Santa Barbara Tourist Attractions

Santa Barbara Tourist Attractions #1:

The Santa Barbara Maritime Museum in California is located on the shores of beautiful Santa Barbara Bay. The museum houses a wealth of information and knowledge in their 8,000 sq. ft. Several excellent educational programs, including some great guided tours, will pass this knowledge on to you.

The tall ship tour is particularly interesting and you will find the ship and sea plane models to be quite spectacular. A series of films are shown daily in the high definition large- screen theater.

The Santa Barbara Botanic Garden is a great vacation stop. Their prime goal is to expose and educate visitors about California’s native plants. This goal is well accomplished via a first class Botanical Garden with 1000+ rare indigenous plants.

The Gardens are enhanced by the flow of Mission Creek as it winds its way through the property. The beautiful displays of flora create a calming and serene environment for your visit. The Blaksley Library with its 15,000 volumes is a part of the Garden campus and a stop there will further enhance your visit.

Santa Barbara Tourist Attractions #3:

The South Coast Railroad Museum, in Goleta, California, is an interesting vacation stop. You’ll learn about the history of the South Pacific Railroad and its contribution to the development of Southern California. The historic Goleta Depot, which was built in 1901, occupies a central focus of the museum. This interesting stationhouse was an important part in the rail connection between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Tourist Attractions in Santa Barbara #4:

There is a wealth of interesting history wrapped up in the Santa Maria Museum of Flight at Hancock Field in Santa Maria California. Captain G. Allan Hancock founded Hancock Field in 1927 as a quiet place for local aviation enthusiasts to sprout their wings.

With Capt. Hancock’s leadership a flight school developed at the field which helped prepare the country for WW II. The war quickly transformed Hancock Field from a quiet rural setting to a busy war-related hub. There is much more to learn, so stop by and take a tour or perhaps even a flight.

Tourist Attractions in Santa Barbara #5:

Butterfly Beach, Santa Barbara, CA is a favorite of the locals and should be included in your Santa Barbara vacation ideas. Some of the reasons include:
  • Zero admittance fee
  • Dogs allowed off leash
  • A long sandy beach
  • The very best sunsets you can imagine
  • Great moonlight walks
  • Excellent walking or running on the soft sand
  • Paved sidewalk at the back of the beach
  • Good hotels nearby
  • Yes, there are butterflies at Butterfly Beach, just look for a lantana plant and you’ll find them
  • No visual obstruction of the beautiful beach as with other beaches.
If you find three of these reasons that match your own list, then this is the beach for you as you plan your southern California vacation ideas.

Santa Barbara Tourist Attractions #6:

The Circle Bar B Riding Stable in Santa Barbara County offers a completely unique vacation experience. With an excellent location in the Refugio Canyon just north of Santa Barbara, you’ll have the opportunity to take trail rides through the beautiful Santa Ynez Mountains. Stopping at waterfalls and enjoying the brilliant views of the Pacific Ocean and the Channel Islands are an integral part of the ride.

The Circle Bar B has been in operation for many years and this translates into their knowledge of all the ways to make your vacation just prefect. Their highest priority is matching your experience with the type of trail ride and the horses personality. There are a dozen different types of rides available.

Santa Barbara Tourist Attractions #7:

The Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History is a wonderful place to spend many vacation hours. One very interesting feature is the Science PlayLab where young potential scientists can discover and explore to their heart’s content. The Lab provides a hands-on environment that links science with creative play and moms and dads are encouraged to participate.

Another feature is the Gladwin Planetarium which brings the wonder of the night sky into your life via a series of special multimedia shows. You will get the feeling of sailing through the heavens in a space ship and you’ll love the surround system for sound.

Another feature of the museum that will impress you is the Invertebrate section of the Zoology Department. You’ll enjoy learning about the many small creatures that you meet every day in your back yard or at the beach. You will actually find that worms and shell fish can be absorbingly interesting. Yes, a visit to the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum is a happy adventure.

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