Unusual Travel Destinations

Unusual Travel Destinations #1:

This vacation idea definitely comes under the "unusual" category. For eight days in September (ends on Labor Day) Black Rock, Nevada holds the eccentric Burning Man Festival. The festival is a celebration of art and culture with the focus on the off-beat and strange. The whole thing springs up out of the empty desert for eight days of interactive partying. It’s part art, part circus side-show and all about self-expression.

There is music, dancing, poetry, painting, movies, tarot reading or anything else that participants choose to present at their camp project. Costumes (or lack thereof) are everywhere.

And the interactive part is very real. Performers tend to view the spectators as part of the show and often it’s impossible to tell the difference.

When the festival is over, everyone is expected to take with them everything they brought and the desert is returned to its pristine natural state.

This is not for everyone but every year tens of thousands of people come to Nevada for the Burning Man experience.

Unusual Travel Destinations #2:

For those who don’t mind their vacations being a little macabre, The Vampire in Transylvania Dracula Tour may be just the ticket. You will have to travel to Transylvania (that’s in Romania, next to Hungary) for this because this is the real deal. Transylvania Live is a tour operator that offers tours of infamous spots related to vampires.

Highlights include the 14th century Dracula’s Castle; Snagov Monestary the burial place of Vlad the Impaler (also known as Dracula); Sighisoara Medieval Citadel where Vlad was born. Visit an artist whose paintings are made of spider webs. Go down into the underground tunnels of the Salt Mines of Turda. Climb the 1,000 step stone stairway up to explore Vlad’s fortress high in the Fagaras Mountains.

Although this is an unusual theme for a vacation tour, you will be visiting many very beautiful and historical spots in Romania. The tour was featured on Travel Channel and included as a Top 10 Must-Do Adventure by Fodors Travel Guide.

Unusual Travel Destinations #3:

In the Gulf of St. Lawrence between Nova Scotia and Newfoundland is a small group of a dozen islands that make up the Îles de la Madeleineis.

Interconnected by roads along narrow causeways this archipelago presents a unique vacation getaway spot. For those who know about it, the Îles de la Madeleineis is a place to relax with the sand dunes, red cliffs, green hills, miles of beaches and oh-so-fresh lobsters. The beaches during the mild summers are great for swimming and fishing. Prevailing winds make the surrounding bay popular for sailing and kitesurfing.

Explore the islands' many quays and ports on foot or bicycle. Take in the views of the island wildlife, landscape, sea and surf with a beautiful drive along route 199 as winds through the islands. Whitecoat seals can be spotted the bay as well as many different birds that make their home here.

Unusual Travel Destinations #4:

Are you looking for a life changing vacation idea? Then consider a Voluntour with Planeterra. Volunteer to help on one of their projects which are dedicated to developing and supporting small communities around the world. A Planeterra Voluntour is a chance to immerse yourself completely in the local culture while making a direct positive impact on people’s lives.

Here are some examples of current or past projects. With Project Brazil you spend 10 days enjoying the beaches and sights of beautiful Rio de Janeiro while also spending time supporting a community-run day care center with 50 children. Join Project India and travel to exotic places like Delhi, Jodpur and Sikri.

While you are there you will spend five days at the Bal Prakesh Children’s Center in Ajmer helping 82 children who are at-risk for induction into the child labor market. Other Voluntour projects are located around the world in Ecuador, Peru, Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa and other countries.

Unusual Travel Destinations #5:

How about a ten day long, Old West style all-out city-wide party in Calgary, Canada? It’s called the Calgary Stampede. Every July the town of Calgary, in Alberta, celebrates the western cowboy and cowgirl spirit.

The Calgary Stampede features events such as a world-class rodeo, chuckwagon races, a western themed Grandstand Show, blacksmith competitions, livestock exhibits, vintage tractor pull, miniature horse show, sheep shearing and lots more. And in between all the western events, all one million visitors plus the town residents are doing their best to party around the clock.

Everyone participates. This means lots of country music bands, square dancing, two-stepping, line dancing accompanied by pancake feasts and beer drinking. Bring your blue jeans and ten gallon hat and you’ll fit right into this fun vacation ideas.

Here’s an idea that is definitely unique and different. Travel to the Opal Capital of the World, Coober Pedy, Australia and stay underground at The Desert Cave Hotel. Experience their “dug-out style living”, underground shops, bar and opal display areas.

This is an award winning international standard hotel. Coober Pedy is one of the most unique places in the world with a very diverse cosmopolitan population, underground homes, museums, art galleries and shops. It is also the location of the famous Crocodile Harry's Underground Nest.

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