Staycation Vacation Ideas

Staycation Vacation Ideas #1: A "staycation" can be a good alternative to the typical expensive vacation destination. There are many things in your local area that you can do for a mini vacation getaway. There’s a good chance that you have at least one lake within easy driving distance. Plan a weekend at the lake. If camping is allowed, that’s a good cheap way to spend the night.

Or find an inexpensive hotel or a cabin to rent. Spend your time exploring the lake shore. Look for walking trails. Bring a camera and take some nature photos.

Pack a lunch and picnic by the lake. Get some cheap fishing gear and have fun fishing. You don’t have to kill and clean the fish; you can always return them to the water.

Many public lakes have canoes and kayaks for rent. This is an excellent cheap way to spend a weekend. Look for lakes with swimming beaches. This can be great fun for kids without having to deal with the currents and waves you find in the ocean.

Staycation Vacation Ideas #2: In this economy, "staycations" are becoming more and more popular.

I recently had a "staycation" myself, here in the beautiful mountains of western North Carolina.

There are many options for families, couples, and singles alike--from visiting the avant-garde town of Asheville to whitewater rafting down the Ocoee River to eating great local food at many of the summer festivals in the area.

I would definitely recommend visiting the Biltmore House in Asheville, the largest home in America and then catching a good show downtown at the Orange Peel, voted one of Rolling Stone's Top 5 Rock Clubs in the country.

A great, inexpensive (and quite family-friendly) option would be a day trip to the Pisgah National Forest, where you can hike dozens of trails, see beautiful Looking Glass Falls, and get wet and wild on Sliding Rock.

Yes, western North Carolina almost does have it all, and what you can't find there, you can conveniently find nearby, with easy access to beaches in South Carolina. - Susan from NC

Staycation Vacation Ideas #3: To save money, our family decided to have a “staycation” at Cedar Point Amusement Park Ohio. My favorite vacation activity is going to Cedar Point in Sandusky. In this economy, "staycations" are a great alternative to spending thousands of dollars to fly to extravagant destinations.

Sandusky is only a couple hours away from my hometown, and Cedar Point is such a fun place to be. It's right on the lake, making for amazing views while going up the lift hill on roller coasters, plus Cedar Point's home to the biggest and best coasters in the world.

They offer beautiful hotel and resort packages. Adjacent to the park is Soak City, a water park that offers dynamic attractions and even two lazy rivers. Resort guests are granted access to miles of white sand beaches. You can easily make a fun-filled mini-vacation out of a couple days at Cedar Point. - Erica from Cleveland

Staycation Vacation Ideas #4: A great staycation for us was an inexpensive weekend getaway at Fort Adams State Park in Newport, Rhode Island. The location is convenient for a quick getaway and I can enjoy the scenery and get outdoors for a while. Hence, I like to spend weekends doing something I don’t usually do. And I don't have a lot of money to spend. Not so much the wharf area where all tourists are or not even touring the mansion, again where all tourist are. - Tonya from Providence

If you are like me, you want to go where there are not a lot of people and you can commune with nature so as to obtain serenity. The place to go is Ocean Drive. It encircles Fort Adams State Park and is approximately 7 miles long. You see sail boats out on the ocean and you hear the waves crashing against the rocks. Behind you are folks flying all sorts of kites. Oh, how you would love spending your vacation here.

Staycation Vacation Ideas #5: When I finally get that minute to breathe and take a vacation I want to be able to rest and relax without emptying my bank account.

So it’s usually a staycation for me. It is always fun to explore the nooks and crannies of the undiscovered and underrated areas of Connecticut.

This includes exploring small mom and pop shops, tiny restaurants, and the secluded paths of nature walks. To find these locations, talk to friends and family about places they have discovered.

Keep your eyes open the weeks before your vacation as well. Often we have places we want to visit but never make the trip. A vacation is a time to enjoy yourself. I love exploring and finding the hidden gems because it is much cheaper and less crowded then traveling to amusement park. - Jonah from Connecticut

Finding places such as Townline Pizza (Newington), Scrapbook Bees (Farmington), Stars (Avon), and C&J's (New Britain) gives me special places to take visiting friends and family. Instead of spending your money on expensive vacation ideas, see what’s in your own backyard.

Video of kids having fun swimming in Lake Folsom. This could be your local staycation lake.

Staycation Vacation Ideas #6: My favorite vacation ideas always involve family and friends. This is an inexpensive and rewarding way to vacation. Much better than fighting crowds at the tourist spots. I try to visit with them at least three times a year. This makes a great inexpensive staycation. My most recent vacation trip was for Thanksgiving when my husband and I went to see my brother.

We drove to his house and showered, then went out to dinner at Friendly’s – my most favorite restaurant ever. We spent our days together driving around in the car and taking in the beautiful scenery around us. We shopped a little bit, but mostly, we just hung out at my brother’s house and played games, watched movies and just enjoyed each other's company while telling stories and looking at photos from the past.

At night, my husband and I would sleep in the guest room and I must say that the bed I slept on was the comfiest thing EVER! I got really great sleep and woke up refreshed and well-rested. I enjoyed the trip because it was very relaxing and being around my family always makes me happy. I’m very grateful that I have such an awesome and loving family and I am so glad they live close by. - Morgan from CA

Staycation Vacation Ideas #7: When on vacation you tend to be a bit more relaxed than usual. This will bring out the best in most people. That’s exactly what my best vacation experience did for me. Funny thing is that it wasn't too far from home and yet I still had such a great time.

I went to Corpus Christi, Texas and we stayed at a Condo at the Villa de Sol. The patio in the condo gave such a beautiful view of the ocean and when sun rise came I was woken up to the start of another great day.

We visited the normal tourist attractions while there; The Lexington, The Texas State Aquarium and took a deep sea boat ride out into the ocean. I think the thing that made the vacation the best had nothing to do with location or the amount of things we did but the time spent with my loved ones. - Jennifer from Texas

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