Vacation Ideas For Couples

Vacation Ideas For Couples #1:

By Lana from Virginia Beach - There is no where I would rather vacation with my husband than Virginia Beach. Starting from a young age I have enjoyed many trips to Virginia Beach with family, friends, and now, my spouse.

Whether you are there for some family entertainment and would like to explore the carnival on the boardwalk, want to do some serious shopping with your friends, or escape on a romantic beach weekend in the quiet of the north beach area, Virginia Beach has something for everyone.

A trip to Virginia Beach isn't complete without my annual ride on the high-speed rocket boats that wave-hop along the coast line, or a gentle cruise to see the dolphins swim offshore.

For the daring, I'd recommend extending high above the ocean on a para-sailing adventure, and if romance is in the air, a horseback ride into the sunset can be found right on the beach.

One of the largest pleasure beaches in the world, Virginia Beach extends for miles with quaint shops, exciting night clubs, and a pancake house that makes your mom's pancakes look like they came from a box in the freezer.

At night, the boardwalk is lit up with street performers hired by the city for your entertainment. Virginia Beach is exploding with the vacation atmosphere, and I seem to find something new every time I return!

Vacation Ideas For Couples #2:

By Christian from Albany - A really wonderful place where you can spend your vacation, with your family, friends or your significant other is Athens, Greece. It is a smart choice for a summer vacation, with lots of interesting places to visit and lots of fun. I have spent my summer holidays there for the past 4 years and I never get tired of it. It’s like there’s always something to do. From swimming in the crystal-clear waters and tanning on the beautiful beaches to visiting famous archeological sites and museums.

In my opinion a must go-to location is the Acropolis of Athens. There, you can visit the Parthenon, the temple of the goddess Athena, the Theater of Dionysus, which is the oldest theater in the world and sometimes they even have concerts and plays there. It would be a good idea to get there through the Monastiraki flea market because you just might want a souvenir.

As for the beaches, I recommend the beach in Halkidiki, you can get there by train from Athens, because of the smooth transition to deeper waters. It’s ideal if you have kids because if you go really far into the sea, the sea level will only be a few inches above your knees. You have to really go farther into the distance to not touch the seabed. These are but a few things you can do in Greece. If you can afford it, and want something exotic, Greece would be the way to go.

Vacation Ideas For Couples #3:

St. Jean Bay, Caribbean
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By Dawn from Delaware - For our honeymoon, my now-husband and I were looking for somewhere amazing to go that neither one of us had ever travelled to before. We threw around a number of ideas, but rejected many due to trips that would cost more than the wedding itself and long flights. After a lot of searching, we settled on St. Barth’s in the Caribbean. The only downside to this choice was that you couldn’t take a direct flight to the island.

For us, we flew into St. Maarten and then took a puddle jumper over to St. Barth’s. Honestly, I was terrified of the prospect of being on a plane that small (we have photos of me gripping the seat in front of me on the plane as evidence), but it was fast and uneventful. There are a number of options for places to stay in St. Barth’s, but as honeymoon travelers, we wanted something private and secluded. We rented a villa near the main town of Gustavia. The place included a huge soaker tub, a kitchen (in case we wanted to eat in), a deck and an infinity-edge pool that boasted an amazing view of the beach and water below us.

We did rent a car for our visit and I would say that is a must. We didn’t stay somewhere within walking distance of all the sights, but even if we had, a car is still nice to have so you can get a real feel for the whole island. We also knew that we would want to have dinner out most nights, so having a car opened up our options. We spent a lot of time enjoying Nikki Beach and the beautiful St. Jean Bay. This areas make great vacation ideas for couples.

Vacation Ideas For Couples #4:

By Michelle from North Carolina – My husband and I love to vacation at Kure Beach, North Carolina. Escaping the hustle and bustle of the regular work week in the city and relishing the quiet relaxation and the calming, tranquil atmosphere of the beach are what I enjoy the most.

Vacationing at the beach includes activities such as walking the beach at sunrise, surfing the waves, and sitting under an umbrella reading a good novel. I occasionally enjoy watching people as they pass by and I am amused at seeing the expressions on the faces of small children being overjoyed at seeing the ocean for the first time! The joy of sipping a cool drink after sitting in the warm sunshine refreshes both body and soul.

I am ecstatic over the night life when I get to go to a lovely romantic restaurant with my husband and finish the day with a walk on the beach in the cool of the night with moonlight artistically outlining the horizon.

Vacation Ideas For Couples #5:

By Nick from Troy, NC – My wife and I have a wonderful getaway spot we love. Just off the coast of North Carolina lies one of the best vacation destinations of all time. I'm talking about Oak Island, NC. Oak Island is a small, ocean side community, full of friendly people, beautiful beaches, and wonderful historic landmarks.

The beaches at Oak Island are never crowded. The area feels more like a home away from home than a tourist destination. There are many ways to have fun and relax on Oak Island, such as playing miniature golf at Oak Island Jungle Golf, swimming at any of the many public beaches, fishing either on the beach or from the Oak Island Fishing Pier, and sightseeing, either on the island itself or in neighboring historic Southport, located only six miles away.

From Southport, you can take the ferry to several different locations, including Fort Fisher, a civil war era fort complete with cannons and shipwrecks, the North Carolina aquarium, and the nearby city of Wilmington.

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