Summer Travel Destinations

Summer Travel Destinations #1:

Contributed by Jonny, Florida - Last year my wife and I went to San Francisco, California for our summer vacation. We spent a total of 6 days there. We stayed in a hotel called Ritz Carlton, the most luxurious and romantic hotels in San Francisco.

We saw a lot of the city by foot and really enjoyed riding the cable cars. Then we went to Museum of Death. It was so thrilling; they had original bones of early people and animals. We also saw Bob Hope Memorial statue.

We saw Ken Fox's Great Statues of Auburn. These are giant (the biggest is 42 feet tall) concrete statues made by a dentist named ken Fox. Our favorite was a girl standing with flowers in hand at the center of the park.

The statue looks so romantic and lovely. On the whole this was an enjoyable and very romantic summer vacation. We are planning to visit San Francisco, California again in next summer vacation.

Summer Travel Destinations #2:

By Kate from Raleigh - My family took an end-of-the-summer trip to Highlands, North Carolina and it was fantastic. We stayed in a friend's cabin that overlooked the gorgeous Highlands Lake and had a great yard.

There were lots of fun options to fill our time. Our family visited Dry Falls and had a great time. It was also a wonderful place to take photos.

In downtown Highlands we visited a lot of adorable shops filled with really nice people. The area was also surrounded with nice thrift stores that made for a fun afternoon outing. All in all, it is a wonderful place to visit and I highly recommend it for families!

Summer Travel Destinations #3:

By Brent from Triplette - We set out for our annual summer vacation about June 28th. Leaving southern California, where it was 115 degrees it, sounded like a good idea.

Our mission was to cram 5 people in a 35 foot motor home was the start. Trying to not kill each other over the next few months was the real challenge.

So we were off, on our way up the California west coast. We hoped to spend the trip seeing all the sites on the way. And we did. We stopped at Winchester Mansion which is not too far from Santa Barbra. Winchester Mansion was amazing.

Many miles north of that we hit the smallest roads you have ever seen. Yet nothing could compare to seeing the huge redwood trees. I had never seen a tree that was over 15 feet in diameter and up to 350 feet high. Yes, we tried to drive our motor home through the tree that you can drive through. But it was way too small for a huge bus like that.

So if you ever get the chance, you must see the Redwoods in California. It will blow your mind. And as for my trip, only a few spats later we made it back with has to be some of my best memories as a kid.

Summer Travel Destinations #4:

By Gail from Florida - Daytona Beach, Florida is known as "The World's Most Famous Beach". I understand why that is, as I am amazed at the amount of wonderful things to do and see in this beautiful city.

First and foremost, you have Atlantic Avenue. A1A is packed with every establishment imaginable, all of which is across from Daytona Beach's beautiful shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

Drive down A1A southbound and you will come to International Speedway Blvd. ISB is the home of Nascar's Daytona 500, which is a site to see even if there isn't a race currently going on.

Make sure to try out their 3D Nascar experience, as it is truly amazing. Daytona Beach is a beautiful city and has something for everyone. Daytona Beach, Florida is a great summer vacation destination!

Summer Travel Destinations #5:

By Chrystal from Massachusetts - My favorite type of summer vacation is simple and rustic. Our family has been camping since before my husband and I were wed. It’s terrific.

We love to vacation in wide open spaces with beautiful scenery, campfire, etc. Camping is undoubtedly the best vacations that we have because we find ourselves doing more sightseeing than we would if we had booked a hotel.

We particularly love Maine and New Hampshire. We like these two vacation ideas because the weather is similar to Massachusetts. The foliage, the rivers and lakes are outstanding; particularly Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine.

You can ski in the winter, swim in the summer and the low prices really help us enjoy our vacation. So many activities are available to do at absolutely no cost: hiking, biking, tubing, fishing, and more!

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