Vacation Ideas for Families

Vacation Ideas for Families #1:

By Allison from Omaha - Rocky Mountain National Park is an excellent, healthy, and family friendly vacation spot your family will fall in love with. From the most advanced hikers and climbers to those looking for a low-impact walk with great scenery, this park is sure to please all members of your family.

What's better is that you can visit year-round--snow can't stop you here! Just throw the skis and snowshoes into the car and have a great time. There's plenty of wildlife to enjoy, too.

If large game is your thing, the park is constantly full of large herds of elk. And the bird watching is spectacular! After your hike or wildlife viewing expedition, get a good night's sleep and fantastic meal in nearby Estes Park.

Before you leave, be sure to check out the great shopping opportunities and buy a souvenir to always your remember the great time you and your family had in the Rockies!

Vacation Ideas for Families #2:

By Sue from NJ - Going to the Wild wood boardwalk in New Jersey is a lot of fun for the whole family. There are tons of rides and attractions there to ride. All of which are safe. The Boardwalk spans about 2 miles in length.

There is a continuous line of stores where you can buy many fun things such as toys or even clothing. There are also a lot of entertainers on the board walk doing what they do best. I could spend hours just watching them perform.

I think another great part of Wild wood is its beach. It has a beautiful beach that is free to access. There are always people there and there are plenty of fireguards to make sure everyone stays safe. There are also tons of hotels to spend the nights in. These hotels are all also relatively cheap which is great since they are so close to the boardwalk.

Vacation Ideas for Families #3:

By Jeff from Maine - My favorite place to vacation is Lake Powell in Page, Arizona. Lake Powell is a man-made lake created by the Glen Canyon Dam. It filled up several canyons, making it one of the most unique places you will ever experience. I am told that the lake has more coastline than the continental United States! Page offers good restaurants (my favorite is the Rainbow Room), Lake Powell National Golf Course, and every water activity you can think of at Wahweap Marina.

Our favorite family activity is to rent a houseboat and spend three or four days out on the water. The lake is so big that you can go days without seeing anyone else. We swim, scuba dive, and cliff dive. The highest cliff I have jumped off was about 40 feet. Sleeping under the stars on a houseboat is amazing. I have never seen a more beautiful sky. Because it is in the desert, we have never been in summer or winter. We have the best luck with boat availability in April and May.

Vacation Ideas for Families #4:

By Julie from PA - Our favorite vacation spot is Disney World in Florida. We love it because there is so much to do for everyone in the family, from little kids to teens to grandparents. There are the four worlds: Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios filled with rides, characters and shows. There are also two water parks: Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon which feature water slides, beaches, wave pools and lazy rivers if you just want to relax.

In addition to all that, throughout the Disney property, there are also all kinds of recreational activities you can do. They offer water skiing, boat rentals, fishing, golf, bicycle riding and more. As for the food, they offer a variety of dining plans.

The plans are good at nearly all Disney restaurants so you eat as much or as little as you want. Right at the Disney hotels themselves, they have events for kids, movie rentals, arcades and board games you can use. Disney World is the ideal place for a well-rounded vacation and a chance to spend some quality family time together too.

Vacation Ideas for Families #5:

By Paul from New York - Last year I went with my family on vacation to Paris, France. That place won my heart and it was unlike any other place I had visited. I had previously visited cities such as London, Zurich and other European cities but Paris is unique in its own way. It has numerous tourist attractions.

The Eiffel Tower was my favorite stop despite the fact that I am afraid of heights. It did however take me an hour to wait in a long line until I could finally climb to the top. I went to the museum there and realized what great cultural heritage the French have. Disney Land Paris is a unique place to go and I felt like I was re living my childhood again. All in all, the trip to Paris was definitely a unique place to go. It is a place of romance and relaxation.

Vacation Ideas for Families #6:

Old Orchard Beach, Maine
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By Paul from Massachusetts - I wanted to tell you about one of my favorite vacation ideas for families from my childhood. My family and I used to head up to Old Orchard Beach in Maine every summer for a good seven or eight year straight. I mostly remember two particular places besides the actual beach that we would go to.

The first was a miniature golf place called Pirates Cove. It’s a great place for kids with it being completely pirate-themed. It also has waterfalls and other running water structures throughout. The feel of it along with the pirate gear around makes you feel like you are actually at a Pirate Establishment.

The other place I loved is called Fun Town USA. It’s a small amusement park about the size of a standard town fair. It has the typical rides, games, and food that would be found at either place. It’s right next to the beach so you have the sounds and smells of the ocean and of course the park and that’s a great feeling.

My best time at the park was when I played a “guess your speed” pitching game. You had to throw 2 pitches and then guess the speed of your 3rd pitch. My little brother really wanted a Toronto Blue Jays batting helmet that was one of the prizes. I was in little league at the time so I decided I could win. I played once and won. My little bro got the hat. We both left happy, him with his prize, and me because I felt pretty good about my 45mph fastball!

The beach itself was fun as well. There is a board walk there with tons of stores, games, and a couple video game arcades. We happen to be there for the July 4th weekend so we were able to sit on the beach one night and watch them set off a bunch of fireworks. I also had my first lobster roll at Old Orchard Beach.

I don’t have one bad memory of the place and I can’t wait to be able to one day take my kids there and watch them enjoy it. I’m also curious about that pitching machine. If it’s still there I might try to another win. This time I will definitely be aiming to get a Red Sox cap!

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