Vacation Ideas in California

Vacation Ideas in California #1: I love San Diego. The weather is always pretty awesome and there are several different beaches to go to, depending on what you are looking for.

If you want to be around a lot of people (especially young people), you can go to Mission Beach and Belmont Park which is an amusement park in Mission Beach with fun rides and a roller coaster. - By Anais from Arizona

Vacation Ideas in California #2: My most favorite place to vacation was the old San Juan Bautista Mission in California. The reason why it has always been my favorite is because it is like stepping back in time to 100 years or more ago.

The mission has kept the old feeling of that time period by people dressing in period clothing, the buildings have not been touched and when you tour inside the buildings they even have original artwork, furniture and utensils from the older period.

My most favorite building to tour in that Mission was the Cathedral where people used to hold their Church service or Mass there. That building is just breathtaking.

What made it really spectacular was the old graveyard that sits around the back of the Cathedral and it was interesting to look at all the older gravestones.

Another favorite building of mine was the old stable because it held old stage coaches and even had life size horses, that were not real, but looked exactly like real ones.

One more place that I really enjoyed visiting was the Green, which was where painters would paint the Mission and you could watch them do it. I really have enjoyed visiting there and would recommend others to visit as well, if you are interested in the history of California. - By Rebecca from Indiana

Vacation Ideas in California #3: When I take a vacation, I would like to be outdoors without actually leaving a city. Thankfully, I live about 3 hours away from San Diego, California. With average summer temperatures in the high 70s, the city has an excellent climate, with many attractions taking full advantage.

For the nature lover, a day walking around the various tanks and aquariums at Sea World would only be rivaled by the amazing experience offered by the world famous, San Diego Zoo. If sports are your thing (like me) one of downtown’s newest buildings is Petco Park, home of the San Diego Padres. The view behind center field is gorgeous, with high-rise buildings behind the “park at the park,” a grassy hill and little league area.

And who could think of a summer trip to San Diego without a trip to a beach? There’s surfing at Tourmaline Surfing Park, a lively boardwalk at Mission Beach, and Dog Beach is the place for those bringing the whole family. All the outdoor feeling I could ever want is in San Diego, and I never have to be more than fifteen minutes from an In-N-Out Burger. For vacation ideas in California I suggest San Diego. - By Kavan from California

Vacation Ideas in California #4: A few years ago, my husband and I traveled to Fort Bragg in Northern California to attend the wedding of one of our sons. The next day, in an exploring mood we started driving south. Our only plan was to drive South on Rt.1, along the Pacific Ocean and end up in Los Angeles.

We quickly realized that North to South was the best way to go because you can pull into the various overlooks so easily without crossing traffic. I’ll confess this discovery was a bit of luck on our part. After this we began to stop frequently at the overlooks to take in the breathtaking scenes of the ocean, the beaches and the magnificent natural rock formations.

As you would expect, we drove to the beach whenever it was convenient. Once we saw sheep on the hill-side so we detoured up the hill-side and enjoyed another facet of this lovely countryside. Considering how fruitful this area is, in interesting touristy locations, we found it easy to get caught up in side trips such as the Golden Gate Park, Redwood and Sequoia Forests, the Monterey Aquarium and the famous Hearst mansion.

We made L.A. in eight days and had such a wonderful trip that we wished it had been a month. We recommend this trip to all adventure-some vacationers. - By Fran from CA

Vacation Ideas in California #5: The year that I graduated high school, my mother decided to take me on a trip to San Diego, California as a graduation present. She got us a quaint little spot at a relaxing resort called Paradise Point. It was located centrally between downtown San Diego and both The Zoo and Sea World. At the retreat we were staying at, there was plenty to do such as visit numerous restaurants, bars, massage parlors, and even outside aquariums.

Our room overlooked the marina with a beautiful skyline. There were several different mini golf courses, not to mention, the outside pools. One of the pools specifically caught my was a replica of a real working beach! The waters were crystal clear with actual functioning waves and the sand was like white diamonds. This was one of the most relaxing vacations I've ever been on and perfect kind of place to lose myself for a while. - By Ronnie, California

Vacation Ideas in California #6: In sunny California, Dana Point Harbor is an active and scenic spot that attracts vacationers year-round. It’s located on the Pacific Ocean half way between Los Angeles and San Diego. With over 1400 berths for boats between 20 to 85 feet long, and 5 minutes from the open ocean, the harbor is a magnet for the true sailor. Needless to say sailing and the fishing are in a class by themselves.

Some people consider the waters off of Dana Point to be the whale watching capital of the world. As a visitor you can get your share by catching a ride on one of the whale watching tours or take the ferry over to the well-known tourist attraction, Catalina Island.

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