Tourist Attractions in the United States

Tourist Attractions in United States #1:

Deep Sea Fishing out of Narragansett, Rhode Island: Have you ever watched a deep sea sporting show on TV. You probably have and said to yourself. "I’ve got to try that." Well, this is your year to "try it". Let's look at Narragansett as a for instance.

Most day trips do not require reservations. Fishing equipment is rent-able and bait is always free. You can get anything from a half-day up to overnight multiple day trips and most importantly, experience is not required. These trips work equally for all.

I guess you figured out that spring, summer and fall are the best times for this kind of fun. For more complete info on Narragansett search the net for Daytripper’s Guide to Narragansett.

By the way, there are so many good locations in New England for deep sea fishing that it seems unfair to pick just one. However, perhaps this will stimulate you to plan your next vacation somewhere in New England.

Tourist Attractions in United States #2:

By Talon, Ohio - I love going to Seattle for vacation because there is so much to do there. Our last trip we stayed at the four Seasons Hotel one of the most expensive hotels in Seattle.

When I go on vacation I like to spend so we visited the space needle go shopping downtown visit the Woodland Park Zoo and also listen to live music during the night time.

Another favorite of mine while in Seattle is going to the Pacific Science Center it definitely entertains the kids and they have plenty of things for adults to do as well.

On one of the nights we hung out at the Seattle waterfront and watched the many boats and boy is it spectacular I can’t wait to go back. It’s not going to a tropical island but my family and I prefer visiting cities and just having fun spending money to me it’s a vacation.

Tourist Attractions in United States #3:

By Amanda, Massachusetts - I have been lucky enough to go on many great vacations over the world. I have loved visiting Disney World, loved going to Niagara Falls, and have enjoyed many other popular tourist destinations.

However, one trip stands out above all the rest. That was my trip to Williamsburg, Virginia. I am passionate about history, and historic Williamsburg is absolutely one of the best places that a history buff could go.

The actors they hire to play historical figures in their town are extremely talented, and were always so witty and fun when responding to my questions. I can't imagine ever getting tired of touring all the historic buildings that they had their or enjoying their Colonial style restaurants.

While in Williamsburg, I was also able to enjoy the area Busch Gardens. It was one of the best amusement park experiences I have ever been able to have. Their roller coasters had incredibly short lines. I don't think I ever waited more than 10 minutes to ride anything, and there were many rides that I could immediately ride over and over again.

They also had wonderful shows when I felt like sitting down and taking a break. I hope to visit Williamsburg again on my next vacation. It was a wonderful experience and I feel like I will love it even more the second time around. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a slightly different vacation experience.

Tourist Attractions in United States #4:

Windjammer Cruises in Maine: So you love New England, you love Maine and you love sailing. In fact you’ve done a lot of sailing - both as skipper and as crew. You just love the thrill of conquering wind and water. But you’ve always wanted to take a Windjammer Cruise.

Here are a few of the Maine ships for your next vacation. The Schooner J.& E. Riggin and the Schooner Heritage both have cruises out of Rockland, Maine. The Schooner Timberwind has cruises out of Rockport, Maine and the Schooner French has cruises out of Camden, Maine.

This is a very short list of the ships available for cruises. For a larger selection contact The Maine Windjammer Association or search the net using your specific parameters. Remember, all of these have multiple day cruises from 2 to 6 days.

Tourist Attractions in United States #5:

By Tanya, Mass - Last summer my family and I took a vacation to North Conway, NH. It is one of our favorite summer vacation spots, as there are a myriad of things to do in the local area. We stayed in a nice hotel in town called the North Conway Grand Hotel, which was adjacent to some of the outlet shops. The town of North Conway itself is lovely.

There are nice little shops in the downtown area, including an old time store with penny candy for the kids. The downtown area also has some fantastic dining places, including Italian, Mexican and American cuisine. There is really something for everyone. We enjoyed a delicious Italian dinner at a place called Bellini's.

Located right in the center of town is an old time railroad. You can take a quick one hour excursion, or you can take an all day trip up to Mt. Washington that includes dinner. We chose the one hour excursion, and sat in one of the open air cars. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the views.

We also visited one of the kid’s favorite spots, Santa's Village, about a one hour drive away. It is a fun little amusement park with a Christmas theme. They play Christmas music over the intercom at all times.

The children can visit with Santa and make their own gingerbread men. There are a number of rides including a log flume, the kids' favorite, and a reindeer roller coaster. The kids also enjoyed feeding the live reindeer. It was a great way to spend a day.

The ride back was very scenic and relaxing and we hoped to catch a glance of a moose, but unfortunately were not that lucky. On the third day we decided to some exploring. We went on a couple of family friendly hikes. One of them took us to a breath-taking view of a waterfall.

We had been experiencing a lot of rain, so the trail was a little slippery, but easy enough for even my five year old to manage. All and all we had a wonderful trip and look forward to returning in the near future for more tourist attractions in United States..

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