Tourist Attractions Las Vegas

Tourist Attractions Las Vegas #1:

By Lacie from Unionville - My favorite vacation was when I went to Las Vegas, Nevada. Every since I was a little girl I had heard great stories about Vegas and the nightlife there. I stayed at the MGM Grand. It is a great hotel to stay at. It is very centrally located so that tourists can also enjoy many of the other casinos.

I went to many other casinos just to sight see and eat. The Tropicana was a really nice place to visit. The New York New York really does look like you are in New York City on the inside minus the slot machines of course.

My favorite casino though would have had to been the Beliagio. It is so beautiful on the inside. It is just like being in Venice. The food at the buffets is out of this world and the entertainment in Vegas is also very good.

I would definitely recommend a vacation to Las Vegas if you have not been. I plan on going again someday soon.

Tourist Attractions Las Vegas #2:

By Charlie from Seattle - My roommates and I recently took a trip down to Las Vegas, Nevada. We planned our trip for the first weekend of the NCAA basketball tournament which is toward the end of March.

This is one of the biggest gambling weekends of the year for Vegas so there are tons of people and it is a really exciting time to be down there.

All the sports books get really filled up, but there are TV’s and great bars all over the city to watch and bet on games. We stayed at Treasure Island which provided us great hotel rooms at reasonable prices.

We spent a lot of our time at an outdoor bar called the Rock House which is in front of the imperial palace. This is one way to spend a few days in Vegas and not spend a lot of money. Las Vegas can be a very expensive place to visit, but there are always options for people who don’t want to go to the high roller clubs and eat at the expensive restaurants. This city has a little something for everyone.

Tourist Attractions Las Vegas #3:

Hole #9 Silverstone Golf Course Las Vegas
Hole #9 Silverstone Golf Course

By Jennifer from IL - My favorite place to vacation is Las Vegas, Nevada. My first trip to Las Vegas was in 1995 when I was just 21, and I fell in love with all the beautiful resorts, golf courses, mountain views, and great activities right then and there.

In Vegas you can eat some of the most amazing food you'll ever find in the U.S.: 5 star restaurants, the type of places you'd expect to find only in places like New York. The accommodations are amazing, and you can literally feel like a queen (or a king) when you check into the luxury hotel suites in Vegas. Gambling is not all there is to this town: There are tons of things to do that anyone of any age will love.

I am older now and the mom to three kids, all of whom LOVE our yearly visits to Vegas. They enjoy the volcano outside the Mirage, the arcades at Circus Circus, the "dancing fountains" at Bellagio, the tigers at the Mirage, and so much more. We are never at a loss for family fun. When mom and dad want an adult night out, we just have the kids stay with my mother in law (she even comes along every year and adores Vegas too!) and hit the clubs like Rain. We will always go to Vegas every year!

Tourist Attractions Las Vegas #4:

By Linda, Pittsburgh - My favorite vacation spot is Las Vegas. Every year my family and I travel there, sometimes friends and extended family tag along. One year we decided to change it up a bit. We flew into Las Vegas, rented cars and drove to California to get tickets to the Price Is Right.

It was quite an adventure to say the least. There were 10 of us that year, we only rented three cars and with 10 people, our luggage in tow, we drove through the desert. My boyfriend at the time was with us. We ended up somehow getting in the back seat of the smallest car, we were stuck like glue back there but, it was such fun.

We got to the Price Is Right waiting area, signed in, met with the producers, and then waited until taping. One of our friends who was with us that time, actually got called down to play the game. It was such a surreal moment. He played for a car, didn't win. Spun the wheel, won the spot on the showcase, but, was underbid. Needless to say he came out of there with the fish rug he won to get up on stage and that was it.

We headed back to Las Vegas after a night stay in California and then enjoyed the rest of our vacation there. We still have the episode of show on tape and go back and watch it every so often to get a good laugh. It was quite an adventure.

Tourist Attractions Las Vegas #5:

By Keith from Iowa - I recently took a trip to Las Vegas, Nevada in March during the week of St Patrick's Day and I was awesome. I love Vegas, between the gambling and shows there is a lot to do. I flew down there with my family and about 5 friends. The first day I went golfing with my dad, grampa and sisters boy friend. It was a beautiful desert course, it wasn't busy so it flew right by. I spent the next few days with my friends gambling and checking out the different casinos. They put a lot of money into them so they are just beautiful to look at.

On St Patrick's day we went to O'sheys casino and played in a beer pong tournament which took up most of the day. That was a blast. For the rest of the trip we spent most of the time downtown. Fremont street is amazing at night, they have this screen that runs on top of the whole street that shows video.

They also had a band playing outside and a lot of vendors. We went to this place called mermaids which was full of slot machines, we had a lot of luck there, and they kept the drinks coming. Over all it was an awesome vacation idea, we had a blast and the weather was great.

Tourist Attractions Las Vegas #6:

By Jennifer from Connecticut - In 2005, after I had turned 21 finally, I took my first trip back to my birthplace in Las Vegas, NV. I was born at Nellis Air Force Base. It's always fun to tell people that I was born on a military base, but to see it is another thing.

I didn't actually get to go on to the base, but the outside of it was definitely something amazing, if only to me. I decided to go with my mom (who takes trips to Vegas with their mom?) because she's my best friend. The bright lights of Vegas and sounds of the slot machines were so amazing to see for the first time.

I even won $200 playing blackjack! The hotel we chose was Circus Circus as it had the least expensive rooms on the strip at that time. It was perfectly suitable and the 24 hour cafe was delicious! We went to a concert at the Aladdin Hotel & Casino, which is now Planet Hollywood.

It was tiring, beautiful, crazy, thrilling, and one of the best times I have had in my life. I would recommend that everyone go to Las Vegas at least once in their life. The Tourist Attractions Las Vegas are not to be missed.

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