Spring Break Vacation Spots

Spring Break Vacation Spots #1:

By Jack from NYC - The best vacation idea for me was a spring break trip I took with friends to Panama City Beach, Florida.

I loved the beach there. It has the really nice white sand I like, which is beautiful and soft and the water was crystal clear. There’s a jetty with a pier where we had some fun fishing and just relaxing while people watching. My favorite restaurant was Montego Bay and I went so many times, I should just start a branch in New York City.

I loved going to places like the shops at Edgewater, The Back Porch, and the Treasure Ship. They have a trolley that takes you down the main stretch, Front Beach Road.

It’s a great way to get around. You can come and go from it and see most of the city.

If what you’re looking for is nightclubs, they have tons of those too. The two big ones that we enjoyed are Club La Vela and Spinnaker. They were busy and lots of fun every night.

And my favorite place from Panama City Beach was Schooners. It’s the perfect beach bar. I think Panama City Beach, Florida is a great spring break vacation spots.

Spring Break Vacation Spots #2:

By Cherry from Michigan - This was when the kids were still fairly young and we didn't have a lot of money, but we were looking for Florida spring break vacation spots.

We packed up our minivan, the tent and cooler, and most importantly the kids. It turned out to be somewhat trying for us as adults but I know it was fun and memorable for our kids.

We headed out and were going to drive straight through. As we drove through Ohio on I-75, people kept pointing up as they passed. We had already pulled over to check our luggage, which was held onto the roof with bungee cords, and everything looked fine. We continued to drive ignoring their warnings

We stopped for a break and noticed one of the suitcases was missing from the roof. Great! It contained all of our jackets, along with our oldest son’s clothes. We had to go back and look for it. Driving along I-75, there was no suitcase or clothes in sight. It didn't help that it was getting dark since we left after work Friday.

We were staying at a campground not too far from Disney, since that was one of the major sites we were going to see. We put up the tent and got settled in. We spent the day at Disney World. The kids had a blast, riding the rides and collecting signatures from as many characters as they could find.

The next day there was a really bad storm, and yes, we were in a tent. The wind was whipping the tent around, but thankfully in never fell over. The kids continued to play games in the tent, staying occupied as the storm continued to blow outside.

The next place we wanted to see was the Everglades. We took an airboat ride so the kids could see some alligators. Unfortunately the gators were hiding well that day because we didn’t see many but the Everglades and the boat ride were still worth the trip.

We spent a few more days in Florida and the kids had a really great time. We headed home, since the kids had to be home for school on Monday. The trip home was going well until we hit some bad weather and then the car broke down. We have since taken many other vacations and cruises, but that spring break trip is the one they always talk about.

Spring Break Vacation Spots #3:

By Mike from Indiana - It was my junior year in college and two of my friends and I went took off for a spring break vacation spots at Miami, Beach FL. It was so fun and we had a ball, first off we drove all the way from Indiana, which in itself was a joy.

We got 6 hours into our drive, almost to Chattanooga, TN and had to turn all the way back around and go back to Indiana because one of my friends left something very vital for the trip, his money.

We were like, what the hay, we’re on spring break we have nothing else to do so we drove back. I got a ticket of course, but we headed back to Florida and made it in record time. I mean we were speeding cause the sun, women, and the beach were calling our names.

When we arrived in Florida after such a long ride our hotel was not what we expected but we just dropped our bags and headed out for our adventure. The environment and atmosphere was GREAT! There were beautiful women, men, cars, buildings, anything you could think of it was beautiful.

We started out and got one of our friends drunk for the first time in his life, what a hilarious site it was, but it started so much fun for us. We got there and one of the 1st places we went was the beach and on the beach there were many clubs and restaurants that bordered it which we had a shot called a royal flush. We were hooked so we drank those everywhere we went, on Ocean Drive and all through South Beach.

We went over to the pier where all the gigantic cruise ships take off from and we even rode by Star Island. We were told that there were many of the professional athletic players lived over in that area. We later drove over to Biscayne and ate at some of the places over in that area. My friends and I wanted to see the Dade County as it really was so we went into the city where we saw a lot.

When we drove through on our way to South Beach we didn't notice as much as we did when we took the time to really tour the city. That was a little saddening for our trip cause I had never seen anything like that in my life.

The trip was so great and it was so wonderful the Versace house was massive and oh the shopping was ridiculous. I had a ball I went to every shopping place and spent lots of money but it was worth it. It seemed as though every car in the area was at least $100,000 and every kind of person was driving, old, young, black, white, Hispanic.

Miami Beach FL is the one best spring break vacation spots. You would love it and not want to go back home especially where it gets cold.

Spring Break Vacation Spots #4:

By Kristen from MN - This past spring break at my college in Minnesota, I left the cold of the north behind me, and flew down to Cocoa Beach, Fl for a week. Regardless of me being down there during the “busy season” for warm places, the city was not overly packed, and especially not with many college students. The main island is set up like a strip, and there are several tourist shops to stop at.

My favorite shop was the Ron Jon Surf shop. The store was three stories tall, the first two floors had your typical tourist things such as clothes, swim suits, key chains, and the third floor was all surf boards. Another great store to visit was the Cocoa Beach Surf Company, this store was very similar to the Ron Jon Surf Shop, only it was a local store.

Another great thing to do in Coca Beach FL is taking surfing lessons. I am sure that several hotels offer them, however I stayed at the Hilton, and right off of the pool deck was a little kiosk where you could rent a board and sign up for lessons. If you get bored on the island, you can always take a taxi inland about 10 miles and visit Cocoa Village.

Here, several shops line the streets. There are shops that specialize in items from candy to jewelry, and very cute clothes. If you get hungry while visiting Cocoa Village there are several pizza and sandwich shops, and they know how to prepare a good meal.

If you are looking for a little fun for the night time there are planes with banners that fly over the beach during the day advertising that night's specials at the local clubs. Over all Cocoa Beach FL is a little slice of a relaxing paradise that I would highly recommend for warm spring break vacation spots.

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