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UK Vacation Ideas #1:

Northern Ireland’s Giant's Causeway is their highest rated tourist attraction. Essentially, the Causway is made up of many (at least 40,000) vertical columns of basalt which is a solidified form of lava. Scientists say that this phenomenon was created several million years ago. Over the years the movement and wear on the basalt has formed many interesting configurations that appear to look like common objects.

Some of the names given to these structures are: the Shepherd’s Steps, the Giant's Harp, the Giants Eyes, the Camel's Hump and the Chimney Stacks.

There are about fifteen miles of hiking trails on the Causeway which along with the odd configurations seems to be the tourist magnet. Of course, the wonder of the creation of this extremely unique formation is the primary reason for it’s fame.

The cross-section of the columns are have a variety of geometric shapes from four to eight sides, however, the majority are hexagonal and their height runs as high as 35 ft. The Giant’s Causeway is certainly worth seeing provided you are used to walking.

UK Vacation Ideas #2:

If you are looking for a most unusual escape, why not consider a Canal Boat Vacation. These boats have many names such as “narrow boat” or “barge” but they are all specially built for cruising through the beautiful canals of the UK.

A Canal Boat vacation is a happening of a lifetime. The British waterways are just waiting for you to explore them from your comfortable chair on special barge trips through the canals.

Just picture how relaxing it would it be to drift through quaint towns and historic locations and you’ll know that this is the vacation for you. Most of the boats have all the comforts of home including television, kitchen, beds and shower plus good storage space.

All of this translates into a moving cottage that can take you to any canal system or series of towns that you would choose. To find the right boat for you and your family just search the internet for one of the following: "Canal Boat Vacations in England" or Scotland or Wales or Northern Ireland.

UK Vacation Ideas #3:

Wales is certainly one of the United Kingdom's most attractive locations for a vacation. We warn you first that for a small country there is much to see. Therefore, an excellent starting point is a Wales Tour or at least a tour of the locations where you have the most interest. It’s probably a good idea to start out with a day tour.

In Wales you can do a lot of touring in a day. Some of the typical day tours include Historic Monmouthshire tour, West Wales Explorer, Country Side Day tour, Wye Valley tour, Romans, Rivers and Ruins and Wales Capitol tour.

There are many touring companies available to hire which can be located with an internet search or a telephone call to the chamber of commerce in the capital city of Cardiff.

The south and west of Wales, along the ocean, are in a relatively flat coastal plane which changes into valleys and mountains as you move North. The heaviest concentration of people and activity is in the south, in the vicinity of Cardiff. There are many old churches and castles to see so get busy and make some plans.

UK Vacation Ideas #4:

Attention golfers! You are probably planning a golfing vacation even as you read this. So why don’t you consider playing a few rounds in the country where it was invented. Scotland , that’s the place. Now we can’t direct you to the exact spot where it all happened but we can mention some of there best courses.

Here’s a list of a few: St. Andrews, Carnoustie, Turnberry, Royal Troon, and Muirfield. Since most golfers in this situation would probably want to play on a very old course, let’s investigated that possibility. An early form of golf was played in Perth in 1502 by King James IV and James Melville’s diaries of 1574 talk about his club and balls as he played a round.

Now, golf is basically a simple game. The tools are few and there are lots of green fields in Scotland. The real difference between the 1500”s and today is the technological advances in club and ball design plus the advances in grass growing and smooth greens. So go to Scotland and dream that you are playing in 1502.

UK Vacation Ideas #5:

Pleasure Beach in Blackpool, Lancashire is a theme park with many attractions for your entertainment. We are not sure what the theme is but it should be called “Spectacularly Exciting”. The park has about forty attractions and rides. With twelve roller-coasters this park has to the headquarters for all coaster lovers in the UK.

These coasters are varied in their design and purpose and run the gauntlet from the spectacular "Infusion" to the several wooden coasters which shake your bones so that you feel like your inside a large blender.

Of course, they also have a corkscrew rollover model. You will love the space shot ride and the costumed characters walking around to entertain the really young in the family. There are the usual shops for souvenirs, food outlets and ice-cream stands.

It is rumored that this park is the most popular theme park in UK. We really don’t know if that’s true so you’ll just have to visit the park and find out for yourself. It would be nice if you wrote us a short note about your experience.

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