Things to do Charlotte NC

Things to do Charlotte NC #1:

Visiting the Carowinds Theme Park in Charlotte is a super addition to your list of North Carolina vacation ideas. It sits on 122 acres and they sure need the space to fit in thirteen roller coasters and twelve water rides.

The coasters are a magnificent variety of types and styles. The Afterburn is an inverted coaster and the Carolina Cyclone has two corkscrews and two vertical loops. The Intimidator is quite new and is the fastest and tallest coaster with speeds up to 80 MPH.

The Intimidator was inspired by racer Dale Earnhardt. So, there’s a roller coaster for everyone including a couple of wooden ones.

There are several excellent thrill rides in the park. The Drop Tower Scream Zone has a free-fall tower with a 160 foot drop and the Southern Star is a looping ship adventure ride.

Your ticket into Carowinds Theme Park also entitles entrance to Boomerang Bay Waterpark where you’ll find many great rides.

The Pipeline Peak is a twisted complex of four body slides and the 1,000 foot Crocodile Run is the ultimate lazy river. The Great Barrier is a very large wave pool and Jackaroo Landing is a wild and wooly water enfaced jungle gym.

Things to do Charlotte NC #2:

The NASCAR Hall of Fame is a great idea for one of your stops on your upcoming North Carolina vacation. For those who follow NASCAR racing this would be a dream come true. The main purpose of the Hall is to honor the drivers and non-drivers who have contributed to the success of the sport.

This new facility was completed and opened officially in early 2010. Adjacent to the Hall of Fame is the new 20 story office building which will provide convenient office space for the many businesses that are related to NASCAR. The Hall of Fame building is open for tours of the following. Ceremonial Plaza has an outdoor settling where inductions are held.

The Glory Road is a banked ramp featuring 18 cars and the Great Hall has a 14 foot video screen and rotating exhibits. Studio 43 is where the NASCAR television show is produced. It’s named for the number of Richard Petty’s car.

The second floor also holds some interesting visuals. The Hall of Honor is a 360 degree wall where all of the honorees are enshrined. Race Week Simulator shows a video of a complete race week and Heritage Speedway show six decades of NASCAR history.

Things to do Charlotte NC #3:

One of the more unusual things to do Charlotte NC is visit the Wing Haven Gardens & Bird Sanctuary. In fact, it’s more than unusual, it is completely unique. The gardens are located in the heart of Charlotte rather than in the suburbs as you would expect. It is completely surrounded by brick walls and it covers only three acres.

You would hardly expect to find a first class garden and bird sanctuary with these conditions but it is just that, first class. It all started in the 1920’s when two ladies, who loved flowers and gardening started the gardens. With their diligent study of gardening they soon had a wonderful show place of flowers and for several years it was a visual masterpiece.

In 1930 one of the founders became bed ridden so she decided to expand and combine the garden with a bird sanctuary. In her studies of birds she discovered the secrets of making your garden attractive to birds. And that is exactly what the Wing Haven Gardens and Bird Sanctuary is today. There are no bird cages or screened in rooms. The gardens remain absolutely beautiful and the birds use the garden as their home while the visitors just enjoy.

Things to do Charlotte NC #4:

Charlotte’s Carolina Raptor Center has a mission. They are dedicated to the care and rehabilitation of injured or orphaned birds of prey along with passing on the skills and knowledge of this environmental stewardship via research and education. As most of you know raptors include hawks, owls, vultures and eagles plus many birds of prey. Raptors are an “indicator” specie.

Watching them is a useful tool that scientists use to keep tabs on the ecosystem of a local area. Their health and condition are important as they are at the top of the food chain. These facts explain the reason why Raptor studies are so important. Apart their living in the wild, raptors have found there way into the lives of humans as pets by various means. Usually this happens when a baby raptor is lost or injured and is nursed back to health by a human.

After a bird has been in contact with humans for a period of time they cannot make it on their own in the wild. At the Carolina Raptor Center you will get to meet some of these pet raptors and you will get to know much about handling them and how they are useful to mankind.

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