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San Diego Vacation Ideas #1: Recently, my family went for a brief vacation to San Diego, California. We stayed in the Bayside Holiday Inn. This was an excellent location because we were staying across the street from Harbor Bay. Lucky for us, there was an amazing Fourth of July fireworks display going on in the bay the night we arrived.

This was just one of many amazing this we did in California. Lajolla beach was amazing. The waves were huge, so any kind of boarding was easily accomplished. Overall I had an amazing vacation.

Everything went right. The climate was amazing, and California really does have some of the nicest beaches in the world. - By Ryan from Tennessee

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San Diego Vacation Ideas #2: My favorite place to vacation is San Diego. Not only is the weather in San Diego perfect, but there is so much to do there.

The food is some of my favorite in the world. If you love seafood or Mexican food, it’s the place to be. There are beaches there for everybody.

Pacific Beach is for college students, Mission Beach is for surfers, La Jolla is for classier people. The list goes on and on and on. Whatever kind of beach day you want, you can have.

Additionally, there is a great bar scene both downtown in the Gaslamp, or if you like dive bars more, Pacific Beach. The night life is active almost every day of the week.

Finally are the sports. Not only are there places to be active, hiking and volleyball and baseball, but if you want to watch a professional game, there aren't many better places. Petco Park is one of the best stadiums to catch a baseball game. Overall, San Diego is really America's Greatest City! - By Josh from New Jersey

San Diego Vacation Ideas #3: Recently, my family and I ( my husband, our 2-year-old son and myself), vacationed in San Diego, California for three weeks. This vacation has to be one of our best trips we've ever taken for many reasons. One of the top San Diego tourist attractions has to be the weather.

If anyone has even been to San Diego, no matter the time of year, the weather could not be more perfect. The weather is usually 70 degrees, year-round, and yes, this does include, winter, spring, summer and fall. The weather is so mild that it allows for outdoor activities morning, noon and night!

We didn't have to worry about humidity, bugs, freezing temperatures, ice nor snow. We stayed with close family friends; making our vacation feel more like being at a resort than at a stuffy, sterile hotel.

We spent every day, outside, discovering the beauty of what San Diego has to offer. The highlight of our vacation included trips spent at the ocean, both, La Jolla shores (the most stunning ocean with miles of landscape and lush cliffs that look over the Pacific Ocean.

Evening hours were often at Mission Beach, splashing in the warm ocean water (yes, in October) while being enchanted by the unforgettable sunsets that only California can truly offer.

Another area of fondness included Sea Port Village and the historic carousal, our 2-year-old loved! We spent many hours going round-and-round in circles on the carousel until, I literally became dizzy. Sea Port Village, offers something for everyone: shopping, casual and fine dining, not to mention spectacular walks along the Harbor.

Because San Diego is a Navy town, there are amazing ships to admire while walking along the water’s edge. We cannot forget the memories we made with our toddler at Sea World. We were all captivated by the Shamu show, and the up-close experience of being within a few feet of Orcas -- these mammals are incredible (and much larger in person). Sea World truly enchants both young and old.

We took several shopping trips to Fashion Valley shopping mall. This is a large, outdoor mall that is quite elegant and fun to discover. Downtown, San Diego is vibrant, as it has the trendy "Gaslamp Quarters" (you can really feel the pulse of the city) that mostly appeals to those seeking night-life, but is also perfect for a romantic dinner that we seldom, as parents have.

We were also, excited to see the San Diego, Chargers, football team play. The stadium is located in Mission Valley at Qualcomm stadium. Not only did we have a blast in San Diego, we are already planning our next vacation there. We had a lot of fun learning about the many cool neighborhoods in San Diego.

Kensington tops our list because it's in central San Diego, a 5-minute walk to restaurants and Starbucks. Kensington is all about charming, small-size cottages that have been renovated from the early 1900's. La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe, and Del Mar are $5,000,000 -$20,000,000 million dollar neighborhoods that are fun to drive through and dream about winning the lottery.

Also, if you love great food and unlimited choices, than you will love San Diego restaurants. They offer amazing Mexican food (our favorite was Ponce's in Kensington), lots of Asian restaurants, fresh sushi, and little cozy places that offer affordable yet, yummy food.

The Beach House, has to be one of San Diego's hidden gems. The restaurant serves fresh sea food and overlooks the Ocean in Cardiff. We are so taken by all that San Diego has to offer, not to mention its friendly, warm locals. San Diego tourist attractions are plentiful so if you are looking for fun, outdoor San Diego family vacation ideas - what are you waiting for? - By Meredith from North Carolina

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