Tourist Attractions and Sightseeing

Tourist Attractions and Sightseeing #1:

La Posada del Rio Sonora is a hotel/eco-resort in Banámichi, Mexico. The resort has a very interesting location. It is in the center of the historic and scenic drive called "La Ruta Rio del Sonora". The town of Banámichi (c.1636) is Opata for "Where the River Turns". Here in this area you can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and tours of historic churches, missions, petroglyphs, Bacanora Plantations, authentic operational Gold Mines and more.

La Posada del Rio Sonora offers packages that include shuttle service from Tucson (low airfare) and bi-lingual guides to Tombstone and/or Bisbee Arizona, then an easy Sonoran "Hassle-Free" crossing at Naco.

Then an easy, safe and clean 35 miles to the "Historic Ruta del Rio Sonora" and driving rigged 4x4 caravan style through the old wagon routes over and through the river.

Through canyons and villages that stand still in time. They have very reasonable daily rates for couples. offer 1 Hour professional massages, bike rentals and more.

Tourist Attractions and Sightseeing #2:

By Elliot Lee - Anyone in tune with the times is probably familiar with the meteoric rise of China onto the world stage. The new face of China is most visible in its capital city, Beijing, which is ideal for a short vacation in a fresh but cosmopolitan environment.

I enjoy tourist attractions and sightseeing so I was drawn to Beijing out of a fascination to see its great landmarks. In the heart of the city are the iconic Forbidden City and Tienanmen Square. They are about ten minutes away from a belt of hotels – ranging from luxurious five-star options and more affordable places for the thrifty traveler. They evoke a nostalgic view of China’s dynastic past while putting on display China’s modernized face (one of the Forbidden City’s latest additions is a Starbucks outlet).

A little way out of the city is the Great Wall, the only man-made structure visible from outer space. The Great Wall, acclaimed as one of the wonders of the world, is a masterpiece of history and a sight not to be missed.

Every great vacation is completed by great shopping and culinary experiences and Beijing is no laggard in this regard. Among the city’s offerings to visiting shoppers is the Silk Street, which is replete with silk products, apparel, fashion accessories, electronics and pretty much anything that comes to your mind.

Be forewarned though, the variety at Silk Street could take a day to explore, challenging even the most hardened shopper. Finally, every visitor to Beijing should try its specialty – Peking Duck – a delicacy that was perfected in the kitchens of this city.

The ubiquity of the dish makes it easy to enjoy a sumptuous meal of the roasted duck at prices that are very friendly to a traveler’s wallets and very satisfying to his gastronomical tastes. Beijing is an excellent city for tourist attractions and sightseeing. For tourists willing to sneak a peek into a different culture, while enjoying all the spoils of a modern and vibrant metropolis and promises to make for the holiday of a lifetime.

Tourist Attractions and Sightseeing #3:

By Alice from AL - Last summer, my family and I took the best vacation. We traveled to Cozumel Mexico in mid-July. This was the off-season there and the rates were quite cheap. We used Cozumel Vacation Villas to book a house for 12 guests right on the water.

The house we rented was called Las Iguanas and we were provided with a cook and a cleaning staff to make our stay worry free. There was a private beach, salt water pool, and dive access to the ocean. While we were there we did so many different things. There are many charter boats you can rent to take you out snorkeling, diving, and sightseeing.

We rented vehicles so we could get from point A to point B. They where old CJ jeeps and it was fun to take them into the jungle. There are several clubs on the island that are great to grab drinks at and dance. We liked Sr. Forgs. There is also authentic Mexican food galore. Mexican is my favorite so I was in heaven.

The silver prices there are quite cheap, with a little bargaining we got some great deals on beautiful jewelry. Cozumel is a pretty touristy place, but when you visit there in the off season it’s a little more laid back. I would recommend this place to anyone. The sandy beaches, diving, and blue waters are worth the trip!

Tourist Attractions and Sightseeing #4:

By Courtney from Pennsylvania - Our summer vacation doubled as our honeymoon - with our 2-year-old in tow. We set off to Ocean City, MD for a few days. We stayed at the Howard Johnson because it was very affordable.

After checking in, we decided to grab a bite to eat. We had dinner at the Anchor Inn right off the boardwalk. It was actually quite good considering the fact we were the only people there.

From there we headed back to our room for the night. The next day, we spent the entire day on the beach building sandcastles and playing in the water. The beach was not overly crowded, which was nice, although there was a lot of college students.

The evening was spent at BAJA Amusement Park, riding go-karts, rollercoasters, and playing in the arcade. It was nice, just not a lot of things for a toddler. The next few days, we spent on the beach and walking the boardwalk in the evenings. The one thing I liked about our hotel was it was set right on the beach. All in all it was an enjoyable little get away and good for anyone looking for vacation ideas.

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