Top US Travel Destinations

Top US Travel Destinations #1:

By Bryan from Washington - A favorite vacation spot of mine is New Orleans, LA. I go every year because this city never gets old.

The rich culture and personality of New Orleans is long lasting and enjoyable over and over. From the French Market to the fine restaurants this city is ever changing and always interesting.

There are tours of the city and its historical landmarks that allow a visitor to immerse themselves in the history and culture of a great city that never ceases to amaze. The vampire tour is a favorite of mine, very creepy and informative.

Every time I have visited I always stop by a local cafe called Cafe du Monde and gotten a Beignet and a coffee. This has become pretty much a tradition for many travelers including myself.

Among the old parts of New Orleans there is always something going on, from street bands to local artists selling their work and various entertainers one could never find themselves bored.

All this, even after the tragedies that have fallen on this city, they continue to show the world a good time. New Orleans stand by its motto of "Laissez les bons temps rouler"(Let the good times roll).

Top US Travel Destinations #2:

By David from New Hampshire - I once took a vacation to Savannah, Georgia. Savannah is a beautiful town right on the Atlantic coast of Georgia. I was surprised when I was driving down how close it was to South Carolina.

Savannah is a very historic town. It’s one of the only cities left undestroyed during the Civil War by the Union, so it is naturally filled with a lot of history, and not just Confederate history!

Savannah is legendary for their haunted cemeteries and buildings, so my family took a trolley tour of the haunted parts of Savannah. It was great fun, though I think it did scare my son a little bit. For those who like to party, Savannah’s River Street is several blocks of bars.

In Savannah, drinking in public is somehow still legal, so you’ll be able to carry your plastic “bigass beer” cups down the street as you enjoy the view of a nearby river. Tybee Island, a fantastic beach, is about 20 minutes from downtown Savannah, as well.

Top US Travel Destinations #3:

By Alex from Philadelphia - My week in Washington, D.C. stands out in my mind as a memorable trip. While I stayed at the Holiday Inn Capitol, I spent almost every waking hour walking through the city. I tried as many local restaurants as I could, and was never dissatisfied with a meal.

The local Wall Street Deli's selection was great to get something on the go, and I ended up stopping there at least every other day of my trip.

The National Air and Space Museum is easily an essential stop on a trip D.C. - I could have spent days looking at exhibits.

The monuments were inspiring (and much bigger in person) and the memorials had a solemn gravity to them. It almost felt like time froze as I stood at the Vietnam War memorial.

The view of the city I had from my hotel was breathtaking, especially at night. I left after a week, enthusiastically anticipating a return trip.

Top US Travel Destinations #4:

By Chris from Phoenix - This year I went with my girlfriend to Sedona, AZ for the Fourth of July festivities there. It was very pretty and the weather was a lot cooler than it is in Phoenix at that time of the year.

The place does have a bit of a hippie commune feel to it with all the new age shops selling crystals and the like, but there's lots of generic touristy stuff to do, too, and a lot of nice bed and breakfast type places to stay.

We went swimming at slide rock, a natural water slide kind of thing, but it's very busy during tourist season. We did an off road jeep tour of the surrounding area in a garishly pink jeep--Pink Jeep Tours, I think they're called. Fun stuff!

We had amazing Chinese food at this almost empty restaurant in the corner of a strip mall. Weirdest restaurant experience ever since there was practically nobody else in the place besides us and the rather inattentive staff.

And the fireworks put on at the public high school were pretty amazing to watch, but then I'm old and easily impressed and even I have to admit it's not as good as the ones that are set off at Tempe Town Lake in Phoenix. All in all it was a relaxing, if expensive few days.

Top US Travel Destinations #5:

By Suzanne from South Carolina - Charleston, South Carolina, is a great place to visit for the American history buff or just a fan of old-fashioned architecture.

In one trip, friends and I visited Fort Sumter, where the first shots of the Civil War were fired, the old Exchange and Provost Dungeon (built in 1771), the old Custom House from the 1850s, and several restored houses and plantations from before the Civil War, as well as just walking around downtown with our cameras looking at and photographing all the beautiful old buildings.

You can also visit Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum, where the aircraft carrier "Yorktown," the submarine "Clamagore," and a lot of other historic military vehicles and items are all on display, and you can walk through these ships.

It's also a great area for seafood restaurants, being right on the coast, or places that serve South Carolina-style barbecue. When I lived in Columbia, about an hour and a half drive away, we came to Charleston on a regular basis. Charleston is definitely a great vacation idea and one of my top choices for US travel destinations.

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