Texas Vacation Ideas for Families

Texas Vacation Ideas for Families #1: The Dallas World Aquarium is a great vacation spot for the whole family when visiting Dallas. It's not just an aquarium because it also has many animals that you would normally see in a zoo.

The Orinoco - Secrets of the River rain forest exhibit features birds and animals native to the rain forest environment and includes a 40-foot waterfall. A colony of Black-footed penguins shares the South Africa exhibit with turtles, frogs and other animals from the area.

You can see all kinds of birds at the Mundo Maya exhibit such as hummingbirds, storks and eagles. Then, of course, there are the aquariums. The largest one, Continental Shelf tunnel, gives you a great panoramic view of a coral reef and the marine creatures that live there.

The Dragons from Down aquarium has an underwater camera that gives you a close-up look at Leafy seadragons and other marine life. Ten more smaller aquariums feature a variety of fish from around the world.

#2: Texas State Fair Now what could make your Texas family vacation more perfect than to include the annual Texas State Fair. All you have to do is time your vacation for the last Friday in September plus the following 24 more days.

That’s one of the very best periods for good weather in Dallas. A fifty two foot tall cowboy named Big Tex will greet you at the entrance and a two hundred and twelve foot Ferris wheel will poke it’s head well above Big Tex and invite you for a high ride.

Now let’s talk about what goes on at a Texas State Fair. First, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that a full-fledged automobile show is always a part of the fair. If you are a football fan you may already know that Texas and Oklahoma colleges play their annual game during the fair.

Now, there’s one thing we’ve heard that can’t be confirmed. It’s called the Idiots Ride. We heard that it involved four idiots, a special see-saw and a wild bull. Of course, it may have stopped operating when they ran out of idiots!

You can be sure that the Texas Fair has everything you would expect to find at a state fair. We hear that the food could be considered off the wall. You ask why? They sell all of the following in a deep-fried version: Oreo cookies, cheesecake, peanut butter and jelly, corn dogs and banana sandwiches.

Texas Vacation Ideas for Families #3: If you are taking the kids along on your Texas vacation you really have to take them to the Museum of Nature and Science in Dallas. Their young brains will be filled up to overflowing as they absorb the many very effective exhibits. They will discover new facts about the human body, outer space, natural history, rocks and minerals and much more.

The museum has an IMAX planetarium and theater for some intensely fascinating presentations of outer-space. The facility is divided into five sections, Explore My House, Water Room, Explore Your Back Yard, Little Urban Farm and Explore Your Town.

For instance, the children get to become firemen and drive the realistic fire truck and learn how to be an EMT. When they morph into a farmer they learn how to drive a tractor, get milk from a cow and collect the eggs.

#4: The Guadalupe River, near San Antonio, is a very popular Texas river rafting spot. It’s about 87 miles long and has some excellent spots for canoeing and rafting that are safe for kids and inexperienced rafters. New Braunfels, Texas sits along the Guadalupe River. Its’ the home of Rockin 'R' River Rides where you can camp and take off on a Guadalupe River rafting trip.

They specialize in "toobing" and can set you up for whatever you need to get going. Twelve miles west of New Braunfels is River Sports Tubes. They have a great location on the river’s famous "Horseshoe Loop" that makes it easy to get in, have some rafting fun and then get out for a shuttle back.

Texas Vacation Ideas for Families #5: Experience a real Texas cattle ranch vacation. The 825,000 acre King Ranch, Kingsville, Texas is considered the birthplace of Texas ranching and is now a National Historic Landmark.

This is a working ranch with 60,000 head of cattle and 300 quarter horses. Bring the family for a close up view of this historical ranch's abundant wildlife and birds. Guided tours will show you what Texas ranching is all about both in the past and in present modern day. See the cattle at roundup time as they are branded and tagged.

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