Things to do Pigeon Forge

Things to do Pigeon Forge #1:

If you mention Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, four out of five people would know that country singer Dolly Parton’s Theme Park called Dollywood is in that town. So, for the one in five folks who didn’t know, we think it’s a great idea to schedule a vacation to Pigeon Forge. They also may not realize that there are at least a dozen other quality entertainment attractions in Pigeon Forge.

Dollywood theme park has an excellent stable of amusement park rides plus traditional crafts and a mix of country and gospel music.

The park has a regular schedule of yearly programs and musical shows including performances by Parton and her family, as well as other local and national musical acts.

The various sub-themes of the park are as follows: Adventures in Imagination, Country Fair, Craftman’s Valley, Dreamland Forest, Jukebox Junction, Rivertown Junction. Showstreet, Timber Canyon and The Village.

A study in 2010 showed that Dollywood has been the biggest theme park in terms of revenue in each of the last ten years in Tennessee.

Now that says a lot for the quality of the shows at Dollywood. The theme park's season starts in the spring and extends until the special Christmas programs. Dollywood is also the site of the Southern Gospel Museum and Hall of Fame, sponsored by the Southern Gospel Music Association, an independent non-profit corporation.

Things to do Pigeon Forge #2:

Ripley’s Aquarium of the Smokies in nearby Gatlinburg, TN is a plethora of living things. There are over 10,000 creatures of the sea with over 350 species. The Aquarium may be a long way from the ocean but the natural beauty and the wealth of water all around make this area of Tennessee a wonderful location for this Most Fun Aquarium.

For the visitors’ enjoyment the aquarium is divided into seven areas. These include Tropical Rainforest, Gallery of the Seas, Touch-a-Ray-Bay, Sting Ray Bay, Shark Lagoon, Shark Lagoon, Coral Reef, Ocean Realm, and Discovery Center.

Probably the most visited is the Ocean Realm which is an anthology of fragile undersea life such as sea anemones, Pacific Giant Octopus, living corals and weedy sea dragons.

Coral reefs are a vivacious underwater haven providing protection to these delicate types of marine life. You will see giant clam, hammer corals and others which are plant-like animals that need the sun's rays for nourishment.

The Tropical Rainforest is another visitor favorite. The museum has recreated the primordial, flourishing world of the rainforest where thousands of fish species thrive. You will see four-eyed fish, poison dart frogs, mudskippers and more.

Things to do Pigeon Forge #3:

For pure entertainment you should include the award winning Comedy Barn on your list of things to do Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

They put on a high caliber variety show and manage to keep the humor clean. If you like fire-eaters, magicians and jugglers you’ll be happy and if you like comedians and ventriloquists you’ll be extra happy. Now, if you also have no opinion about funny barnyard animals then you’ll just have to come and find out if you like ’em.

All of this takes place in a new, first rate million dollar theater with computerized special effects and lighting.

One of the most loved parts of their show is the country and gospel singing. However the comedy in the name Comedy Barn Theater is a big COMEDY ’cause it’s so funny you’ll laugh ‘till your sides hurt. If you want to check it out for yourself just search for on your computer and then search for the Comedy Barn Theater in Pigeon Forge TN. The computer should then show you several photos from the show. Just pick one of the photos and sit back and enjoy.

Things to do Pigeon Forge #4:

Next door to Pigeon Forge is the Ober Gatlinburg Aerial Tramway and yes, it goes up in the air. Using large 20 passenger trams, you are lifted up to the top of Mount Harrison at about 2700 feet elevation.

Although the whole experience is breath-taking, watching this excellent view of the Smoky Mountains slowly unfolds before your eyes is, perhaps, the best part of the adventure. Up on top is a mountain resort including many things to see and do for the whole family. First you’ll want to take in the full view of the Smokies.

Next, if you have small children they will be anxious to try some of the kiddie rides. The older kids are probably off checking out the indoor ice skating. Then the whole family will swing over to the Wildlife encounter on your way to the water raft rides.

By that time you might be ready to stop at the food court for some lunch and some energy boosting. After that you may want to check out the ski lift and the Alpine Slide. Keep in mind that all this is not just for summer vacations. Everything is in place for some excellent skiing and other winter sports.

Things to do Pigeon Forge #5:

When you first walk in the doors of Wonder Works in Pigeon Forge TN you will really be "wondering". That’s because as you step into the building everything is up-side-down. Now we can’t tell you how you get right side up again because you’ll have to wait ‘till you visit Wonder Works to find out. After you get straighten out, so to speak, you will have over 120 interactive challenges that are out of this world.

First, we must tell all of you readers that Wonder Works is a family park and that there is an adventure for everyone in the family. Let’s see! There’s the Bubble Lab where you can actually put yourself inside a bubble and there’s the Wonder Coaster where you can design a Roller Coaster the way you’d like to see one.

You won’t want to miss the Space Zone where you can have your picture taken inside a space suit but you’ll have to keep your foot on the brake to keep from being sent into outer space. After all of these Wonder Works adventures, you will deserve to attend the "Hoot N’ Holler Dinner" show where you can get confused between when to eat and when to laugh.

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