South Carolina Tourist Attractions

South Carolina Tourist Attractions #1:

By Anthony from New Jersey - Our Family enjoys visiting Hilton Head Island, South Carolina each year. Our favorite time is May or October since the weather is beautiful and the Island is not congested with summer tourists. We stay on the Palmetto Dunes Plantation which offers Hotels, Golf Villas or Beachfront Condos. The Beachfront Villa is our choice which is still walking distance to three excellent golf courses.

Local restaurants are plentiful and affordable. The Villa also offers a full kitchen for causal breakfast and or lunch. Hilton Head Island has a small airport with limited flights.

We normally fly into Savannah International Airport which offers more direct flights ate affordable fares. After arriving at Savannah International Airport, we'll rent a car and drive an easy 45 minutes to Hilton Head Island.

The drive is not difficult and scenic since the roads are major highways and easy to navigate. Sometimes we'll have lunch in charming downtown Savannah and then proceed to Hilton Head Island.

The Southern Hospitality offered at Hilton Head Island is second to none and would highly recommend the Island for vacation and fun.

South Carolina Tourist Attractions #2:

The Children's Museum of the Upstate in Greenville, SC is dedicated to providing a high level learning experiences for young children. With its many new ideas for teaching children, some call it a 21st Century museum. There is a strong emphasis on interactive enjoyable exhibits which provide many opportunities for children to develop their creative skills.

One goal of the museum is to stimulate the curiosity of young children so that they search for opportunities to learn rather than have these opportunities forced upon them. Your child will love the challenging games which transform a lot of fun into a learning experience.

South Carolina Tourist Attractions #3:

The OnDeck Charleston Ocean Sailing Academy in Charleston, SC is your “one stop shopping” location for adventure sailing. You may be interested in learning to sail the larger sailing vessels or perhaps you just want to be a passenger. Either way, and every way in between, the Sailing Academy has a sailing experience for you. Some of the typical sailing options include various classes.

There are sailing classes for families, sailing races in the harbor, student-crewed ocean races and many more. Charleston is such a perfect location for sailing as there are so many good options available as to the type of sail.

South Carolina Tourist Attractions #4:

By Matthew from Kingston - Once, I took a vacation with my brother and his family to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. We got to the hotel and it was gorgeous. There were 3 pool, 2 hot tubs and a tiki bar. We went to the beach all day during the day and at night we would pick a place to go out to dinner and somewhere fun to go. One night we went to the Rolling Rock Cafe and went the Myrtle Beach Aquarium, it was so much fun. I had a blast.

It was nice to see my brother enjoying life. Then we went to an amusement park which was awesome because it was the last year they were open before they started the renovations and we went on the River Rapids a bunch of times because it was so much fun. You got soaked on that ride and it made you go through a dark tunnel where you could not see a thing.

When we left Myrtle Beach we stopped and got some fireworks because they're cheap there and there is a really good selection. We then stopped at a discount novelty store where we got some really nice souvenirs for a really good price.

South Carolina Tourist Attractions #5:

By Stephen from Kentucky - The most memorable and exciting vacation I have ever taken would by far have to be an island right off the coast of Hilton Head, South Carolina called The Isle of Palms. The hotel I stayed at was reasonable and ocean front. Also the beach was not crowded whatsoever.

There are several recreational activities available such as fishing, para-sailing, cruises, pretty much anything you can think of, lots and lots of ways to have fun and the sunrises are absolutely beautiful. There are a wide variety of restaurants and bars. I found the restaurants near the beach to be the best.

One thing you definitely need to try if you ever go to this island is the para-sailing. This was a lot of fun, perfect for adrenaline lovers. Also I would recommend the dolphin cruises, they are very fun and relaxing. You even have the chance to feed pelicans on these cruises.

I found this trip to be the most relaxation I have ever experienced and the most fun. I would definitely recommend The Isle of Palms, South Carolina to any vacationers out there looking for a relaxing beach getaway.

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