Top Travel Spots

Top Travel Spots #1:

By Suz from Georgia - Sanibel Island is a semi-tropical island located off of the coast of southwest Florida. It is known for its beaches covered in millions of shells.

A large portion of the Island is a wildlife refuge, named Ding Darling, that can be accessed by foot, bicycle or car. It is a beautiful area with abundant wildlife.

My family and I visited Sanibel Island in June of last year for a very memorable vacation. We saw a bobcat, snake, iguana and many different species of birds. Restaurants of all tastes are plentiful on the Island, from casual to fine dining.

The Lighthouse Cafe is our favorite breakfast eatery. You must also try The Mucky Duck on Captiva for sunset dining on delicious seafood.

We stayed in a 3 bedroom condo located in Sanddollar Condominiums. Sanddollar is a beautiful oceanfront resort with a heated swimming pool, tennis courts, grills and elevators. There is a small theater that shows local community plays which never fails to entertain as well. I highly recommend you put Sanibel Island as one of the top travel spots on your vacation ideas list!

Top Travel Spots #2:

By Patrick from Boston - Recently I visited San Juan on the Island of Puerto Rico. I stayed at a really great little place called "Tres Palmas", near Carolina. Most days I hit the beach and later at night went to the bars in Old San Juan (the locals call it Veijo San Juan). I really enjoyed the food there as well. The people are all really friendly. I guess I enjoyed it the most because of all the people I went.

The beaches in San Juan are not ideal for swimming but there are some select spots that are really worth checking out. You will see wakeboarders, kayakers, and more. Puerto Rico is not known at all for shark attacks. Definitely check out the local food options.

Don't just go to subway and burger king. One of the best vacations I've ever taken. One especially interesting thing to check out is El Morro, San Juan. Being able to appreciate history while on vacation and still have a good time is great. I went with a girlfriend, but this is a great vacation spot for anyone - families, groups of friends, etc.

Top Travel Spots #3:

By John from North Carolina - As a very popular vacation destination, North Myrtle Beach has a wide variety of entertainment options at its disposal. My family’s vacation to North Myrtle Beach is a very memorable experience for me.

The dining may be one of the best aspects there. Hundreds of restaurants are available, including those you are familiar with (such as Joe’s Crab Shack and Outback) as well as more local restaurants.

Coupons for restaurants are easy to find in hotel lobbies for families on a budget. The shopping is worth mentioning as well. Broadway at the Beach and Barefoot landing are good places to hang out and shop. They also include entertainment such as a house of mirrors and fireworks shows. A Tanger outlet center gives good deals from many brands.

There are also great family entertainment options, such as Alligator Adventure (a reptilian zoo), a water park, and several dinner theater venues, such as Medieval Times and Dixie Stampede. Overall, North Myrtle Beach made for a great vacation, and by the time we had visited all of these places, I felt almost too relaxed.

Top Travel Spots #4:

By Josh from Texas - My most memorable vacation had to be when my family and I had visited New Orleans, Louisiana. We are from Houston, Texas, so it was a few hours' drive from Texas to Louisiana. After we had arrived in LA, we were staying in a pretty fancy hotel that wasn’t incredibly expensive. From the get go, we could easily see how lively the city was.

New Orleans is famous for their parties, and we got to experience a good deal of that. As soon as night came, we made our way to the infamous French quarter.

I was surprised to see the streets alive with an intense energy. There was a huge crowd of people all having fun, drinking and laughing throughout the streets. I had never seen anything like that. Among all the normal people shuffling about, there were random performers.

I saw a bald guy with no shirt dressed as a vampire, a painted ‘fairy’ mime that would only move/react if you tipped her, and two guys dressed up completely in silver body paint. To attempt to describe the number of interesting sights to see would take me ages.

All in all, it was an incredible trip and I loved to see all the scenery that was only real to me in movies before. I would recommend New Orleans as a fun vacation place to anyone who enjoys having drinks, hanging out, or visiting music pubs and karaoke.

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