South America Vacation Spots

South America Vacation Spots #1:

Sangay National Park is a World Heritage Site located in central Ecuador. This is a beautiful spot to visit and it's home to one of the most active volcanoes in the world. This is a remote site but the effort to get here will be rewarded with the incredible natural beauty of this dramatic wilderness.

To get here you can fly into Ecuador's capital city, Quito. Then drive about 75 miles south to Banos, the nearest town to Sangay National Park. The best way to see the park is with a professional tour company. Surtrek is a top tour operator that offers an 8-day tour of the park as one of their Ecuador Adventure Tours.

This is a great way to explore the volcanoes, rivers, lagoons and wildlife that make up this diverse and wonderful ecosystem.

South America Vacation Ideas #2:

High up in the Andes Mountains is a beautiful deep-blue fresh water lake - Lake Titicaca. This is a sacred spot to the Incas. Lake Titicaca, located on the border of Peru and Bolivia, is a beautiful and fascinating place to visit.

The lake has about 40 or so Floating islands which are man-made. The islands are constructed from reeds and they actually float on the surface. The locals are friendly and welcome tourists.

Inca treasure can be seen at the Gold Museum on the most popular island, Island of the Sun. Here you can also explore the ruins of a huge stone labyrinth which was formerly an Incan seminary.

Lakeside towns well worth visiting are Copacabana on the Bolivian side and Puno on the Peruvian shore. Guided boats tours are the best way to explore and see all the many wonders that Lake Titicaca has to offer.

South America Vacation Spots #3:

The Amazon Yarapa River Lodge, located in the rainforest of Peru, is an excellent ecotourism spot. They are situated along the banks of the pristine Yarapa River and have been the recipient of the World Travel Awards: "Best Resort in Peru". Enjoy the shops and restaurants of the small jungle city of Iquitos.

Explore remote lakes. Go for an evening after dinner cruise and explore the Amazon night! Take canoe lessons in authentic dug-out canoes. Stretch your legs with a morning rainforest hike led by a local shaman and plant expert. This a full-fledged green operation that welcomes anyone with an adventurous and open-minded spirit.

South America Vacation Spots #4:

Explore the remote and authentic Peru with Vilaya Tours. This adventure travel company has many exciting tours and treks that will take you to places like Kuelap, Gocta, Vira Vira and the Laguna de los Condores.

Whether it's a horse supported trek to the cliff tombs of Chachapoyas, a trip to view the Scarlet-backed Woodpecker in the forests of northern Peru or a tour of Gocta, the third highest waterfall in the world - Vilaya Tours can guide you to the Peru vacation you've been dreaming about.

South America Vacation Spots #5:

Argentina is an amazing country that most people do not first think of as a vacation spot. This country is located in South America and is the second-largest country in South America. A city I would be sure to visit is Buenos Aires, it is known around the world. Buenos Aires is an amazing place for nightlife and so I would be sure to make a trip to the Thelonious Jazz Club.

Other amazing things to do in this beautiful country include going to the amazing restaurants in the country and mountain backpacking. The food is quality and very tasteful.

Mountain backpacking is an amazing sport of the country that most people who visit the country participate in. Overall, Argentina is the place to go to for a visit. Argentina is an under the radar, quality country that should be a more common attraction.

South America Vacation Spots #6:

By Rodolfo from Florida - My favorite place to go vacation is Venezuela. This place is a perfect combination of mountains, forest, plains, lakes, beaches and cities. Popular tourist’s sites include Maracaibo, Margarita Island, Angel Falls and shopping malls in every block in the cities.

The perfect vacation idea would include going to the beach in the morning, hiking the mountain in the afternoon, and shopping at the malls in the evening.

Another popular activity around this country is the local markets and restaurants. This provides you with natural foods that can only be found locally and the locals in Venezuela in my opinion have some of the most exotic recipes. The combination of all these attractions will surely keep you busy for days. Venezuela's culture also gives support as to why this is such a great place to visit. The people there are very friendly and seem to just want to have fun, surely an indicator of a good time out of your typical environment.

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