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USA Vacation Ideas #1: Jekyll Island, off the coast of Georgia, is my vacation idea for you. I took my family a few years ago. We stayed at the Holiday Inn and paid a little extra to have an ocean view room but it was worth every penny. My wife and I enjoyed watching the sunrise each morning as we sat on the balcony and drank a cup of coffee while the kids slept. We rented bikes one day and toured the island. Bikes are a great way to explore and see island.

We spent the rest of our time on the beach which was clean and surprisingly uncrowded. One night, we splurged and ate at a local seafood place where a band played music by the Beach Boys. Fun times!

Jekyll Island was a nice 4-day vacation trip . It has become a little more expensive than it used to be but if you have the money, it's a nice vacation destination. - Jon from Georgia

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USA Vacation Ideas #2: Oahu, Hawaii - My friend and I went to Oahu, Hawaii, one of the top USA getaway destinations. We stayed at the Hilton Hawaiian Village on Waikiki Beach. It is a resort property and has so much going on for it we hardly left the resort. We decided to take a break from the typical Midwest winter and went over Christmas and New Year.

Hawaiian Luau Fire Dancer
Hawaiian Luau Fire Dancer

That was fun because they string up holiday lights up in the palm trees. There are five restaurants there on site, from elegant to casual. Bali's steakhouse food was excellent for the evening and the Rainbow Lanai was great for breakfast.

We are very casual vacationers, so we did some of the tours, which come directly to the hotel to pick you up and drop you off. But most of the time we stayed at the resort as there was no reason to leave.

Lovely gardens to stroll; open doorways to the outside; tropical birds that come to steal your food if you look away for a second. Bring plenty of tip money because there is always someone waiting on you hand and foot. But ladies watch out for those sexy waiters. Wow, great fun! - Marybeth from Illinois

USA Vacation Ideas #3: Duluth MN– One of my favorite vacation ideas was visiting Duluth, Minnesota for a week while staying in a cabin about half an hour away. I live in the Twin Cities, so when my girlfriend and I were looking for a great vacation destination without expensive airline and hotel costs, the Duluth area was a no-brainer.

We stayed in a lake cabin and found plenty to do. There are an abundance of areas to hike, fish, a myriad of bike trails, various state parks with great picnicking areas. It was nice to be able to see the stars and the Northern Lights on a clear night without interference from city lights. On days when we went to Duluth there were also various entertainment options.

We enjoyed the downtown nightlife, watched ocean-liners pull into the Duluth Port, visited the Corps of Engineers Museum, swam on Lake Superior via public beach access, and walked along the boardwalk. There was so much to do in the area that we did not even come close to finishing everything we had planned in the week that we stayed up there.

We are planning another trip there this summer and have already found new places to hike and bike that we were not aware of during out last trip. It is such a great area. We will be going back for years to come.- Max from Minnesota

Dinasaurs! I'm surprised they would come so close to the road.


USA Vacation Ideas #4: Fishing in Pensacola, Florida - I strongly suggest fishing as the best vacation ideas ever. On a recent family vacation to Florida, our family went out fishing in Pensacola. We went out and fished near and around the sunken battle ships around the area. Oh, was it fun.

We fished for three days and ended up catching a total of more fish than we could count. One special moment that gave us the intent to come back for more started around noon one calm afternoon.

My grandpa was sitting there with his line in the water, nothing was around and the air was calm. He had this little bite that was just barely tapping his line. We thought it was crab messing with him. He jerked to be more safe than sorry. Buzz! His drag was going crazy on his reel and the object in the water was swimming away super fast. Then all of the sudden, the line broke. What it was no one knows. We all just stood there in shock and intrigue about what it was. This event gave us the drive to continually come back to try to catch the infamous one that got away! - Brian from GA

USA Vacation Ideas #5: West Coast road trip - Probably one of the best vacations I've ever taken was a family trip out to the west coast. Starting at the Grand Canyon National Park, we rented an SUV and drove up to Lake Tahoe, stopping at Yosemite National Park along the way. Visiting the Grand Canyon was an absolutely exhilarating experience for me, despite (or perhaps because of) the fact that I am afraid of heights.

While I gripped the guard rails very tightly, the vastness of nature's powers of creation astonished me. The width of the gorge, the height of its walls, and the ferocity of the Colorado River were like nothing I had witnessed before. To complement this experience in natural creation was a similar vision of a man-made feat of engineering that I encountered on the drive up to Yosemite. Being from suburbs of Philadelphia, my idea of a long train was the 6:30 AM commuter rail into the city.

At some point in our drive through the sweltering desert, the highway we were on ran parallel to a set of train tracks. On these tracks was by far the longest train I have ever seen; we drove next to it for a good 45 minutes, and I had counted at least 150 cars in the steel monster by the time our paths diverged once again.

As if to respond to humanity's challenge, Yosemite delivered another marvel of nature grander by far than the train had been. Massive works of towering granite and plummeting torrents of frigid water were the hallmarks of my experience there.

With a cliff face even more steep than the Grand Canyon's walls, the Half Dome at Yosemite Park punctuated the pristine quality of the landscape there--and the trials that unadulterated nature still holds for us. - Joe from PA

Harrah's Lake Tahoe Resort
Harrah's Lake Tahoe Resort

Finally, Lake Tahoe was the perfect calm conclusion to the most impressive vacation that I have been on. Throughout our visit to the Grand Canyon, the drive to Yosemite, and our time at Yosemite Park, my family had been plagued by the heat and mosquitoes (make sure you have insect repellent!).

However, our stay at Harrah's Lake Tahoe Resort was heaven. And, for the one day we were there, the weather at Lake Tahoe turned exceptionally mild; the heat was gone, air was fresh, the sky was blue, and the water was clearer than I have ever seen it. Wading in the shallows of that lake and climbing the rocks with my brothers was the best experience of all.

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