Vacation Ideas in Arizona

Vacation Ideas in Arizona #1: Travel back in time to the 1800's in Tombstone, proclaimed as "The Town Too Tough To Die". Walk the streets where the cowboys, outlaws, and lawmen of the old Wild West made history and see the daily "Gunfight Show". Visit the spot where the Earps and Doc Holliday took on Billy Clanton and Tom and Frank McLaury in the famous gunfight at OK Corral.

Vacation Ideas in Arizona #2: Everyone knows about the Grand Canyon but how about traveling there on board a vintage train.

"The Gateway To The Grand Canyon", as the town of William is known, is the place to board a restored 1920's Harriman coach cars for the 50 mile trip into the Grand Canyon.

Also available are club, dome, or parlor cars and in the summer, vintage steam locomotives. It's a pleasant, comfortable, and unique way to enjoy this national treasure.

Vacation Ideas in Arizona #3: Take a guided tour of the 1900 mine at the Gold Roads, Arizona Mining Camp off the famous Route 66. It's a real underground gold mine.

You will go down in the shaft and see a demonstration of how the miners used their jack-leg-drills. In the "Glory Hole", black lights reveal actual gold veins. Extended tours are available along with special overnight stays.

Vacation Ideas in Arizona #4: Sedona, Arizona is red rock country and Enchantment Resort is the way to enjoy it in style. At 4,500 feet, this spa resort avoids much of the summer heat. You can strike out into the surrounding Boynton Canyon for a morning hike or an open-jeep tour. Afterwards relax in the luxury spa and a poolside barbeque.

Vacation Ideas in Arizona #5: The Grand Canyon, in Arizona, has an incredible new addition called The Grand Canyon Skywalk. Located at Eagle Point, this engineering marvel is a glass observation deck that will extend 70 feet out over the edge of the canyon.

Yes, that's right, over the canyon! You better not have a fear of heights because you will be seemingly standing on air as you look down through the glass deck some 4,00 feet to the canyon floor. It's the highest man-made attraction in the world. This is truly a unique way to enjoy the Grand Canyon.

The Grand Canyon Skywalk

Vacation Ideas in Arizona #6: If you are looking for a truly peaceful and quiet vacation idea, try the Forest Houses Resort in Sedona, Arizona. Reserve one of their twenty unique houses that sit in a beautiful wooded section of Oak Creek Canyon.

Close by, Rainbow and Brown trout populate the clear waters of a rushing mountain stream. Trail walks and scenic hikes are perfect for relaxing among the abundant birds, wild flowers and Firs and pine trees. The Forest Houses Resort does not tolerate loud, noisy guests or large groups. They are focused on making their resort the most relaxing Arizona vacation spot you could hope for.

Vacation Ideas in Arizona #7: A great Arizona vacation spot for all you RV'ers and/or rockhounds is Quartzsite, Arizona. Over a million people each year come to this small western town for RV camping and to look for rocks at one of the world's largest open air flea markets. When I say look for rocks, I mean the gems, minerals and fossils that are displayed by the 2,000 or so vendors.

January and Febuary is the time this place is hopping with rockhounds. In every direction around Quartzsite are short-term and long-term RV camping sites. They come for the weather during winter and to meet & greet other RV'ers and to satisfy their rockhound urges.

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