, art displays, games, and a fireworks display to wrap it all up. The Taste of Buffalo is a food festival that offers up tasty fare from over 50 local restaurants.

I was a little uneasy so I asked to see a room. I noticed a line of men outside one door which was strange. Then I saw the room with the mirrors on the ceiling and I know what the line was for! I thanked the man and moved on. New York City is so fun. It was awesome to stand on Ellis Island and ponder which of your ancestors may have been processed through there. It was thrilling to see the "Lady" that represents our freedom. NYC has an energy all its own.

I took my first plane ride, my first taxi ride, and my first limousine ride on a vacation in New York City. I flew to the city from my hometown of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I had never flown before and I was terrified, but the flight went smoothly. I stayed at the centrally located W New York Hotel on Lexington Avenue. Taxis were convenient, though expensive, when the distances were great. Walking around the city was a terrific way to see the sights.

Another relatively inexpensive way I found to experience a lot in a short time was on a double-decker bus. I saw the Metropolitan Museum, the Apollo Theater, and even the diner upon which the "Seinfeld" diner was based from the top level of the tour bus.

Other iconic New York sights I took in included The Plaza Hotel, Tavern on the Green, St. John the Divine Cathedral, Central Park, Grand Central Station, Sardi’s, and the Rockefeller Center Skating Rink.

I had a scrumptious breakfast at the Art-Deco Waldorf-Astoria, I shopped at the amazing Bloomingdale’s, and I had drinks at the historic Algonquin Hotel. I made the trip to Little Italy in a limousine and had a delicious dinner there.

I saw a wonderful Broadway show. The most memorable of all my New York experiences, though, was riding to the top of Rockefeller Center and having cocktails in The Rainbow Room on a foggy evening. Suddenly, the fog cleared, and a glowing Empire State Building appeared before me directly out the window. That’s a sight I’ll remember forever! - By Krista from Mass

The Seabreeze Amusement Park, just outside of Rochester, New York is the country's fourth oldest amusement park with over 70 great rides and attractions. It has wild roller coasters and water rides as well as family classic rides and kiddy rides. There are live shows, a carousel museum, the Midway of Fun, and the Seabreeze Arcade.
The Milton J. Rubenstein Museum of Science & Technology, in Syracuse, New York is full of hands-on exhibits and activities. The museum offers New York's only Imax dome theater. Silverman's Planetarium will have you gazing into the heavens. Have fun while you learn about geology, our environment, the human body, and the wonders of science.
For a totally new and unique way to see New York City try a walking tour from SoundWalk. Armed with a portable CD player, headset and map you will go on a true urban adventure. Soundwalk’s 3D surround sound CD audio recordings guide you as you traverse places like Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, the Lower Eastside, Chinatown, Times Square or the Bronx. Get a taste of the Big Apple that few other tourists ever experience.
Zoos are always fun vacation ideas and the The Bronx Zoo is one of the best, in my opinion. They have over 4,000 animals and the zoo covers 265 acres. It's actually more a wildlife park than a zoo. Every effort is taken to re-create the animals' natural habitat. The Gorilla Forest, Tiger Mountain and the Butterfly Zone are three of the most popular exhibits. Indoors everyone will enjoy the Monkey House and Jungle World. The Children's Zoo is great for the younger ones. There are lots of interactive features that will really spark their interest.
If you would like to combine your passion for running with a New York vacation, then City Running Tours may be just what you are looking for. This is a guided running tour service for New York City. They will provide you with knowledgeable guides that will run with you anytime, day or night.

The guides are licensed fitness professionals who can help you experience the Big Apple in a totally unique way. They have running tours that will take you through Central Park, Greenwhich Village, along the Hudson River, Broadway and other exciting city highlights.

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