Scuba Diving Vacation Ideas

Scuba Diving Vacation Ideas #1:

Kosrae Village is a 5-star PADI dive center as well as one of the top rated ecolodges in the world.

This award winning dive resort is located on the Micronesian island of Kosrae which is in the beautiful tropical South Pacific. You couldn’t ask for a better dive vacation spot.

Kosrae Village is dedicated to providing you with the scuba diving adventure vacation you dreamed of.

Kosrae Village is also dedicated to protecting and respecting the pristine island and reef ecosystem. Diving and snorkeling are the mainstays here.

Shark Island, near the airport, has a great wall dive spot which is a favorite for more experienced divers.

Hiroshi Point is good for any skill level. It has an easy beach entry and is a world class snorkeling spot as well. There are many other dive spots around the island. On land, the tropical forest provides a wonderful place for hiking, climbing, bird watching and exploring the island’s ancient ruins.

Scuba Diving Vacation Ideas #2:

Head to St. John Island, in the U.S. Virgin Islands for a beautiful vacation spot with top rated scuba diving. Much of the island is part of the Virgin Islands National Park and is a protected area.

You can stay at Maho Bay Camps which is a seriously eco-friendly tourism destination. You will be in one of their tent-cottages which sit up on 16 foot square platforms all connected by elevated walkways.

They have a full service PADI certified dive shop, Maho Bay Water Sports Center, where you can arrange for your dives. The waters around St. John have some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the Caribbean.

There are over a dozen great dive spots around the island with a wide variety of dramatic rock formations, scenic coral and marine creatures like turtles, eels, puffer fish, spotted drum fish and others. Maho Bay Water Sports Center can take you to them with professional guides and boat crews. They have dive trips for all levels of skills from beginners to expert.

Awesome shark diving video at Manta Bay Resort in Yap, Micronesia

Scuba Diving Vacation Ideas #3:

Bunaken National Marine Park, located in Manado in the province of North Sulawesi, Indonesia has some 25 dive spots. The park is a highly protected area that is home to thousands of fish species including many rare and endangered species.

With over 50 types of coral, deep canyons and cliffs and some of the most beautiful scenery anywhere, Bunaken National Marine Park is a lesser known but highly prized dive destination.

The park can be reached by boats from Manado or stay at a resort on one of the islands in the park. One choice is Bunaken Cha Cha Nature Resort on island of Bunaken. Here you will be in the heart of the dive areas with qualified dive masters available as guides.

Tasik Ria Resort is in more modern and is in Manado. They have dive boats that go to all the Bunaken National Marine Park dive sites.

Ticket for Texting While Diving

Scuba Diving Vacation Ideas #4:

One of the most unusual diving spots anywhere is right here in the United States. The Bonne Terre Mine, in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri, is a 19th century lead mine that was abandoned and all the equipment was left where it lay. The mine was allowed to fill with water creating the largest man-made cavern in the country.

Divers come from around the world to explore the "Billion Gallon Lake". Strategically placed underwater lighting highlights rock formations and mining artifacts along the two dozen trails that take divers through this spectacular underwater time capsule.

Walking tours and boat tours are also a fun way to view the upper levels of the mine. Stay at the Bonne Terre Depot, 1909 era train depot restored for use as a bed & breakfast. Dive packages are available through West End Diving in Bridgeton.

Scuba Diving Vacation Ideas #5:

The El Bajo Seamount, in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez is a popular dive location for those looking to adventure with sharks. El Bajo is famous for its large schools of hammerhead sharks as well as 20-foot giant Pacific manta rays and many other marine creatures like octopus and green moray eels.

The Sea of Cortez, which is off the coast of Baja Mexico, was called "the world’s aquarium" by Cousteau. There are a number of great dive spots here. Divers around the small islands of Los Islotes will encounter a large colony of California sea lions.

The Salvatierr is a shipwreck near the Baja town of La Paz. It acts as an artificial reef which is a haven for marine animals and a popular dive destination.

One of the top adventure companies for dives in the Sea of Cortez is Baja Expeditions. They offer live-aboard expeditions that provide a dive experience that is more flexible and efficient than traveling out to the locations on a day boat.

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