Sacramento Tourist Attractions

Sacramento Tourist Attractions #1:

The State of California’s Sutter’s Fort is a reconstruction of the fort that the Swiss-American pioneer, John Sutter, built in the early 1840’s. Today, that fort is a museum which includes an extensive collection of gold rush area artifacts. There is much history wrapped up in this interesting building.

Included in these artifacts are items from John Sutter, the Donner Party and James Marshall, who is said to be the first person to discover of gold in the area. Sutter’s fort grew into a city called Sacramento, the capital of California

Sacramento Tourist Attractions #2:

The Sacramento Zoo has over 138 species with over 680 animals on about 14 acres. The zoo concentrates on endangered and rare animals. A few of the felines are the Margay, the Snow Leopard and the Sumatran Tiger.

Three of the ungulates are the Red Rive Hog, the Grevy’s Zebra and the Addax. Some of the primates are the Sumatran Orangutan, the Mongoose Lemur and the Conquerel’s Sifaka.

Sacramento Tourist Attractions #3:

Funderland is a small amusement park that is targeted for younger children. The park has a steam engine train, a carousel, a log flume. a roller coaster and an airplane ride. Admission to the park is free but rides require a ticket or a prepaid wristband for unlimited rides. The reviews from people who have been at Funderland are generally very positive.

Sacramento Tourist Attractions #4:

The California State Military Museum in Sacramento has exhibits and artifacts from the times of Spanish and Mexican California up to the Persian Gulf War. The museum has 30 thousand artifacts, a major library and the support of several satellite museums around the state. Since December 1998 there have been well over three million visitors. The history of California’s involvement in the civil war is quite interesting.

Sacramento Tourist Attractions #5:

Fairytale Town is an outdoor children’s park and museum. This 2.5 acre park brings nursery rhymes and fairytales to life for very young children. How many theme parks address the needs of very young children? Well this one does and the solid attendances show it.

There are over 25 play locations with brightly colorful displays and the museum includes real animals for some of your child’s favorite stories. Imagine your child’s wonder and excitement when they actually climb down Jack’s Beanstalk or ride in Cinderella’s carriage.

Sacramento Vacation Ideas #6:

Raging Waters in Sacramento is California’s premier waterpark. The park has over 25 thrilling rides including a number of spectacular water slides. The water slides include the Hurricane, the Cannonball Falls and the Shark Attack complex.

Another popular attraction at Raging Waters is Hooks Lagoon which is a five story water kingdom with slides and tubes and many other water things to do. Of course, after a day of water play you will probably want to shuffle over to the Calypso Cooler Lazy River to relax a bit. This one is a great vacation ideas for the whole family.

Tourist Attractions in Sacramento #7:

The William Land Park is said to be a "diamond in the rough". You’ll find three ponds, water fountains, quiet benches and a canopy of greens. After a busy day of vacation fun, you just may appreciate a couple of hours of relaxation. Wait a minute, are those folks over there playing volleyball and it that a basketball game. Yes it is, and there’s soccer, baseball, jogging and fishing. It’s time to join in the fun.

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