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Savannah GA Tourism #1:

If cities are like people then Savannah Georgia is a gracious and thoughtful lady. Savannah echos the soft pleasures of America’s historical richness, witty worldliness and historical richness. Savannah’s "Old City" is a treasure trove of historical homes, gardens, streets monuments and museums.

Whether you tour the city on foot, by car or take a guide tour by bus this city will take you back in time all the way to the Revolutionary War. It’s best to plan your exploration with a stop at the Savannah Visitor Center.

Everywhere you turn there is a beautiful old home or building that has been lovingly restored to its original glory.

There’s the Herb House which is Georgia’s oldest standing building- 1734. The Pirate’s House is a perfectly restored and functioning seaman’s tavern from 1754.

The Savannah Cotton Exchange exemplifies the late 1700’s when King Cotton reigned over Savannah. These are just a few examples of the many, many points of interest to explore in the city of Savannah.

Savannah GA Tourism #2:

By Heidi, Georgia - A few months back some of my family and I decided to go to Savannah, Georgia. I had been there once before, but that had been years ago. I had always wanted to go back. From the beginning things didn't go exactly as planned.

On the way there for example, we somehow got turned around and ended up crossing the Florida state border first. And being from the Valdosta area, this wasn't a good thing. There was no need to go in that direction at all. So, I have no idea what turned us around. And, once we got there, our car broke down! But, all in all, the entire experience was great!

Savannah is one of the oldest cities in the southern United States, and undeniably one of the most beautiful you'll ever come across. Savannah has a rich history and that is one of the biggest things that attract me there. Especially their history of ghosts. I'm big into that kind of thing.

So, one of the things that we did was one of the ghost tours. The hearse tour. If you ever get the chance to go to Savannah, definitely find the hearse tour. I forget the exact name of it, but it's great.

You get a tour of the town by night, and it's just so relaxing and informative! Though be warned, one of the guides likes to try and scare you. The older Victorian style buildings are gorgeous. The food is wonderful, especially if you're a seafood lover. If not, there are plenty of other options!

River Street is one of the popular tourist attractions, and very worth while to see if you have the chance. It's right beside the river. It is lined with a few older style ships also. Like the ones you might see off of those pirate movies. Overall, Savannah is a great city to visit and a super vacation idea!

Savannah GA Tourism #3:

By William from St. Louis Missouri - Went on a trip to Savannah, Georgia. Wonderful trip it was. Perfect for a small family (2 adults, one baby) who were restricted to day time sightseeing but wanted to be able to walk and explore and be near history, art, and great places to eat. Some highlights of the trip:
  • Exploring the old town of Savannah (Landmark Historic District). It’s a very walkable city and perfect for people with babies. Just bring and stroller and explore!
  • See the Mercer house. Read the book 'In the Garden of Good and Evil' for more history of the city and this house in particular!
  • Take a ghost tour! The city is full of spooky stories and lots of haunted houses.
  • Roundhouse Railroad Museum -Bonaventure Cemetery; again, read 'In the Garden of Good and Evil' for more history!
  • Take a trolley tour for a convenient way to see the city and learn more history.

Savannah GA Tourism #4:

Savannah walking tours are a mainstay of the Savannah GA tourism attractions. With a plethora of historical sights all laid out around the carefully planned historical squares, the city invites you to explore it on foot. Stroll down Factors row along the old red brick buildings that served in the 1800’s as Savannah’s cotton and naval stores warehouses.

A walk along Factor’s Walk and River Street will take through a large selection of restores or reconstructed buildings now housing specialty shops, restaurants and night spots. The "Jewels of Savannah" are the five little green parks that can be explored by a walk down Bull Street.

These squares were originally laid out in 1733 when the city was built. Oglethorpe Avenue is a popular part of Savannah walking tours. This was once a very fashionable residential street and there are many old homes that have been restored.

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