Tourist Attractions in USA

Tourist Attractions in USA #1:

By Bill from SC - One really great vacation I took was to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It is a great place to take a vacation. It has mild weather, beautiful beaches, and of course the amazing sand dunes.

There are about 100 miles of coast to check out, so scenic drives can be very relaxing and enjoyable. There are also several historical lighthouses to visit: Cape Hatteras, Cape Lookout, Bodie Island, and more.

The sand dunes at Kitty Hawk are also well known as the historical site of the Wright Brothers’ first flight of a powered airplane.

There is a small museum at the site, where you can learn more about their craft, and see the exact flight path of the first flight.

You can even climb the dunes, fly a kite and pretend that you are the Wright Brothers.

Of course, seeing the sunrise from atop the sand dunes is a breathtaking sight not to be missed. North Carolina is a beautiful place, and the Outer Banks are truly one of the great tourist attractions in USA.

Tourist Attractions in USA #2:

By Christine from Ohio - Last year I went on vacation to Hawaii. We stayed at the Hilton in Honolulu in the off season so the rooms were a bit cheaper. We visited many of the beaches on the island like Hunnama Beach and Turtle bay.

Hunnama Beach is one of the hot spots for snorkeling and turtle bay there are sea turtles that come right up on shore. A great place to go is the Dole Plantation on the other side of the island. Try the chocolate covered pineapple it is the BEST!

I also went to the USS Arizona memorial and the Missouri ship at Pearl Harbor. I was in the military and I cried when I saw the gigantic wall with names of the people that died on the ship. They also have the names of the people that survived from the sinking ship but passed away later on.

The Missouri is a decommissioned battle ship that you can walk on and go along the passage ways of the ship and learn what the sailors had to endure during that horrific day. There is a sub that you can take right on the beaches of Honolulu that will take you under the water to look at ship wrecks around the area.

Tourist Attractions in USA #3:

By Brett from Barrie - In July, my wife and my two children (ages four and two), went to Boston, and stayed at the Tremont Hotel. The hotel was fantastic, and our stay was equally as nice! We did all of the "tourist" stuff.

Being a big baseball fan, I had to see Fenway Park, and we did (great ballpark). We then went and did a tour of Harvard University, which was very fun. Boston has a lot of old cemeteries, and we did a tour of a couple of them. We saw the graves of John Adams and Paul Revere (in fact, did a tour of his house!).

Being a huge fan of the television show Cheers, we went to the original (very small!), and the "new" one, which is located in Faneuil Hall Marketplace, which is a restaurant designed exactly like the set of Cheers.

If you like shopping (like my wife!), Faneuil Hall is a must! We did the tour of the John F. Kennedy museum, and we also went whale watching, and saw a number of Humpback whales, which really is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

All in all, we had a great stay (four nights), and would recommend almost to anybody to go. The people are very friendly, there is a lot to do and see, and we can't wait to one day, go back again.

Tourist Attractions in USA #4:

By Ryan from Sacramento - If casinos are the type of tourist attractions you are looking for, then add Reno, Nevada to your list of potential vacation ideas. I realize that Las Vegas is a hot spot destination that gets most of the attention from gamblers, Reno is another vacation spot where your gaming fix can be filled and you can feel like a high roller...on a low roller's budget.

I have been to Reno many times, but one vacation in particular sticks out. It was the third time I had gone up there and now had a larger grasp on the layout and what casinos connected.

Most of the casinos are all in one concentrated area on a strip called Virginia ST. It’s in between 1st St. and 6th S. First there is the lovely El Dorado, which is connected to the even more elegant Silver Legacy.

The Silver Legacy is then connected to Circus Circus, a family friendly casino with circus acts, a midway and a large arcade. On the other side of the street is the Cal-Neva and Harrah's Casinos.

Now that I was familiar with my surroundings I was able to find my way quickly to the poker tables. That is my game of choice.

I had a wonderful time playing at Harrah's in both a "cash game" and "tournament" capacity. The dealers at Harrah's are very friendly and helpful and the atmosphere is very clean.

It was also on this trip that I discovered the Nugget Diner, home of the best burger I've ever personally had, "The Awful Awful". This burger is huge and comes with a ridiculous amount of fries.

After gaming my days away I would return to my room at El Dorado. Every room in the El Dorado, no matter how cost efficient, is well kept and has a very classy decor, helping you feel special and taken care of. Every room has and HDTV and a minibar, as well as gourmet room service.

Reno is full of little perks, including comps and cheap deals on food. If gaming is your favorite tourist attractions in USA, and you don't want the Disneyland atmosphere of Vegas, then Reno is great vacation idea.

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