Things to do San Antonio

Things to do San Antonio #1:

What do you do when a small river winds it’s through the center of your town. Some years ago San Antonio, Texas, made the right decision and made the river a happening place. To create this attraction they constructed sidewalks along the river banks creating an attractive River Walk. In time, various commercial establishments were added so that today the river walk is the highlight of most visitors stay in San Antonio.

The Walk is below street level with walkways on both sides of the river and restaurants serving food at several locations.

Also available are boat rides are available which twist and turn under bridges as they wend their way along the river.

In recent years, the River Walk has been extended to connect with a few nearby hotels.

The combination of a delicious early evening meal in a beautifully lighted outdoor setting as you enjoy the relaxing atmosphere is a recipe for romance. They say that what makes this walk such a favorite with visitors is that it is quite romantic.

Things to do San Antonio #2:

When you talk about San Antonio, Texas, the Alamo comes immediately to mind. If you are vacationing in or near San Antonio, you just have to visit the Alamo. The history is too long for this humble computer site but you will certainly get the historic retails from the staff at the Alamo Museum.

We will remind you that in late February of 1836 a large contingent the Mexican army, lead by General Santa Ana attacked the Alamo mission which was defended by a small band of American volunteers and Federal troupes.

All of the armed Americans were killed as the Mexican’s won the 13 day fight. One woman and her baby survived. There are many reasons why this event stands out in history but the fact that several famous Americans died there is probably the key reason. These include: Colonel Jim Bowie, Congressman Davie Crockett and Commander at the Alamo William Travis.

Things to do San Antonio #3:

A vacation of investigating underground caverns is not for everyone. San Antonio, however, has the Natural Bridge Caverns which are well worth a visit even if you’ve never been in a cavern before. The natural bridge part of the name comes from the fact that right at the entrance there is a small limestone projection which is shaped like a bridge.

Cavern tours, in general, can be very interesting and a long remembered experience. The Natural Bridge Caverns go beyond that.

Each of their half-dozen tours address a different interest. For instance, the Discovery Tour is a three hour walking tour of the original path of the discoverers back in 1960.

The Adventure Tour is a bit more involved by adding some climbing and rappelling. The Mining Tour introduces the vacationer to the art of panning for gold or gems just like they did in the gold rush days. They also have more advanced tours for the seasoned adventurer.

Things to do San Antonio #4:

The San Antonio Zoo opened in the early 1900‘s with 5 species. They currently have well over 3,000 animals representing over 700 species. The zoo was the first in America to use cage-less retainers to allow visitors to see the animals with no encumbrances. This method makes use of deep trenches that act as a breach between the animals and the visitors.

The zoo is deeply involved with the breeding of endangered species. Some of these are the Addra gazelle, the Clouded leopard, the Black rhino and several others. They recently added a hippo exhibit and a crocodile exhibit with a viewing window for visitors to see the animal’s underwater life.

Some of the current exhibits are: Gibbon Forest, Prairie Chickens, Amazonia and Africa Live. The zoo also has a large aviary with a well-established assortment of bird species along with a tropical rain forest simulation. Hold out you hand and you may easily find a free flying visitor stopping for a rest on your finger.

Things to do San Antonio #5:

The San Antonio Art Museum seeks to collect and exhibit significant art from a wide range of sources including Europe and Asia. They also seek to show their collection in ways that educate the community and visitors to the San Antonio area. The museum works hard to maintain several collections such as American Art, Asian Art, Contemporary Art, European Art, Latin American Art and several others.

In the American group there are many landscapes and some portraits from colonial days plus a good collection of Twentieth century works. The European group includes both paintings and sculptures of Dutch, English, French and Italian artists. William Adolphe Bouguereau's Admiration is included in this collection.

The Asian Art group includes over 1,400 pieces from Vietnam, China, Tibet, India, Thailand, Japan, Sri Lanka, Korea, Pakistan, Laos, Nepal, Mongolia and Myanmar. These collections include ceramics, porcelain and glass plus textiles, furniture and other various decorative arts.

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