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USA Family Vacation Ideas #1: Philadelphia - Recently every summer our family takes a vacation to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. So far we have always taken a rental car and drove up there. It's a pretty long drive, but I love it because I'm with my family. We sing songs, and play car games on the way there. We rarely ever stop at any places because we just want to get to the destination. We leave early morning and get therein the afternoon.

It all depends on how many times we've stopped that day. We have yet to stay in a hotel, we've just always stayed with my aunt, her husband, and her young son. We always visit the view, which is absolutely amazing by the way.

Also we go shopping in the little city center. I love shopping there because they always have much different things then Ohio and I come back with cool things.

On the last days we drive up to Atlantic Beach with the whole family and stay there almost all day. I feel that's the best part, walking on the strip and playing in the water with family. I just love taking my family vacation to Philly! - Carolyn from Ohio

#2: Lake Placid - One summer, my family and I took a short weekend trip to Lake Placid, NY. It was great - we stayed at a Courtyard Marriott jsut outside of the main street, and we actually went to participate in the half-marathon there.

The area is incredibly beautiful, and running the half-marathon was more like a vacation than a run. The city is perched in the 'High Peaks' area, so essentially at the top of a mountain range. The views are just incredible, and juxtaposed with the traditional farming scenes you see in the hills, it is literally breathtaking.

While you're there, you need to hit the Tail 'O the Pup roadside BBQ joint (between Lake Placid and Saranac Lake), and Donnalee's Ice Cream. Donnalees is particularly cool - it's an old-school dairy from the '50s (original equipment, local dairy products), and they make one flavor of soft ice cream per day.

You get what they make, and that's it. The flavors are great - fresh berries and nuts, chocolate, etc. Just incredible, and almost worth driving up just for that. There's also hiking, fishing, rock climbing, and a wealth of outdoor activities. I'd recommend this area without reservation for great family vacations USA.  - James from Allentown NY

USA Family Vacation Ideas #3: Williamsburg - The best vacation idea I’ve ever experienced was a trip to Busch Gardens and Water Country in Williamsburg, Virginia. My father treated me and my brothers to a three day all expense paid vacation. We spent one day at Water Country USA and the next two at Busch Gardens.

Busch Gardens
Busch Gardens

The rides were great and the scenery was amazing. The food was also amazing because of so many different choices. Busch Gardens really gave you the feeling you were some where else and not just in an amusement park. It felt like taking a trip around the world due to the fact they have different parts of the amusement park rides set up from different events that have happened all over the world, for example Europe and Scotland.

It was just so exiting and actually educational because after riding some of the rides it made you want to ask questions and search for more information about the ride and what event it was created from.  

This is an all around great place for adults and school aged children. It also not that expensive compared to a lot of places. So if you were looking for a place to take your family that wouldn't put a large dent in your funds, this would be a good start. I really enjoyed my 2 days of fun in the sun.  

Water Country was awesome. We got on every water ride in the park and I mean every ride. The best was the Double Dive Boggan. Water Country is an awesome place for those that love to swim and enjoy the water element.  

It's also an awesome place for small and large families alike and it's something to do there for the entire family. The wave pool was great and even the kids section was amazing. I also have toddlers and boy did they enjoy themselves. None of us wanted to leave and we stayed until closing. By the end of the day we had a blast and we got our moneys worth with a smile.

The adults enjoyed their selves just as much as the kids, and normally kids and adults are very rarely able to enjoy the same places. I hope to be able to go to that vacation spot again soon. - Monique from Richmond VA  

USA Family Vacation Ideas #4: Great Wolf Lodge has become our family’s favorite overnight getaway. They have several locations scattered around the U.S., but our favorite is located in Pennsylvania, in the Poconos. The indoor water park offers slides for almost every age group, from toddler to teen.

Our favorite was the "toilet bowl" so named by my 7 year old because you swirl around a large bowl before hitting the pool. They also offer a wave pool, lazy river, lily pads to jump on, a family slide that can accommodate four or five riders at a time, various tube slides two hot tubs, one for adults only, and one with a lower water temperature for the whole family, and even a water roller coaster.

Equally exciting to my young sons is the Magic Quest game, which sends children running through the hotel with magic wands, trying to complete various quests in the assigned time limit. Magic Quest is a little on the expensive side, but well worth the extra cost. There are several casual restaurants right in the hotel, and lots of other options within a five minute drive. Story time by the large tree in the lobby is the perfect way to wind down before bed.

If your budget allows, rent a wolf den or kidkamp suite, with a separate sleeping area for the kids, with bunk beds nestled in an alcove. The rooms all have a semi separate seating area and sleep at least six people. The cost of the water park is included in your room rate, and day trippers are not allowed. You must be staying at the hotel to use the facilities. For family vacations USA, Great Wolf Lodge is a great idea; you’ll love the time you spend there. - Kelly from New York


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