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Summer Vacation Ideas #1: My favorite summer vacation destination is Vancouver, Canada. For one thing, the weather is great year-round. Winter is moderate, and it has some of the nicest summers of anywhere I've been. In terms of architecture, downtown is very interesting, especially highly modernist public library. The Vancouver Aquarium is truly world-class, as is the Museum of Vancouver.

Although somewhat touristy, the Sun Yat-Sen Garden is also an enjoyably hangout.

Public transportation is very convenient, although can be hectic around rush hour.

Additionally, the surrounding area offers numerous attractions.

My favorites include coastal camping and attractive hiking paths less than 45 minutes away, and several outstanding beaches. Locarno Beach is especially nice, as it offers impressive views of the city skyline.

Vancouver also boasts numerous appealing dining options. Vij's Restaurant makes outstanding Indian food, and C Restaurant is a good destination for seafood, but be warned that it is rather pricey.

Finally, The University of British Columbia's campus is very pleasant, and makes for a relaxing daytime excursion. - By Alex from Houston

#23: Homer, Alaska is my favorite place to visit in summer. It has all of the small town charm of Anywhere, USA yet is also completely unlike any other destination in the US. Homer Spit juts out into Kachemak Bay and is surrounded by huge mountains (some with glaciers!) and even a few volcanoes!

If salmon or halibut fishing tickles your fancy, then Homer will truly be heaven on earth for you! It is nicknamed the "halibut capital of the world". Even if fishing is not your thing there are still plenty of shops, restaurants, galleries and even a theater to keep you busy...especially on those long summer days!

The Pioneer Inn is a magnificent place to stay and the proprietor, Amy, will make you feel right at home and can offer some excellent ideas for where to grab a great meal or where to find an amazing view of the city. As for eating, I'd recommend Two Sisters Bakery down by Bishops Beach for breakfast and Fat Olive's for good Italian comfort food. Homer, Alaska is a special place and should be visited by all! - By Kelly from New York

Summer Vacation Ideas #3: My favorite place to vacation has always been Orlando, Florida. I grew up going there every few summers - always with visits to the various Disney and Universals Studios Parks, of course. Which paired well numerous fascinating museums for the nerd/child in all of us. Absolutely I would return again, to relive old memories and create new ones.

There's a certain sense of wonder for anyone - especially a child - when first driving up to the Disney parks. Knowing that that road was laid down just for the park, it was symbolic - its only function was to lead to fun, to a place whose only function was to be fun, which is wonderfully true of many locations in Orlando.

In my typical way I probably had as much fun at the Science Center as I did at any of the parks! It's easy to find a good meal to suit most any taste, there's a lot of convenience in many hotel and restaurant locations, which is great after a day of walking around at the zoo, or riding rides and you just don't want to have to 'worry' about it. I always found the people pleasant and the city clean. - By Oli from Pittsburg

#4: Zanzibar While it might seem far away, for the person who is able to go there, Zanzibar can be the most exhilarating and entertaining vacation spot on the planet. Zanzibar is a small Island located off the coast of Tanzania, East Africa, in the Indian Ocean. It has all the blessing of a tropical paradise: white sand beaches, palm trees waving in the breeze, lovely small hotels that cater to those who want to lie on the beach and drink margaritas all day. But there's much more to the island than that.

The main town in Zanzibar is named Stonetown. It is a World Heritage Site, and rightly so. For those interested in history, wandering the ancient cobbled streets, once used for the slave trade, is a profoundly moving experience.

If you are interested in shopping, you'll love the fact that Stonetown is full of odd little shops and bazaars hidden around every corner. If you are a culture buff, you'll be awed by the way the cultures of Africa and Arabia mesh in the music, art, food, film, and architecture of Stonetown.

In the summer, Zanzibar is full of tourists from Europe, who have discovered this secret wonder--but there are less Americans who go there, and that's a shame. Does it take some effort to get there? Sure it does. But what Zanzibar offers in return is an island paradise that holds experiences for you that will last a lifetime. Mary from Zanzibar

Summer Vacation Ideas #5: One of my favorite places to vacation in summer, although this might sound unusual, is a small island in South Korea known as Ulleungdo. My first trip to this island was about two and half years ago while I was working in Busan, South Korea as an English language teacher.

I made this trip in the summer time, and I was able to enjoy the beautiful weather of the island and the lush scenery. To reach the island, I had to take a boat ride that took almost three hours from the industrial city of Pohang. When I arrived on the island, I was taken on a tour by a native inhabitant.

The island is small, and has a very rugged, mountainous terrain; as we drove through the island, I was struck by the large number of goats roaming the hillsides, and by the small country cottages dotted throughout the landscape. During my time on the island, I was able to enjoy swimming, and relax on the black pebbled beaches.

During the second day of the trip, my boyfriend and I were able to rent mountain bikes, and we took a 26 kilometer trip around the island. During this time, we were able to interact with the natives, and enjoy the delicious food and beautiful landscape of the island. On the third day of the trip, we took a boat ride around the island, and we were also able to see the disputed Dokdo islets in the East Sea. Overall, it was an exciting and fantastic summer vacation idea! - By Jane from CA

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