Tourist Attractions in Las Vegas

Tourist Attractions in Las Vegas #1:

By Zain from San Francisco - Las Vegas, city of lights, city that never sleeps, Sin City! Upon landing, the sounds of slot machines chime throughout your head. We stayed at the Wynn Hotel and Casino, by far the most luxurious accommodations on the Strip. The views from every room are mind blowing.

By staying at the Wynn, you also gain perks like free entry into the nightclubs that they host. For example, we spent a lot of time at XS. Most of our time went in the opposite of what most go to Vegas for, hotel hopping!

We are not much of the gambling type. We rounded the Strip and went from casino to casino on foot. The sights and sounds that you experience by walking are very memorable. There is always a bar with a lot of party people enjoying themselves.

Passing the older, more historic casinos always bring back memories of Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack. These are the old time tourist attractions in Las Vegas. The lights, especially at night make you feel like a kid again.

The free outdoor shows that are put on by some casinos are also well worth watching.

We passed through Treasure Island's Sirens Pirate show, Mirage's famous volcano, and the Bellagio fountains. Las Vegas is a city to be enjoyed by singles, couples, and families.

Many more family friendly locations have taken the lead to entertainment as well. Circus Circus has their own indoor amusement park!! If you have not been, please visit Las Vegas!

Tourist Attractions in Las Vegas #2:

By Paul, New York - NASCAR is one of the best tourist attractions in Las Vegas. A few years ago, my girlfriend and I went to Las Vegas for the first time. Her sister and brother-in-law were planning to be in town for the NASCAR race being held in Las Vegas that weekend, and they invited us to come along. As a result, I got my first Vegas experience and my first NASCAR experience rolled into one. We stayed at Circus Circus, a relatively inexpensive hotel/casino on the northern part of Las Vegas Boulevard ("the Strip").

We saw the marvelous fountain show at the Bellagio, as well as the live pirate show at Treasure Island. We went to the Stardust sports book and listened to the crowds cheering or booing every move in a college basketball game.

We gambled at about half a dozen casinos, including Caesar's Palace and the Luxor. On the day of the race, we took buses from the Strip to Las Vegas Motor Speedway. To get to the track, all the buses had to go through Nevis Air Base. (Most bus trips don't feature up-close-and-personal glimpses of stealth bombers.)

The race itself was incredible, from the prerace flyover by a stealth bomber to the thunderous sound of cars passing by you at nearly 190 miles per hour -- a sound that was felt as much as heard. I became a fan of both NASCAR and Vegas that week, and I would go back to either the city or the track tomorrow. Who's up for a fun weekend?

Tourist Attractions in Las Vegas #3:

By Cin from Arizona - Here's our vacation ideas suggestion - We love to go to Las Vegas, NV. There is something for adults and children alike. The last time we went was in November and we stayed at Circus Circus as we brought along our 3 children. They had fun riding the rides and me and my husband had fun because we got to see the smiles on our children’s' faces.

My husband and I also visited the Venetian as I wanted to visit Ca'd'Oro Jewelers to see the Wellendorff jewelry line. The Venetian is so cool inside. I told my husband that we need to stay there on our next trip!

Every time we visit Las Vegas, there is always something new to see and do. We haven't been to any shows as there usually aren't any that catch our interest. The Fremont Experience is free and interesting and there are a lot of shops and casinos located there. We expect our future Las Vegas vacations will be even better than the last!

Tourist Attractions in Las Vegas #4:

By Hany from Alexandria - My last vacation was amazing, I went to Las Vegas!! It was awesome vacation idea, the atmosphere there is outstanding. I got into the mood the moment I stepped into the hotel. I stayed at Luxor Hotel, it has all the pharaohs' icons there. The mimicking of the real Luxor city is very well done. It is a relatively cheap hotel (most of Las Vegas hotels are cheap) because in that city they depend on taking your money in gambling.

The rooms were clean and the food was good. The best attractions in that hotel were definitely the cat house nightclub and the unbelievable show called Fantasy. The crew of the show was recently modified and they were joined by Lorena the singer. She is really a nice addition to the show. You can hang out in the night club there or you have the alternative option to go outside your hotel and explore the city. David Copperfield the magician perform there with his magnificent tricks and illusions, I spent around 250$ to sit in the front row and besides, I got a photo with him.

There are lots of other magician shows like Chris Angel who is a clever performer but not as good or famous as David Copperfield of course. Exploring the city by bus and wandering in the hotels alone is a joy of life. Do not miss to see Bellagio and MGM hotels, they are a must see. Overall, the trip was like being to paradise.

Tourist Attractions in Las Vegas #5:

By Zach C. from IL - What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas. I am a 23 year old student and didn’t have a lot of cash to take with me, but I got a super cheap hotel room (about $45 a night) at the Excalibur hotel. Excalibur is right on the strip and is part of an extensive cross-hotel walking/commuting network that allows you to get most of the way down the strip without missing a thing along the way. Spending time on the strip is great for a little while, but I began to experience the theme park effect.

Everything is geared towards luring you onto a fun ride for a lot of money until you realize that it wasn’t as fun as you thought and you’re out fifty bucks. Feeling a bit strip-weary, my group and I decided to spring for a couple of bus passes (about $20 for a group of 4) and took the public bus all the way down the strip to the older part of Las Vegas on Fremont Street.

The older part of Vegas embodies the classier and sophisticated Vegas that you expect after seeing movies like Ocean’s 11 or The Hangover. Fremont has cheaper food and buy-ins, but gives you the service and excitement that I expect in a place I’m losing all my money to. A smart person knows you can’t beat Vegas, but you can sure as hell have a good time losing!

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