San Antonio Vacation Ideas

by Connie
(Holland, Ohio)

My suggestion for San Antonio vacation ideas - Our family took a mini vacation in San Antonio, Texas. It was just before Christmas and the weather was cold and windy at home in Ohio. So a warm vacation in San Antonio seemed like a good idea.

We arrived in San Antonio and discovered that Texas also has its share of cold weather. But we headed out to see the sights anyway.

First was the Alamo. Unfortunately, the Alamo wasn’t open, but the huge evergreen out in front was decorated top to bottom with big colorful ornaments and looked spectacular!

There were hansom cabs clopping down the street and lending a real sense of enchantment to the scene.

From there we went to the River Walk. It was just beautiful, with waterfalls seemingly everywhere as we walked along the winding river.

The lush trees and abundant flowers, along with a bird population apparently oblivious to the presence of humans, added to the wonderful natural ambience to the surroundings.

We walked down to the Rivercenter Mall, and were greeted with more Christmas decorations including a gorgeous wreath on the glass walled façade, made all the more dazzling by the brilliant sunshine of the day.

On the return leg of our little trip, we stopped for lunch at Las Canarias, a restaurant featuring Continental Cuisine.

Despite the fact that we were woefully underdressed and windblown, we were welcomed with true southern hospitality-even when my son ordered a cheeseburger and French fries!

Although the weather that day was more typical of our hometown in Northwest Ohio than San Antonio, Texas, this was a fascinating place to see.

We made the trip down to Fort Hood, Texas to welcome our son home from a year in Iraq, and he wanted to take us on a trip down to see the River Walk. It is truly distinctive and unforgettable.

San Antonio Vacation Guide

By Jackie from Dallas - In July, I took a little weekend vacation in San Antonio with my boyfriend. Though we only stayed for a short time, and we didn’t think that San Antonio would be the most interesting place, we had a lot of fun!

If you are looking for San Antonio vacation ideas and have a little extra money to spend, go see the Natural Bridge Caverns just outside San Antonio. They have walking tours, but we took the adventure tour. It wasn't cheap ($100 per person) but I am happy I got to experience it.

You actually get to go through the caves and the tour guides (they're very nice folks) show you how to repel and explain the formations.

It takes up a good chunk of the day and you end up covered in mud. Do not do it if you have any kind of health condition that keeps you from climbing, crawling or walking for long periods of time.

Of course, you must see the River Walk (there's a delicious Italian restaurant there called Paisano's, but it's a little expensive) and the Alamo. For the types that like amusement parks, they have a Six Flags and a Sea World.

Do not stay at the airport Hilton off the highway, though. It's a little run down and they charge $10 each day for parking (and you can't avoid the charge because there's nowhere else to park).

In addition to that, there's only one restaurant inside the hotel, and good luck getting food there. If I went again, I would throw down the cash to stay in a hotel near the River Walk. It just wasn't worth the trouble.

Natural Bridge Caverns

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