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South Pacific Vacation Ideas #1: Huahine Island is one of Tahiti's Society Islands and it is one of the least traveled. Here you can really get a close up look at the Polynesian culture. Huahine has many important archaeological sites and the people are extremely friendly and hospitable. The white sandy beaches here are plentiful and accessible. The place to stay on is Huahine Te Tiare Pearl Beach Resort. The setting is remote but the accommodations are luxurious.

Tiare Pearl Beach is located on a small secluded bay and you'll stay in beautiful bungalows with views of the sunset and nearby islands. Huahine Island is known as the "The Garden Island" which means you will be treated to an extraordinarily lush tropical environment during your stay.

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South Pacific Vacation Ideas #2: Aitutaki Island - A very lovely island in the South Pacific is Aitutaki Island. It is part of a group of islands called Cook Islands.

One of the main features of this beautiful tropical paradise is the huge lagoon where you can take a nice pontoon craft cruise. It truly is an unspoiled tropical paradise.

The island is un-crowded and everything is reasonably priced. You won't be pampered with luxury like some other big-name resort locations but this is more than made up for by the natural relaxed atmosphere.

A South Pacific getway is sun, beaches and nature. It’s exotic settings, food, and people. It's family fun, romance or just a great way to see another part of this wonderful world we live in.

There are a many destinations to choose from in the South Pacific. Mostly there are islands, famous islands we have all heard of.

Tahiti, Fiji, Solomon Islands, Somoa, Papua New Guinea, New Caledonia, Guam, New Zealand Marshall Islands, Cook Islands, Tonga and others lesser known.

One of the things that make these islands such a great vacation idea is that they remain unspoiled by the excesses and degradation of modern society. Who hasn’t fantasized about living carefree on the beach of a tropical island, eating mangoes, coconuts and spending the day frolicking in the warm surf or fishing the clear blue water? We know it’s just a dream but a vacation on these islands will make it seem possible, for a short time anyway.

A vacation to the South Pacific offers more than just the sun bathing, swimming, and relaxing on the beach (as if that’s not enough). Kayaking, Surfing, Sailing, Snorkeling, Diving, Underwater Reefs, Fishing, Hiking, Evening Walks, River Cruises, Exploring Mountains, Jungle, Volcanoes, Sunsets, Native performances, Art, Culture, History, Local Shopping, Waterfalls, Casinos, Clubs

These are just a few vacation ideas for you to play at. And the beautiful surroundings just make it all that much more enjoyable.

But the absolute best thing about a South Pacific getaway is the relaxation. Yes, these island paradises have the innate ability to pull out and absorb all the stress and tension that has been building up in your life.

Never underestimate the damaging power of stress in your body. You absolutely have to find ways to get rid of it and a vacation South Pacific is truly a great way to do that.

There are two basic ways to enjoy a the South Pacific. A Cruise is a good way to see a lot in a short time. It is a guided structured environment that gives you the opportunity to meet people that can share the experience with you.

If a cruise is not to your taste then go ahead and strike out on your own. Find accommodations at a hotel, resort or quiet bungalow and have at it. You will be able to enjoy the natural wonders more intimately this way.

You know you are overdue for a vacation when your paperwork takes on a life of its own.

You know you are overdue for a vacation when your paperwork takes on a life of its own.

South Pacific Vacation Ideas #3: Hilton Waikoloa Village is one of those once-in-a-lifetime vacation ideas I reserved a week there, while visiting many of the Hawaiian Islands and loved it so much, I stayed an additional 2 weeks. Just 20 min from the Kona International Airport lays the Hilton Waikoloa Village. Everything you can imagine to do on a beach vacation is right there.

There are 3 freshwater pools, 1 has a waterfall and pool bar, another was a series of pools for kids, with water slides and fun things to do, and the 3rd, my favorite, was an adult only pool. These are spaced throughout the complex and all are equipped with chairs for sunning, surrounded by beautiful landscape.

They also offer snorkeling and kayaking, in a private lagoon, which I did not do. The resort features several choices of room accommodations with different amenities. Dining choices are plenty, including a steak and local seafood restaurant, a Japanese restaurant, a Chinese restaurant and even a lounge for night life.

There is all day dining, poolside, a boat landing pavilion with a full bar and even a cereal bar for a quick breakfast. Each morning I awoke and headed down to the huge breakfast buffet, which was fantastic. They have a spa and fitness center, 2 golf courses, tennis courts, and of course, shopping.

You can get to most anywhere in the complex either by the waterway tram or a relaxing, slow ride in a wooden boat, which drops you off and picks you up at different check points along the waterway. Though relaxing, it wasn't the most convenient method of getting around quickly and there was still a lot of walking, involved.

One of the greatest things to do, was the Dolphin Quest. Adults and kids, 2 and up, can reserve a swim with the dolphins and you can even get your picture taken right next to one and I mean in the pool, face- next- to- face. If ever a picture said a thousand words, this is it. My sister and I did this and it's something you will never forget.

Whether we watched the beautiful sunset from the resort, or took a walk down the black sand beach, we hated to say goodbye to each day. It is a little pricey, but all in all, a great time and wonderful way to spend a vacation in the South Pacific, in the comfort and safety of a resort. - Lisa from North Carolina

South Pacific Vacation Ideas #4: Boracay, Philippines - Boracay is one of Philippines’ 7,107 beautiful islands. This one is especially beautiful for its amazing beaches at its edges and natural beauty inside. It is approximately 200 miles from the capital Manila and you can travel by air or by land and a small boat ride.

There are several things you can do on Boracay. The most obvious choice is enjoying the beach. The elongated shape of the island has created somewhat of a strip of nothing but beach along its borders. You can go beach hopping all day long if you wish to!

These beaches are decorated with amazing resorts such as Friday’s Boracay Resort which has its own sand bar, clean white sand, crystal clear waters and a world class resort to seal the deal!

Shangri La's Boraclay Resort & Spa
Shangri La's Boraclay Resort & Spa Philippines

As far as resorts go, the island is segregated into 3 main stations. Stations 1 and 3 are the north and south tips and 2 is the center. These stations also divide themselves in terms of pricing of hotels and other accommodations. In addition to beaches, Boracay provides a tourist with activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, cliff diving, etc. as well as exploring the towns, nature trails, bars, pubs and the general nightlife.

A golfer will also feel at home on this little island! So what are you waiting for? If it’s a tropical vacation in a modest yet beautiful Asian island that you seek, then Boracay, Philippines is a must see! One of the best places to stay here is the Shangri-La's Boracay Resort and Spa. - Sid from India

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