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Vacation Ideas Costa Rica #1: - My favorite place to vacation is Costa Rica. The locals welcome you with open arms. The sun blares down on you giving you some vitamin D, along with a nice tan.

The main reason I chose this location as my favorite vacation spot is because of the deep-sea fishing. On our day trip we caught a couple of blue marlins, several sail fish, mahi mahi, etc. Dolphins swam alongside our boat half of the trip.

The ocean was clear and unharmed. The beaches, while dark black, were natural and secluded. The waves were tremendous, as it is the best surfing spot in the world. The condo we stayed at provided the best service along with great room service.

As I don’t like to exercise on vacation, there was nothing like hiking in the rain forest. We had a blast and if we could choose a vacation spot to visit again Costa Rica is at the top of our list. - By Trey from Alabama

#2: Take a Coffee Plantation tour. Near the Poas Volcano is the world famous Doka estates coffee plantation. Sample the award winning coffee and see how Costa Ricans have grown and picked the coffee beans for over 200 years. It's a great way to taste the local culture as well as the coffee.

#3: How about Bungee Jumping? This growing sport is popular with the locals as well as visitors. The Colorado River Bridge in Costa Rica is one of the highest bungee bridges in the world and the tropical environment makes a unique setting to experience this thrill.
Costa Rica Jungle
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#4: My most memorable vacation idea was when I went to Costa Rica. The climate there is perfect. The whole time that we were there, there was no rain. Costa Rica is exactly how they show it in pictures.

The beaches are perfect. The water is warm. My aunt decided that she wants to get married on a beach on Costa Rica. It was the best wedding I have ever been to. We saw many people surfing there.

We spent out vacation either on the beach, in the hotel, or hiking in the jungle. The jungles were a very fun part of the trip. The place is just so beautiful.

There were little trails we followed. We saw really cool birds and little iguanas. Costa Rica is full of scenery. There are many waterfalls, rivers, and of course the beaches. If I ever get the chance for another world vacation I would probably go to Costa Rica again. - By James from Los Angeles

Vacation Ideas Costa Rica #5: Scuba Diving is spectacular in Costa Rica. Particularly around Catalina Island where the diving is pristine. The bridges, caverns, and coral are home to giant Manta Rays, Stingrays, Barracuda, White-tip and Bull sharks, Moray eels, Sea turtles and occasionally huge migratory schools of various species of rays.
#6 Take a Rural Tour and experience the life of traditional Costa Rican artisans. Make a traditional clay pot or mask. Bake Costa Rican home style bread. Weave a basket. Make your own organic shampoo. The whole family can partake in this. Real Places, Real People can hook you up with this tour.
#7: Costa Rica's National Parks are world-renown for their conservation of rainforest life. This includes the Carara Biological Reserve and Manuel Antonio National Park. These are fantastic locations for walking and hiking and taking in all the natural beauty of the country.

#8: Nicoya Peninsula - A favorite vacation spot in Costa Rica is the Nicoya Peninsula, just a forty minute plane ride from San Jose. Here you can visit the tiny villages and towns of Guanacaste Province and get a close look at Costa Rican rural life and culture.

Hotel Punta Islita is a secluded resort that you can use as a base for your vacation activities. Does the idea of a breathtaking glide through the forest canopy and over a canyon get you excited? Hotel Punta Islita can set you up with a Canopy Zip Lining adventure.

Maybe horseback riding on the black sand beaches and down forest trails is more your style. Hotel Punta Islita arrange this too as well as exhilarating mountain trail ATV trek.

Nicoya Peninsula beaches are a nesting and hatching location for sea turtles. Night time tours, arranged by Hotel Punta Islita, are an eco-friendly way to witness these gentle creatures in their natural habitat.

Vacation Ideas Costa Rica #9: Take a Canopy Tour of the spectacular Costa Rica jungle forests. Using an intricate and sturdy network of suspended bridges, platforms, and pathways you get above the canopy for a breathtaking bird’s eye view. There are quite a few companies that offer canopy tours in Cost Rica so it shouldn't be too difficult to find one that fits into your vacation. This is quite a unique and fun way to observe the tropical vegetation and wildlife.
#10: Cruise - You can take a cruise on a luxury charter yacht to beautiful Costa Rica. CEO Expeditions has two incredible yachts for charter, the Katania and the Kayana. Stop at Panama City, Golfito Bay, Flamingo, Bay of Alvares and Golfo De Nocoya. Or design your own itineary.

This is a fantastic way to enjoy one of the best vacation spots in Costa Rica as well as one of the most exotic and natural vacation destinations in the world. CEO Expeditions can also take you to Alaska, San Juan Islands, The Caribbean and Mexico.

Vacation Ideas Costa Rica #11: One of the top Costa Rica family resorts is Villa Sol Hotel and Beach Resort. This is an all-inclusive beach resort located on the Playa Hermosa Beach on the north-west coast.

They have some great children's programs for all ages with fun supervised swimming, cool games, hand crafts and other entertainment like movies & hot dogs.

The older kids can join you for kayaking, snorkeling or maybe head out on the water with a Wave Runner. Boat tours around the Gulf Of Papagayo are available for some good family fun.

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