Vacation Ideas Around Ohio

Vacation Ideas Around Ohio #1: The Cincinnati Police Museum is a great idea if you’re vacationing in the Cincinnati area. Greeting you at the door with a warm hello is "Hansom", the stuffed police dog. One of the most interesting displays is the murder weapons which includes everything from bombs to cement blocks. The tags on some of these weapons have titles such as "The Bath Tub Murder" or "The Love Car Murder".

The museum has an excellent collection of restraints including leg irons, handcuffs and the ultimate restraint, a truncheon.

When you visit this museum try to get an older guide as they will have more interesting background stories.

Vacation Ideas Around Ohio #2: For unusual Ohio tourist attractions try The Museum of Things Swallowed. This has got to be the most off the wall museum in the world.

Yes, they have collected a number of items that have been swallowed by humans including pins, buttons, dentures and some others you won’t believe.

Actually the full name of the museum is "Noah's Ark, Dillinger's Jail Cell, Things Swallowed" and there are many other quirky items in their collection.

There is a model of George Washington’s Mt. Vernon home and a Conestoga Wagon like those used by the pioneers.

The most interesting exhibit is the replica of the famous scene of John Dillinger behind bars in the Lima jail and Sheriff Saber seated at his Death Desk. You’ll just have to visit the museum to find out why this scene is so famous.

Vacation Ideas Around Ohio #3: Last summer my family and I vacationed in Cleveland Ohio. I was a little skeptical at first because Cleveland isn't known as a popular vacation destination. But I was pleasantly surprised. Cleveland is a charming city. It is a big city with a small town feel.

We stayed at the Cleveland Marriott Downtown at Key Center. It’s in the heart of downtown. It’s in walking distance to the Rock Hall and other Cleveland landmarks. A must see in Cleveland is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. We spent the entire day there.

The exhibits that the museum has on display are interesting. We enjoyed everything from the archive of song clips, to the interviews, all focused on the evolution of rock and roll. It’s something that the whole family enjoyed. The museum itself is beautiful. It’s a glass building and it overlooks beautiful Lake Erie.

If you visit Cleveland, stop by the Cream-N-Sugar Bakery on Noble Road. The sweets there are amazing! The have the most delicious Banana pudding. They don’t call it "The Best Banana Pudding Ever" for no reason, it really is the best!

My family loved Cleveland and we are actually planning another trip there soon. It’s less expensive than some other larger cities. And the charm of Cleveland is an experience that we want to enjoy again. - By Mary from PA

Vacation Ideas Around Ohio #4: Some of the best and most memorable vacations don't need to cost a fortune. For the past year, my husband and I have only been going on vacations that we can reach by car. Now, this may seem to greatly limit the number of available vacation destinations, activities and scenery.

But, this couldn't be further from the truth! Living in Ohio, we can drive a few hours in any direction and be in a different state with a load of experiences waiting! One trip we took earlier this year was to Pennsylvania. We drove to the beautiful Poconos region. The scenery alone is worth the 4 hour drive! The mountains are breathtaking!

There are also an abundance of activities to do. Whether you're the indoors or outdoors type, there's plenty to keep you busy from horseback riding and canoeing to relaxing massages and standup comedy shows.

There are some all-inclusive resorts in this area and they are really something! They can be expensive if you really just want a weekend getaway, but if you're looking to indulge, check them out. There are also a lot of reasonably priced hotels in the two to four star range.

During our stay we went with a mid-range hotel, The Mount Airy Casino Resort. There's a great deal to do here, even if you don't gamble.

There are lots of things to do including a golf course! The atmosphere and food are great. When we stayed, we booked on a discount travel site and saved about 30% off the price compared with booking directly with the hotel.

The staff was very friendly and helpful. The rooms are spacious and quite clean. If you've never been to the Poconos, I highly recommend it, you won't regret it. And, if you've been before, go again! There's so much to do, that you can have a completely different experience. - By Tiffany from Ohio

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