South Florida Getaway Ideas

South Florida Getaways Idea #1:

Collier-Seminole State Park is located at the junction of Route 92 and Highway 41. The 6,400 acre park is a beautiful mix of salt marshes, Florida royal palm trees, mangrove & cypress swamps. There are loads of things to do here and the park is a

There are trails for hiking and bicycling as well as trails for canoeing on the Blackwater River. The 100-mile Wilderness Waterway runs through the Florida Everglades.

At Collier-Seminole State Park you can arrange paddling excursions to explore this wonderful natural wilderness.

These can be arranged either through the park with local private outfitters. Fishing, boating, canoeing, hiking are all popular activities at the park.

South Florida Getaways Idea #2:

Near Miami, along the Tamiami Trail (Route 41) is the Miccosukee Indian Village where you can sample a slice of Native American culture.

View a Miccosukee Indian village. Enjoy one of their long-held traditions of cooked fry bread and alligator tail. Pick up a souvenir of one of their famous brightly colored cloth quilts.

The Miccosukee Indians still maintain their hammock farming and hunting camp. They will take you on a guided tour to the hunting camp and to the 'gator outback.

This is a good vacation spot in July if you wish to attend The Everglades Music & Craft Festival or the week-long Indian Arts Festival in December. It's a good place to get introduced to the Everglades environment. There’s a full facility campground.

South Florida Getaways Idea #3:

Just a short distance from the thriving, bustling Miami is the 181,000 acre Biscayne National Park. 95 percent of the park is under water providing outdoor vacation enthusiasts with a wonderful play land. You have your choice of so many things to do like fishing, camping, kayaking, snorkeling or diving. The wildlife watching opportunities are superb.

The park offers families a unique chance to participate in their award-winning Family Fun Fest series with fun hands-on learning activities. The park offers art exhibits, free educational fishing clinics, glass bottom boat tours and island excursions. A visit to Biscayne National Park is a wonderful vacation idea to experience the subtropical ecosystem that is so unique to Florida.

South Florida Vacation Ideas #4:

A road trip along the Florida Keys Scenic Highway is a wonderful way to enjoy some of the country’s most beautiful scenery. Sometimes referred to as the Road to Paradise, Florida Keys Scenic Highway passes through Florida’s most spectacular landscapes as it winds its way down the south east coast to Key West.

On the one side are the turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico. On the other is the majestic Atlantic Ocean. Along the way there are numerous opportunities to stop and explore.

See fishermen, stone crabbers, and lobster farmers at Anne’s Beach. Swim and interact with dolphins at the Dolphin Research Center. Visit the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum or stop to see the 2,400-gallon reef tank at the Florida Keys Eco-Discovery Center.

South Florida Getaways Idea #5:

By Amy from Atlanta - One of our favorite vacation ideas is Pensacola Beach, Florida. I found this jewel while on a business trip and have been in love with it ever since.

Located on the Gulf Coast, Pensacola Beach is actually an island across the bridge from Pensacola Florida. The ocean is an amazing shade of clear bluish green. There is very little pollution if any and you can even spot some pretty amazing wildlife.

I remember one trip where we actually spotted dolphins. You won't believe the sand either! It's like someone just poured bags of sugar up and down the shore. It's unbelievably soft and bright white.

This isn’t just a lay on the beach type of place, although that is highly recommended. There’s lots of fun stuff to do and special events like air shows. You can go surfing or deep diving.

The restaurants are of good quality and most are casually located right on the beach. Our favorite is Lillo's Tuscan Grille and Crabs We Got ‘Em is great for sit-down dinners. We stayed in the Hampton Inn there and it was great too. The rooms were extra comfy with ocean views for a very reasonable price. Our youngest learned to swim in their pool! Our family always enjoys our stay and looks forward it at least twice a year.

Snorkeling and Fishing in Key Largo - The best vacation I've ever taken was a two-day trip that was only a few hours from my house. At the time, we lived in South-Central Florida and we decided to take a last-minute trip to Key Largo, Florida. After checking into the cheapest hotel we could find, we decided to see what Key Largo had to offer.

What we found was good food, hospitable people and great water all around. We avoided the tourist trap bars and restaurants and stuck with the smaller, more local approved joints and we weren't disappointed at all. The service was exemplary and the people in each establishment were more than happy to share their expertise.

As for the water, we went on two snorkeling adventures while we were there and found the most colorful coral within the clearest water I've ever seen. The fish were plentiful and the stress was minimal as the crew of the boat handled the trip professionally with a great deal of showmanship.

We've been back several times and while there's plenty to do on Key Largo, we always seem to do the same things. That we've never gotten tired of them says much about how great of a vacation destination Key Largo is. - By Rick from Erie Pa

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